CW: Sexual Assault and Violence. If you need assistance, the WAVAW Crisis Line provides immediate emotional support 24 hours a day at 604-255-6344 or Toll-Free at 1-877-392-7583.

January is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) at UBC (see link for upcoming events). We take this time to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault, share information on available resources, and encourage people to take action to prevent sexualized violence.

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO) will be partnering with SFU on providing engagement opportunities in January. Keep an eye on the SAAM website for updates to their calendar of events.

Support and Services at UBC:

  • The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO) is a confidential place for those who have experienced, or been impacted by, any form of sexual or gender-based violence, harassment, or harm, regardless of where or when it took place. All genders and sexualities are welcome. Currently services are only available online or over the phone. You can call them at 604-822-1588 or email them at
  • AMS Sexual Assault Support Center is committed to the education, support, and empowerment of people of all genders who are survivors of sexualized violence, as well as their friends and family. If you need help or want to talk to someone, they can be contacted at 604-872-5180 or
  • UBC Safewalk provides a way to get from one point on campus to another, safely, after dark. Their walking teams mean you don’t have to walk alone. Measures are in place to follow COVID-19 regulations to keep everyone safe.
  • S.A.R.A. (Sexual Assault & Rape Awareness) is an on-campus, student-led prevention campaign that promotes healthy, consensual sexual activity and educates the campus community to be an active bystander and stand up against rape culture.

Educational Resources:

Support Services for Survivors:

  • WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre: offers trauma-informed feminist support to survivors of sexualized violence. Their services are open to cis and trans women and people of all marginalized genders, including Two-Spirit, trans, and non-binary people.
  • Fraser Health Sexual Assault and Violence Resources: provides resources to learn how to get help, the process for reporting incidents to the police, aftercare, and information about forensic nursing services.
  • BC Women’s Sexual Assault Service: provides care to anyone 13 years or older who has been sexually assaulted within the past 7 days.
  • Rape Victim’s Support Network: provides peer counselling and practical help, including advocacy and referrals, to those victimized by rape.
  • Battered Women’s Support Services: provides education, advocacy, and support services to assist all women with the aim to work towards the elimination of violence and to work from a feminist perspective that promotes equality for all women.

With Halloween coming up soon, we’d like to remind everyone who will be dressing up to be aware of cultural appropriation when selecting a costume. What does this mean? Cultural appropriation is when someone uses elements of a culture not their own for their own purposes. These kinds of costumes reduce a culture to harmful stereotypes and dismiss any important cultural meaning that may be attached to traditional clothing or belongings.

Now is a great time to get creative! We can respect other cultures and still come up with clever, funny, scary costumes.

Local Love had a great article last year on why cultural appropriation on Halloween isn’t okay.

And if you’d like to learn about cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation, check out this video with Rosanna Deerchild:

Click here to view the embedded video.

For those of you who are staying home and may be looking for some spooky movies to watch, there’s a few different resources for streaming video which you can find through “Indexes and Databases” in the UBC Library catalogue.

Remember to login to the library website using your CWL before you start browsing:

  • Audio Cine Films: This collection offers access to 1000’s of titles from the world’s most renowned film studios and producers. You can filter your results to their Halloween category.
  • Criterion on Demand: Find over 2000 streamed feature films including classics, new releases, foreign films, literary adaptations, documentaries, animated titles, and independent features. Depending on how spooky you want to get, choose from their genres like horror, mystery, or thriller.
  • World Cinema Collection: Films produced in the silent era to contemporary times from around the world. Using their advanced search option you can search for Horror OR Thriller and select “videos” under search options.

Looking for streaming video at Xwi7xwa Library? We’ve got a couple of tips to search the library catalogue to find what you’re looking for:

First you’ll want to login to the library website using your CWL:

  • To look for a particular title, at the basic search, enter a keyword (use AND, OR, NOT or “a phrase”) and include the following in your search string: video and online and xwi7xwa.
    Example: To find The Pass System, enter: “pass system” video and online and xwi7xwa
    search window for UBC library catalogue


  • To browse what’s available, at the basic search, enter the following: video and online and xwi7xwa. You can then filter your results by selecting “video recording” under the content type on the left hand side of the screen.
    search window for UBC Library catalogue


Once you’ve picked a title, you can then select the orange online access button on the right to view your item.

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