DS764.23 W39 A4 2017
翁同龢家书诠释 / 翁同龢著 ; 赵平整理

DS777.53 B4564 2017
北美藏中国抗日战争历史档案文献提要 / 王成志, 陈肃, 王晓燕, 何剑叶, 何妍等编

HF3508 C5 M6125 2016 v.1-5
东印度公司对华贸易编年史(一六三五-一八三四年) / (美)马士著 ; 区宗华译 ; 林树惠校 ; 章文钦校注

NA1549 W35 A35 2016
造房子 / 王澍著

NK3634 A2 P3639 2016 v.1-6
龐虛齋藏清朝名賢手札 / 龐元濟辑 ; 梁穎整理

PL1065 H839 2016
华语与华文教育”走出去”研究 / 郭奇军, 钱伟主编

PL2597 Q56 2016 v. 1-10
清代宮廷大戲叢刊初編 / 詹怡萍主编

PL2969 Z43 R8 2016
如果大雪封门 / 徐则臣著

PL2976 Y847 J53 2016
茧 / 张悦然著

PL2976 Y847 W6 2017
我循着火光而来 / 张悦然著


BH39 I523 2016
接触造形論 : 触れあう魂, 紡がれる形 / 稲賀繁美

CB 113 J3 I56 2016
祈りと再生のコスモロジー : 比較基層文化論序說 : 池田雅之先生古稀記念 / 滝澤雅彦, 柑本英雄編

DS881.45 G68 2017
忘れられた黒船 : アメリカ北太平洋戦略と日本開国 / 後藤敦史

DS896.62 J65 2017
大江戶の色彩 / 城一夫

HV623 2011 F85 F842 2017
福島は, あきらめない : 復興現場からの声 / 冠木雅夫 (每日新聞編集委員) 編

ND1059.6 G4 R98 2017
絵卷で読む源氏物語 : 毛利博物館所蔵「源氏物語絵卷」 / 龍澤彩編著

PL696 Y66 2017
俗語入門 : 俗語はおもしろい! / 米川明彦著

PL849 N4 C535163 2017
沈黙と美 : 遠藤周作・トラウマ・踏絵文化 = Silence and beauty / マコトフジムラ ; 篠儀直子訳

PL871 I337 S97 2017
素敵な日本人 : 短編集 = Collection of short stories / 東野圭吾

PL873 I94 K36 2016
彼女がエスパーだったころ / 宮内悠介


HN687 F37 2017
Haram jinah di haddie rachia : prose / by Balwinder Singh Fatehpuri

PK2659 B2914 S97 2017
Sūraja dī akkha : Mahārājā Raṇajīta Siṅgha de jīwana uppara ādhārita itihāsaka nāwala / Baladewa Siṅgha

PK2659 M2957 A87 2017
Athri rut / by Sukhwant Kaur Mann

PK2659 P349 B57 2016
Birakha araza kare / Surajīta Pātara

PK2659 S42375 A24 2017
Achinte baaz paey : a novel / by Bhajan Singh Sidhu


DS881.3 T365 2017
民衆運動からみる幕末維新 / 谷山正道

DS894.99 O3785 T336 2017
対話沖縄の戦後 : 政治・歴史・思考 / 河野康子, 平良好利編 ; 天川晃

GT2910 C5455 2017
茶の湯 : 時代とともに生きた美

NC991.5 U56 A4 2016

PL801 K8 Z8724 2017
弱い「内面」の陥穽 : 芥川龍之介から見た日本近代文学 / 篠崎美生子

PL826 D6 Z68 2017
乱步と清張 / 鄉原宏

PL834 A5 T433 2016
冷たき地上 : 〈附〉不二樹浩三郎「天の夕顔」を語る / 不二樹浩三郎 ; 吉田鄉編

PN1993.5 J3 Y567 2017
日本映画は信頼できるか / 四方田犬彦著

Z463.3 Y89 N57 2017
歴史を商う : 書肆雄山閣百年ものがたり / 著者西端真矢


BX885 M55 2017 v.1-8
明清之際西方傳教士漢籍叢刊. 第二輯 / 周振鶴主编

DS732 K77125 2016
他者中的华人 : 中国近现代移民史 / (美)孔飞力著 ; 李明欢译 ; 黄明奋校

GR780 Z4 2016
花与树的人文之旅 / 周文翰著

HD9696 A3 C57864 2016
华为你学不会 / 孙科柳, 易生俊, 陈林空著

ML531.2 S836 2016
古乐之美 / 苏泓月著

PL2431 Y82 2017
佛典流播与唐代文言小说 / 俞晓红著

PL2851 K86 W69 2017
我喜欢生命本来的样子 / 周国平著

PL2919 J56 T53 2016
天父地母 / 王晋康著

PN1995.9 D6 B365 2017
你我田野 : 倾听电影人类学在中国的开创/ 鲍江著


F2849.22 G85 G67 2017
Che Guevara / by Dharam Singh Goraya

PK2199 H338 B34166 2017
Bagair unwaan de : a novel / by Saadat Hasan Manto ; translation by Dr. Chander Mohan Suneja

