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There is a server problem with China Academic Journals that is preventing access. We are in contact with CNKI trying to get it fixed. Monitor our tweets and blog posts for updates.

The new, streamlined interface for Summon (UBC Library’s resource discovery tool) has been launched as of Monday June 23rd. Try a search and see what you think!

 *UPDATE* China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database (CNKI) access has been restored. – Wednesday April 30th, 2014

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China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database (CNKI) is down, it includes:

  • China Academic Journals Full-text Database
  • Century Journals Social Sciences
  • China Doctor Dissertations Full-text Database
  • China Master Dissertations Full-text Database
  • China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database
  • China Core Newspapers Full-text Database
  • China Yearbook Full-text Database
  • Reference Works Online

Please monitor our Twitter and blog accounts for updates.

The eDuke Ebook linking issue has been fixed.  Please continue to submit tickets to the Eresource & Access unit if you encounter any issues:

Some eDuke ebooks are linking to DOI error messages because they are not yet published on the eDuke site.  We are in contact with Duke University Press to fix the problem and will soon update our eDuke holdings to reflect only those ebooks that are accessible.

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Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE => The Alexander Street Press website is up again.

Alexander Street Press is currently experiencing website difficulties, as a result none of their databases are accessible.  They expect access to be restored by 5:30pm Monday September 30th.



Access to Factiva has been restored.  Please remember to log out as we are limited to 6 consecutive users.


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