UBC Education Library’s newest display theme is Graphic Novels.  Come by and check them out!


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Inquiry illuminated : researcher’s workshop across the curriculum / Anne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey, Brad Buhrow with Karen Halverson.

LB1027.23 .G683 2019



Labor-based grading contracts : building equity and
inclusion in the compassionate writing classroom / by Asao B. Inoue.

LB2368 .I66 2019



Closing the gap : digital equity strategies for the K-12 classroom / Sarah Thomas, Nicol R. Howard, Regina Schaffer.

LB1028.3 .T55 2019



Adapting early childhood curricula for children with disabilities
and special needs / Ruth E. Cook, M. Diane Klein, Deborah Chen.

LC4019.2 .C66 2020



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Very rich / Polly Horvath.

Pz7 .H8142 Vr 2018

Swing / Kwame Alexander with Mary Rand Hess.

Pz7.5 .A44 Sw 2018

I will be okay : my name is Max, and all day long, I know I’ll be okay / by Laurie Wright ; illustrations by Ana Santos.

Bf697.5 .S47 W85 2018




War storm / Victoria Aveyard.

Pz7 .A9529 Wr 2018 Great Reads





The Truth About Cats & Dogs: Children’s Books About the World’s Most Popular Pets

January 6 – 20, 2020

This exhibit features fiction and non-fiction children’s books about cats and dogs.  From well-loved classics like Old Yeller by Fred Gipson to newer graphic novels like Fluffy Strikes Back by Ashley Spires, library patrons and pet lovers of all ages will find something of interest.

Curators: Jennifer Abel, Carmen Marchal, Stephanie Marston, Elena Pederson

Specific location: Collection Spotlight area (Main Level of UBC Education Library)







Other feline and canine themed exhibits at other branches of the UBC Library:

Rare Books and Special Collections

Past Purrrrfect: Cats in the Collection (special supplemental exhibit In the Doghouse: Historic Hounds)

Jan 6 – Feb 29, 2020

Past Purrrfect highlights materials from the 19th to the mid-20th centuries featuring a bevy of furry felines. In this exhibit you will find kitties playing, sleeping, prancing, purring, and being naughty. From our diverse holdings, items on exhibit range from photographs and family albums, children’s literature, correspondence from noteworthy individuals, pop-up books, bookplates, and artist editions.

Curator: Krisztina Laszlo

Specific location: RBSC Reference room.


David Lam Library and Canaccord Learning Commons

Friends from another Species: the Business of Pets

January 13- February 14, 2020

The David Lam Library and Canaccord Learning Commons’ part in the exhibit will include highlighting aspects of the print and electronic collection, as well as search strategies that help people find information on pets and the pet related industries. This includes market research resources like Passport GMID and IBISworld, as well as resources on influencer marketing and social commerce. Engagement activities include a photo wall of a variety of pets that have captured the hearts of many through various social channels.

Curators: Irena Trebic, Kim Fama, Christina Sylka


Koerner Library

It’s Reading Cats and Dogs

February 1 – 28, 2020

It’s Reading Cats and Dogs will explore the literary, historical, and cultural obsession with our canine and feline companions through a selection of materials from Koerner Library’s holdings. The display will also highlight the cats and dogs of Koerner Library staff, with photos as well as book recommendations paw-sonally approved by our furry friends.

Curators: Keith Bunnell and Alexandra Alisauskas

Specific location: Koerner Library, Fireplace


Woodward Library

Wild Observations: Felidae and Canidae around the World

January 6 – February 28, 2020

A selection of books highlighting the fossil history, genetics, and conservation of wild cats and dogs from Woodward Library’s collection.

Curators: Sarah Parker and Chantal Lyons-Stevenson

Specific Location: Woodward Library, Memorial Room

A selection of makerspace kits are available to be booked in advance so that students may plan to use them during their practicum visits. Students may reserve makerspace kits by following the instructions below. Please note that some of the kit components vary slightly. Be sure to review the components of the kit you are interested in booking.

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Language assessment : principles and classroom practices / H. Douglas Brown ; Priyanvada Abeywickrama.

P53.4 .B76 2019

What really works with universal design for learning / editors, Wendy W. Murawski, Kathy Lynn Scott.

LC1201 .W43 2019

Start with the heart : igniting hope in schools through social and emotional learning / Michelle L. Trujillo.