PK2659 G743 D37 2017
Dasda te javi ve rahiya / by Ranjit Kaur Guddi

PK2659 N343 B3 2016
Bā mulāhazā hoshiāra : 1976 dā Sahita Akāḍamī waloṃ purasakārita nāwala / Narindarapāla Siṅgha

PK2659 R4 H66 2016
Hond nihond : kaav-naatak = Being and nothingness : a verse-play / written by Ravinder Ravi

PK2659 S3763 W58 2017
Vith : novel / by Sekhon Ludhianvi

Paper Cutting (Shaanbei, China)

The Year of the Dog is approaching! Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Asian Library & the Department of Asian Studies on Friday February 9 at the Asian Centre. Enjoy wonderful performances, and participate in interesting cultural activities. It’s free and open to the public.

Library programs will be on from 12:30 pm till 2:30 pm. There are Yut Nori game and riddles. Visitors to the Asian Library may also receive a pocket of luck!

Programs organized by the Department of Asian Studies will begin at 10:00 am.  There are student and guest performances in the morning, and public seminar & cultural activities (calligraphy, seal engraving, hand sewing, paper cutting, bean picking, ring toss, and diabolo game) in the afternoon. They also offer lunch at $5.00. Click HERE for details.

Library Programs

Fun with Riddles
Lantern riddle is a folk custom of the Lantern Festival, which takes place on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year. The answer is guessed from a word, poem or phrase. At the same time, test yourself on how well you know about the Lunar New Year and the Asian Library. You will receive a gift if you get the answers correct!

Yut Nori Game
Yut Nori is a traditional board game played in Korea, especially during the Lunar New Year. It includes a board (malpan), four wooden sticks (yut) and small tokens (yunmal). Yut sticks are cast to determine how far a token can advance, and the score is determined by counting the sticks that are over, and those that are up. Join us for this fun game in Room 616 at Asian Library!

Pocket of Luck
All visitors to the library will receive a pocket of luck (while quantities last)!

Date: January 23 – February 22, 2018
Location: Asian Centre (1871 West Mall) (map)
Hours: Asian Library open hours (see hours)

Visit the Asian Centre foyer in the New Year for a new art exhibit featuring artworks by a UBC Asian Studies alumni.

About the exhibition: Summoning the Senses

Summoning the Senses is a multi-media exhibit inspired by eighteen months of academic exchange and personal travels throughout India which aims to incite curiosity, encourage adventure, and bring vibrancy to winter’s wetness using sculpture, paintings, textiles, and unique modification of space with miscellanea. The heart of the display, an optically illusory mosaic sculpture made with thousands of spice seeds, has a mesmerizing allure rooted in the structure of mandalas and is centrally painted with Islamic geometric techniques. In the context of a wanderer’s eye passing through the kaleidoscopic Indian subcontinent, the exhibition ornately explores its diversity, the significance of the environment as it pertains to shaping agriculture and culture, and attempts to capture the dynamic process of learning and understanding through an abundance of senses.

About the Artist: Amy Ebrahimian

A recent graduate of UBC’s Asian Area Studies program, Amy Ebrahimian has nurtured a passion for visual arts alongside her education and is thrilled to be sharing her work with the students, staff, and visitors of the Asian Centre. Of German-Ukrainian heritage and raised in both the United States and Canada, her family has been on the move for several generations and the wandering rootlessness she has maintained has taken her across continents while studying (perhaps why it took a little more than eight years to complete her Bachelor’s degree). Her artistic practice is guided by a desire to cultivate and communicate an understanding of nature that can both expand the observer’s respect for its value and their motivation for its protection. Her process is a balance of free-flowing and systematic unfolding to depict natural elements, symbiotic relationships, and cycles in terms that are honest and relatable with a hint of the mystical. Joyfully compelled, she produces pieces in realistic, impressionistic, and abstract styles using scenery from firsthand encounters and dreams. Enlivened by the act of telling detailed stories and (un)tangling concepts, much of her current work features intricate arrangements of minutiae integrated with intense colour palettes into oil and acrylic, and is accented by a topographic maze of textures that tempts the eye into exploration.

To learn more about the artist and her works, please visit or Instagram @amy_ebrahimian_arts.


AZ794 Z5 C53 2015
시민 의 교양 : 지금, 여기, 보통 사람들 을 위한 현실 인문학 / 채 사장 지음

BJ1594.5 K6 Y87 2013
어떻게 살 것 인가 / 유 시민

DS922.4642 N6 Y862 2016
대통령 의 말하기 : 노 무현 대통령 에게 배우는 설득 과 소통 의 법칙 / 윤 태영 지음

DS923.2 N63 2015
생각 해 봤어? : 내일 을 바꾸기 위해 오늘 꼭 알아야 할 우리 시대 의 지식 / 노 회찬 + 유 시민 + 진 중권 지음

