Program Assistant, Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication


Bo Lehmann joined the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication (CWSC) in April 2019 as a temporary Program Assistant. In May 2019 his position turned from term to ongoing. Bo arrived in Vancouver in January 2019 after he obtained his Master’s Degree in Information Design and Media Management in Germany.

Current Role and Responsibilities

In his current role, Bo provides support for daily operations of CWSC programs and services. Under the direction of the Program Manager, he collects and submits students payroll, designs, updates, and oversees the writing consultation appointment schedule, and assists with student on-boarding and training.



Phone: 604-827-1603

Program Coordinator,Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication


Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, Liam is a writer, educator, and theatre artist. He holds a B.A. Hons. in English from the University of Lethbridge, an M.A. in English from Dalhousie University, and a B.Ed. in English Language Arts from U.B.C. He has published scholarly and non-fiction articles and his plays have been professionally produced in various cities across Canada. Prior to joining U.B.C. Library, Liam worked as a college instructor of Rhetoric and English for Academic Purposes

Current Role and Responsibilities

As Program Coordinator, Liam is responsible for researching best practices in writing pedagogy, for helping deliver graduate programs such as Writing Consultations, Thesis Boot Camps, and Writing Workshops, and for developing new programming for undergraduates. Liam is excited to design resources in response to student, staff, and faculty needs and to facilitate opportunities for members of the U.B.C. community to engage with writing as a creative means of sharing and building knowledge.




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Learning Commons Coordinator, Chapman Learning Commons


Emma’s involvement in various student leadership roles at UBC, combined with her background in educational research, incited her pursuit of a career in student affairs. She completed her M.A. degree in Curriculum and Instruction at SFU while working in various capacities as an educator, research assistant, and program assistant. Her research determined factors that contributed to undergraduate students’ holistic development for the purpose of informing postsecondary policy, programming and practice. A writer, creator, and nurturer at heart, Emma values narrative as a means of self-expression and discovery. She aims to develop and implement innovative practices that facilitate creativity, community, reciprocal teaching and learning, and holistic student development.

Current Roles and Responsibilities

Emma is delighted to return to the Chapman Learning Commons, no longer as a student but as Learning Commons Coordinator. Working closely with a team of 17 student staff, she manages the development and delivery of various programs and services in the Chapman Learning Commons that support and enhance students’ learning and academic growth, leadership, involvement, and engagement. She is thrilled to support students in fostering an environment dedicated to lifelong learning, exploration, and growth.


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Program Assistant, Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication


Miles joined the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication (CWSC) in June of 2018. In 2017, Miles graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA (Hons) in English with a focus on Writing and Rhetoric studies. In addition to his time at SFU, Miles studied drums/percussion at Capilano University’s Jazz Studies program and has performed in a wide variety of musical contexts. Miles is keenly interested in argumentation and writing pedagogy across disciplines.


Current Roles and Responsibilities

As Program Assistant at the CWSC, Miles offers day-to-day operational support and assistance to writing consultants and staff. In addition, Miles coordinates room bookings and logistics for workshops and events held by the CWSC, as well as answering general inquiries from students, staff, and faculty about CWSC services.


Phone: (604) 827-1603

Way back in January UBC Library scored a rare book coup, acquiring two exceptional examples of early gay literature that share a connection with famed Victorian writer Oscar Wilde.

Teleny and its prequel, Des Grieux, were first published in the 1890s. It’s long been suspected, but never confirmed, that Wilde may have authored or contributed to the texts.


Click here to see Des Grieux.


Click here to see Teleny.

Now both of these texts are available for online study and access through Open Collections. (But be aware before you click- this literature is a bit racy – don’t let anyone ever tell you the library isn’t exciting!)

“Even if Wilde didn’t write them, the speculation is still a fascinating part of his enduring mythology,” said Gregory Mackie, Assistant Professor in UBC’s Dept. of English.

Only five known sets of the two-volume publication Teleny remain, and there are only three known copies of Des Grieux. UBC is the only collection in the world with both texts- and now you can see them too!


We’ve got another new (but actually really really old) addition to our digital collection. We’re excited to share that we have digitized a rare Latin Bible from the 13th century! You can check it out in out Western Manuscripts collection where many of our oldest books live.



The pages are made from vellum or dried calf skin as most books were at that time.

This Bible is an amazing addition to our collection for a few reasons. First, it was a Student Bible made in Oxford England around 1250 AD, something that at the time was pretty remarkable. Back then most Student Bibles were produced on the continent, typically in Paris, for university pupils and professors who used them for their studies. This makes our Bible unique – and the only one like it in a Canadian collection.


This book contains a fair amount of marginalia! Check out all the faded notes on the side.

A second special aspect of this Bible is the concordance at the end of the book. The concordance, pictured below, is an index created for the Bible on where to find certain words or phrases within the book.


Click here to see the concordance for yourself!

One of the early owners created this concordance shortly after the book was finished. The concordance is obviously not part of the original book. We don’t know exactly when or who created it – and if any of you scholars out there want to try to find out, take a shot and let us know about it! We wholeheartedly support you!

Even you are not a scholar take a look at the book for yourself, or take a look at the UBC press release on this book. It might make you into a bibliophile!

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