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The Audio Cine Films Digital Campus collection offers access to 1000’s of titles from the world’s most renowned film studios and producers including:

●  Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstones Pictures
●  Hollywood Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios
●  Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures
●  Tristar Pictures, Screen Gems
●  Universal Studios Canada (MCA)
●  MGM Studios, United Artists

Please check the resource page for access instructions:

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Due to the quickly evolving situation with COVID-19, UBC Library branches across the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses are closed until April 6, at which time the situation will be reassessed. The library continues to provide access to electronic resources and librarian support for research, teaching and learning. You can stay up to date with the Library’s services and resources at

Although library buildings are closed to the public, librarians and library staff are working remotely. Please continue to reach out to your liaison librarians or to the Education Library’s general email with any questions, or if you would like to discuss librarian support for research and instruction at this time. We will also continue sharing updates and resources through Twitter @UBCEdLib



Given the recent announcement that all Summer Term 1 courses will be online, please contact your liaison librarian with purchase requests for online course materials. If needed, we can also explore the availability of electronic versions of course reserves materials currently in our print reserves collection.



In response to current needs, we have created two new booklists, entirely dedicated to online resources. The lists include teacher resources, lesson planning books, picture books, and juvenile non-fiction to support lesson development from home. We have also included Open Access resources, so that parents, caregivers, and anyone else who is interested can find learning materials online for free.

Both lists are available at:

PDF print version
Education Library Monthly Report – March 2020


During this challenging time, we’d like to share a bit of comfort with you, so we’ve compiled a list of leisure readings from the Open Collection. Enjoy!


For the time being, most of us should stay at home and help to keep our communities safe. But this is also a good time to gather some travel inspiration. The BC Historical Books Collection features a lot of intricately illustrated travel books, with a focus on Canada and especially British Columbia.

Canadian pictures: drawn with pen and pencil, 1884

With numerous engraving illustrations and several maps, this book covers geography, history, and industry across Canada.

Canadian pictures: drawn with pen and pencil, pp. 118-119

Canadian cities of romance, 1922

Written by Katherine Hale and illustrated by Dorothy Stevens, this book includes descriptions and illustrations of major Canadian cities.

Canadian cities of romance, 1922, pp.40-41

Canadian houses of romance, 1926

This book is a companion volume to Canadian Cities of Romance, describing historic houses across Canada.

Canadian houses of romance, 1926, pp. 160-161


For those who enjoy angling and fly-fishing, the Hawthorn Fly Fishing & Angling Collection is a treasure trove of rare and valuable books. The following are just two examples from more than 2,200 books.

The Fly maker’s hand-book, [1886?]

Containing nine coloured illustrations, this book presents 50 artificial flies for trout and grayling fishing.

The Fly maker’s hand-book, pp. 62-63

Salmon flies, [between 1890 and 1899?]

This is a fly-fishing book written by Geo. M. Kelson. With plenty of coloured illustrations, it provides details on the components of each fly, as well as the author’s comments.

Salmon flies, [between 1890 and 1899?], pp. 47-48

Children’s books

It can be challenging to work from home with kids. The Historical Children’s Literature Collection may help to distract your kids, so that you can focus on your work for awhile. Below are some chapbooks from the collection.

The two wealthy farmers; or, the history of Mr. Bragwell. Part I, [1795]

The history of Simple Simon, [1820?]

The butterfly’s ball, and the grasshopper’s feast, 1807

With all the stress and uncertainty around us, take the opportunity to dive into one of these books and relax!

BP MUR SL P B696, [date unknown]


UBC Library users now have access to more than 5,000 books that offer historical perspectives on sex, sexuality and gender through Part III of Gale’s ‘Archives of Sexuality and Gender’. Complementing the recently-acquired LGBTQ History and culture since 1940, the digital archive contains nearly one million pages of unique and rare content that was previously banned and provides a window into how sexuality and gender roles were viewed and how they evolved over centuries.

Part III of the archive includes three unique collections:

The British Library’s Private Case Collection comprised of printed books that were originally held separately from the Library’s main reference collection from the 1850s to 1990 on grounds of obscenity.      

The Kinsey Institute for Sex Research Collection – Special Subjects Units from Sex Research: Early Literature from Statistics to Erotica:  This collection is a portion of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s original library, which he used to study human sexual behavior from multiple perspectives.   

New York Academy of Medicine Collection: A collection of rare and unique books covering a variety of subjects from sex education to erotica, manners to medicine.

The material in the archive covers a wide array of fields, providing multiple perspectives in research areas such as medicine, biology, anthropology, law, the classics, art and erotic literature.

New opportunities for teaching and research

Dr. Joy Dixon, Associate Professor and Associate Head of UBC’s Department of History is thrilled about what access to this collection means for her research. “My own work on the history of religion and sexuality in late 19C and early 20C Britain is given an enormous boost by access to the Private Case materials in this collection – there are a whole series of rare pamphlets in there that aren’t accessible anywhere else. Chapman Cohen’s 1909 Sex and Religion: studies in the pathology of religious development is one of the texts I am really looking forward to working my way through.”

She’s also excited by what access to the collection means for UBC students: “The collection offers incredible resources for students, and allow us to see how the understanding of sexuality has changed over time. There are materials in all the collections that would make a wonderful basis for an honours thesis or a primary source analysis/research paper.” 

Keith Bunnell, Reference and Collections Librarian, Humanities & Social Sciences Division echoes this excitement, “Because this resource is now offered by UBC, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria means that is it now opened up to all British Columbians,” says Bunnell “Everyone in BC can access this material regardless of academic affiliation.”

Explore Archives of Sexuality & Gender, Part III.

This project is part of UBC Library’s strategic direction to create and deliver responsive collections.

Learn more about our Strategic Framework.

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