PL992.415 H826 K36 2006
강산 무진 : 김 훈 소설

PL994.415 O525 C48 2015
주말, 출근, 산책 : 어두움 과 비 : 김 엄지 장편 소설


DS777.533 B55 K38 2017
「飽食した悪魔」の戦後 : 731部隊と二木秀雄「政界ジープ」 / 加藤哲郎

GR340 A345 2017
列島語り : 出雲・遠野・風土記 / 赤坂憲雄, 三浦佑之

HT725 J3 S253 2017
結婚差別の社会学 / 齋藤直子

ND1055.5 S87 K87 2016
日本のシュルレアリスムという思考野 / 黒沢義輝

PL856 U673 Z799 2017
村上春樹を, 心で聴く : 奇跡のような偶然を求めて / 宮脇俊文

PN53 K675 2017
詩的言語と絵画 : ことばはイメージを表現できるか / 今野真二


B5234 T356 A3 2016
我们三代人 / 汤一介著

DS736 .L5268 2017
林汉达中国历史故事集 / 林汉达, 雪岗编著

DS777.533 C64 B76125 2016
秩序的沦陷 : 抗战初期的江南五城 / (加)卜正民著 ; 潘敏译.

HD75 C458 2016
滴滴 : 分享经济改变中国 / 程维, 柳青等著 ; 张晓峰主编.

HG171 C452 2016
世界是部金融史 / 陈雨露, 杨栋著

PL2851.K86 B36 2010
宝贝宝贝 / 周国平著


B3317 .Z46 2012
尼采 : 在世纪的转折点上 = Nietzsche :at the turn of the century / 周国平著

CB113.H4 H37125 2017
人类简史 : 从动物到上帝 / (以色列)尤瓦尔·赫拉利著 ; 林俊宏译

DS735 .H57 2016 v.1-6 & booklet
哈佛中国史 = History of Imperial China / 卜正民主编

DS777.5315 .R665 2016
抗日正面战场 : 国民党参战将士口述全纪录 / 肜新春编著

DS793.Y45 C4467 2016
大河上下 : 黄河的命运 = Da he shangxia : Huanghe de mingyun / 陈启文著

HF5386 .F4114 2017
小道理 : 分寸之间 / 冯仑著

PL1171 .Z452 2016 v.1-5
花草字传 = Tales of the words for flowers and grasses / 张一清著 ; 梁艳读

PL2929.5.N4184 L5 2016
流年物语 / 张翎 著

PL2947.5.U6 C5 2016
慈悲 / 路内 著


ML342 .H392 2017
한국 음악, 한국인 의 마음 : 자연 따라 흐르는 우리 음악 이야기 / 한 명희 지음

PL980.6 .S565 2017
신춘 문예 당선 소설집 / 저자 김 홍 외.

PL992.415.Y5863 O33 2017
오직 두 사람 / 김 영하 소설.

PL992.78.S65 S27 2017
사랑하는, 너무도 사랑하는 : 성 석제 소설

PN1993.5.K6 T6646 2017
2016 독립 영화 쇼케이스 / 기획, 사단 법인 한국 독립 영화 협회

UPDATE All 15 spots have been filled. If you are interested in the future Japanese book club events, please email your name and contact information to the Asian Library at

Date, Time & Place
Meet & Greet: Tuesday, January 30, 6:30-8:00 pm
Discussion: Tuesday, February 27, 6:30-8:30 pm
Asian Centre, 1871 West Mall (map)

$10 per person, including a copy of the book and light refreshments at both sessions.

This book club will be of special interest to current students, alumni and community members who have studied Japanese at an advanced level. We will be reading the novel: コンビニ人間 Convenience Store People by Murata Sayaka.

About the Book: コンビニ人間 (Convenience Store People)

Murata Sayaka’s Convenience Store People gives an in-depth look at the life of a 36 year-old convenience store worker, Furukura Keiko. Keiko is single with no dating history, whose struggles to find her place in the world eventually landed her in a convenience store. Working there for all of her adult life as a part-timer, she has found peace with herself as a normal “component” of society as she eats, drinks, and breathes the perfectly constructed life – until a new male staff aggressively asks her “aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Placing her “manual”-led existence at jeopardy, the book questions the preconceptions of normality, the conditions of modern life, and what it means to be a “component” of society.


About the Author: 村田沙耶香 (Murata Sayaka)

Born in 1979, Murata Sayaka is the recipient of the 155th Akutagawa Prize (July 2016) for her book Konbini Ningen [Convenience Store People]. She won the Gunzo Prize for New Writers in 2003 and made her debut with the novel Junyū [Breastfeeding]. Her other works include Satujin Shussan [Murder and Birth], Shometsu Sekai [The Disappearing World], and Gin’iro no uta [The Silver-coloured Song], for which she received the 2011 Noma Literary Prize.


About the Facilitator: Cyrus Qiu

Cyrus is currently pursuing his PhD at UBC’s Department of Asian Studies, with a focus on Japanese modern literature and popular culture. Through analyzing the intriguing ideas invested in cultural products such as anime, manga, novels and films, his research explores how various social issues in current Japanese society are represented, problematized and negotiated.

Questions? Please contact Japanese Language Librarian Naoko Kato at

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