LB1072 .T78 2019

Step into STEAM : your standards-based action plan for deepening mathematics and science learning, grades K-5 / Sarah B. Bush, Kristin L. Cook

QA135.6 .B88 2019


Click on the book cover to take you to the UBC Library catalogue record for the item.

Share your smile: : Raina’s guide to telling your own story / Raina Telgemeier.

PN159 .T45 2019

The good egg / Jory John ; illustrations by Pete Oswald.

PZ7 .J62168 Gd 2019

We are okay : a novel / by Nina LaCour.

PZ7 .L13577 Wr 2019

Temporarily shelved at Education Library reserve

Monday’s not coming / a novel by Tiffany D. Jackson.

PZ7.1 .J353 Mn 2019


With her practicum just around the corner, Glichelle Pereyra talks to us about her decision to come back to school for a Bachelor of Education, and how the Education Library is helping her succeed. From borrowing Micro-bits to attending workshops, Glichelle gives us insight to how she made the most of what the Library has to offer and how easily you can too.

Our new Collection Spotlight is up.  “Winter Wonderland” is a gathering of children’s books with a winter theme.

Primary (K-3)
All you need for a snowman    PZ4.9.S344 Al 2002
Bear’s winter party  PZ4.9.H63 Br 2016
Bedtime for Bear   PZ4.9.H45497 Bd 2010
Counting on snow   PZ4.9.N4835 Cn 2010
Every autumn comes the bear   PZ10.3.A86923 Ev 1993
Footprints in the snow   PZ4.9.M3888 Ft 2007
Frederick   PZ4.9.L66 FR 1987
Holly’s red boots   PZ4.9.C436 Hs 2008
In the snow   PZ4.9.C64446 In 2009
Jillian Jiggs and the great big snow   PZ4.9.G546 Jl 2002
Kitten’s winter   PZ4.9.F4684 Kw 2011
Littlest sled dog   PZ4.9.K957 Lt 2008
Mary of Mile 18   PZ4.9.B533 Mr 2001
Mountain of mittens   PZ4.9.P626174 Mt 2007
Names for snow   PZ4.9.B3941 Nm 2003
No two snowflakes   PZ4.9.F5743 Nt 2001
One snowy night   PZ4.9.B979 On 2004
One winter night   PS8623.L69 O54 2006
Over and under the snow   PZ4.9.M48187 .M475 2011
Owl moon   QL696.S8 Y64 1987
Perfect snow   PZ4.9.R4544 Pf 2009
Red Fox running   PZ4.9.B942 RD 1993
Singing away the dark   PZ8.3.W8928 Sn 2010 CCBC
Snow   PZ4.9.S414 Sn 1998
Snow day!   PZ4.9.Z4553 Sn 2007 CCBC
Snow surprise   PZ4.9.E673 Sn 2008
Snowballs   PZ4.9.E334 SN 1995
Snowman   PZ4.9.B7646 SN 1978
Snowmen at night   PZ8.3.B865 Sn 2002
Snowmen at work   PZ8.3.B865 Sw 2012
Snowy day   PZ4.9.K2 Sn 1962
Snowy sports: ready, set, play!   PZ4.9.G9218 Sn 2009
Stella, queen of the snow   PZ4.9.G392 Sq 2000
Straight to the pole   PZ4.9.O4944 St 2003
Thomas’ snowsuit   PZ4.9.M947 Th 2011 CCBC
Trudy   PZ4.9.C6634 Tr 2009
Waiting for winter   PZ7.M5483 Wt 2009

Intermediate (4-7)
Cross-country cat   PZ4.9.C128 CR 1979
Greatest skating race : a World War II story from the Netherlands   PZ4.9.B67 Gt 2004
Missuk’s snow geese   PZ4.9.R2788 Ms 2008
Mitten : a Ukrainian folktale   PZ7.3.DK2 B727 MT 1989
Moominland midwinter   PZ7.J247 Mn 1992
Snow music   PZ4.9.P314 Sn 2003
Snowboard twist   PZ4.9.G464 Sw 2004
Snowflake Bentley   QC858.B46 M37 1998
Stone Fox   PZ7.G173 ST 1980A
Tomten   PZ4.9.L6585 TO
Winter eyes   PZ8.3.F655 Wn 1999
Winter poems   PZ8.29 .W55 1994
Winter room   PZ7.P2843 WN 1989

