From “The Exceptional Tadpole” (PZ6 1897 .S537)

I hope you are all staying healthy and well today! While the Rare Books and Special Collections reading room is closed, we will unfortunately not be able to host some of the classes that we had scheduled to visit in the last few weeks of the winter 2020 term. We love hosting classes, as it allows us to introduce that many more students to our amazing collections. And it’s wonderful to see the interesting materials, some of which are new even to us, that professors select for the classes. But we especially love to see the results of the students’ work with our collections and the incredible insights they bring to their topics. Since we’re not open physically, we’re very happy to share some of this great student work with you virtually!

One of the assignments for Professor Pamela Dalziel’s winter 2020 course, “The Victorian Fairy Tale: Text and Image,” was a delightful project asking students to “choose five illustrated Victorian fairy tales available in Rare Books and Special Collections that you would like to have in your personal collection.” Some of Professor Dalziel’s students were kind enough to share their final selections with not only the team at RBSC, but also with the public through our blog.

From “The Old Woman who Lost her Dumpling” (PZ6 1898 H427)

So far we have seven assignments that students have been willing to share, some anonymously and some with author credit. I’ll post links to the final assignments a few at a time throughout the week. We hope you enjoy them and will perhaps be inspired to stop by RBSC to see some of these books for yourself once the RBSC reading room has reopened.

Five fairy tale selections, part I:



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