Write-n-Cite III is compatible with MS Word 2010. There are some differences if you are installing Write-n-Cite III with Word 2010. First Word 2010 must be completely installed on the local computer and then the computer must be restarted before Write-n-Cite III can be installed. Additionally, Microsoft now offers a version of Word 2010 called Click and Run that installs a virtualization handler to your local computer and then runs the application on the web. Write-n-Cite III is not compatible with this version of Word. The full application must be installed on the local computer for Write-n-Cite III to recognize the installation of MS Word 2010.

Some patrons are having difficulty exporting to RefWorks from Summon from off-campus locations and are receiving the error message: “Import aborted, missing server and/or file information.”

The solution is to log into EZproxy or myVPN before you save citations. You will see that there is a brown bar at the top of Summon which says “Off Campus?” when you arrive from a non-UBC IP address. If you click on it you can then log into EZproxy from there. Everything works fine if you do that first.

Scholars Portal will be making an upgraded version of RefWorks available on Wednesday, August 18th.

Dubbed Refworks 2.0, the new interface offers an improved user experience featuring a cleaner layout, easier navigation, and a number of back-end technological improvements.

UBC RefWorks will be leaving its default to classic (i.e. same as now), but with a toggle button to 2.0 for those users who wish to try out the new interface. Note that the “Output Style Editor” is not yet available in 2.0, but is still in the classic version and that while Write n Cite is still available, it will have the ‘classic’ interface and not the updated one

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