Hockey/Skating – Primary
Farm team   PZ4.9.B2196 Fr 2006
First hockey words   PE1449 .G87 2014 CCBC
Henry Holton takes the ice  PZ4.9.B7331466 Hn 2015 CCBC
Hockey tree   PZ4.9.W2134 Hc 2006
Lucy tries short track   PZ8.3.B6668 Lh 2016 CCBC
My granny loves hockey   PZ4.9.W43243 My 2014 CCBC
Skating with the bears   PZ4.9.B73896 Sk 2004

Hockey/Skating – Intermediate
Boy in number four   GV848.5.O7 K65 2014 CCBC
Brady Brady superstar hockey collection   PZ7.S534253 Bs 2015 CCBC
Crosby’s golden goal   PZ4.9.L566 Cr 2012
Gretzky’s game   PZ4.9.L566 Gr 2005
Hero named Howe   PZ4.9.L566 Hr 2013 CCBC
Hockey sweater   PZ7.C2327 Hc 2014 CCBC
How figure skating works   GV850.4 .T465 2009
Ice time   PZ7.1.T746 Ic 2015 CCBC
One hockey night   PZ4.9.W2134 On 2010
Peter Puck and the stolen Stanley Cup   PZ7.M1499 Pr 2015 CCBC
Puckster plays the hockey mascots   PZ4.9.S36553 Pp 2014 CCBC
Skate, Robyn, skate!   PZ7.H882 Sk 2004
Skating for power & speed: hockey the NHL way   GV847.25 .R6829 2002
Skating shoes   PZ7.S914 SK 1951
Timberwolf tracks   PZ7.B79984 Tf 2009
Up your game on and off the ice   GV847.25 .S88 2015
Where’s my hockey sweater?   PZ4.9.T475 Wh 2005

Franklin joue au hockey sur glace   PZ23.J46 Fn 2004
Grand Gretzky   PZ23.L54167 Gr 2005
Habit de neige, L’   PZ20.9.M896 Hb 1987
Hiver   PZ20.9.O628 HV 1982
Hiver, ou, Le Bonhomme sept heures, L’   PZ20.9.A539 HV 1980
Lili Tire-bouchon et ses cochons de neige   PZ23.G55 Jl 2002
Livre de l’hiver, Le   QH81 .O885 1983
Lucy fait du patinage de vitesse   PZ24.3.B69 Lh 2016 CCBC
Mon amie la neige   QC926.37 .K36 2006
Une mauvaise journée pour Benjamin   PZ20.9.B689 Mv 1996
Simon et les flocons de neige   PZ20.9.T582 SM 1988

Alpine skiing   GV854.875 .W58 2010
Bugs and bugsicles : insects in winter   QL496 .H36 2010
Building an igloo   E99.E7 S849 1990
Hibernation   QL755 .H54 2008
Long shot   GV848.W55 Z84 2007
Pink power   GV848.6.W65 S38 2007
Seasons of the year   QB637.4 .S725 2011
Shortest day : celebrating the winter solstice   GT4995.W55 P44 2003
Snow and ice : Canadian winter weather   QC981.3 .M675 2005
Snowy science : 25 cool experiments   QB637.8 .L48 2011
Why do geese fly south in winter? : a book about migration   QL754 .A52 2007
Winter book   PN6071.W575 W55 2008

DVDs & Videos
In winter still [videorecording] : a Claude Monet story   ND553.M7 I55 2011 dvd
Sing the cold winter away [sound recording] : family songs for wintertime   M1992.R45 S56 2009 cd
Sweater [videorecording] : a childhood recollection   PN1997.5 .S93 2007 dvd

Click on the book cover to take you to the UBC Library catalogue record for the item.

Teaching mathematics in the visible learning classroom, grades K-2 / John Almarode,
Douglas Fisher, Kateri Thunder, John Hattie, and Nancy Frey.

Call Number: QA135.6 .A46 2019


Puppetry in theatre and arts education : head, hands and heart / Johanna Smith.

Call Number: PN1979 .E4 S65 2019


Mindful by design : a practical guide for cultivating aware, advancing,
and authentic learning experiences / Caitlin Krause.

Call Number: LB1072 .K73 2019


Broader, bolder, better : how schools and communities help students overcome the disadvantages of poverty / Elaine Weiss and Paul Reville.

Call Number: LC215 .W46 2015



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