Date: July 28 – August 2, 2017
Location: Asian Centre Auditorium (1871 West Mall) (map)
Hours: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Opening Ceremony: Friday, July 28 1:30 pm

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Asian Library and the Culture Regeneration Research Society (CRRS) will co-host an art exhibition featuring three artists from Hong Kong and local community: Eddy Kwan-Lap Chan, Ella Suen and Desheng Li.

Eddy Kwan-Lap Chan 陳君立

Chan was awarded Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts by Concordia University (Canada) and Master Degree of Fine Art by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (Australia) in 1985 and 2006.  Honored with Chinese ink painting prizes by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Beijing International Ink & Wash Painting Institute and Foreign Culture Exchange Association of China, etc., his works are now in the collections of museums and art institutes both in Hong Kong and overseas. At present, Chan is a member of Consulting Committee of Federation of International Tsai-Mo Artists, Honorary President of Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society, Consultant of Art of Creative Painting Association, and Modern Ink Painting part-time instructor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ella Suen 李慧嫻

Born in Hong Kong in 1939, Suen was raised in a traditional Chinese family and has great passion for art and painting. In 1968, she learnt her foundation skills in Chinese painting in New Asia College with Professors such as Johnson Su-sing Chow.  After residing in Canada in 1974, she continued her pursuit on Chinese painting and calligraphy with various distinguished teachers. Suen is currently a member of Chinese Canadian Artist Federation in Vancouver. She participated Vancouver’s Chinese Painting Annual Exhibition for many years. After publishing her personal art collection in 2012, she held her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong the same year and in Burnaby (Canada) in 2013; and in joint exhibitions every year till 2016.

Desheng Li 李德生

Li, aged 72, who was born in Beijing, is a writer, collector and calligrapher.  He is also a researcher of the Cultural Regeneration Research Society. He is expertized in oriental folklore studies and has published over 20 books in Canada, Japan, Taiwan and China.  Apart from researches, he practices as an instructor of calligraphy among the Chinese community centers for over 10 years where he had taught a bunch of students with flying colors, He also teaches in Richmond Arts Centre and CCM Canada.  Li is famous for the calligraphy of zhuan (篆 ) and li (隸).

To view some of the artworks and find out more information about this exhibit in Chinese, please visit the CRRS website.


B127 C49 Z47 2016
道家的氣化現象學 / 鍾振宇

DS779.29 H785 A25 2016 v.1-3
胡锦涛文选 / 胡锦涛著 ; 中共中央文献编辑委员会

DS779.49 X53 A25 2015
習近平用典 / 人民日報評論部

DS779.49 X53 X5238 2016
习马历史性会面: 全球评论与报道选辑 / 天大研究院编译

HF1604 W3758 2016
一帶一路 : 機遇與挑戰 = The belt and road / 王義桅著

PL2879 C5 Z758 2016
柳青研究文集 / 仵埂编

PL3031 T28 C454 2016
戰後臺灣詩史「反抗敘事」的建構 / 陳瀅州著

PL3032 Y4 Y365 2016
回归历史的现场 : 延安文学传播研究 (1935-1948) / 杨琳著

PN6119 C6 Z44 2016
新剧考证百出 / 赵骥校 ; 郑正秋著.

Z1029 J516 2016
吉光片羽 : 第五批國家珍貴古籍選粹 / 國家古籍保護中心辦公室編



BQ1138 G46 2016
現代仏教聖典 / 東京大学仏教青年会編

DS889 F825 2016
戦後史の決定的瞬間 : 写真家が見た激動の時代 / 藤原聡

DS897 O815 M33 2016
船場大阪を語りつぐ : 明治大正昭和の大阪人、ことばと暮らし / 前川佳子構成・文 ; 近江晴子監修

HV623 2011 F85 F83 2016
福島第一原発廃炉図鑑 / 開沼博編

JQ1631 Y338 2016
安倍晋三が〈日本〉を壊す : この国のかたちとは : 山口二郎対談集 / 山口二郎編

ND1059 N434 A4 2016

NE1326.5 G46 K69 2016
怖い浮世絵 / 著日野原健司, 渡邉晃 ; 監修太田記念美術館

PL726.57 T6 K36 2016
浅草文芸ハンドブック / 金井景子 著

PL1281 Z45 2016
こわくてゆかいな漢字 / 張莉

PN6790 J3 S243 2016
マンガ熱 : マンガ家の現場ではなにが起こっているのか / 斎藤宣彦

Date: June 5 – September 20, 2017
Location: Asian Centre (1871 West Mall) (map)
Hours: Same as the Asian Library open hours (see hours)

Come and visit the new exhibit Jayeonmi (Natural Beauty) by local artist Ilsoo Kyung at the Asian Centre foyer.

Ilsoo was born in Korea and immigrated to Canada in 1967. She began to paint in 1998. After retiring from her nursing career in 2002, Ilsoo continued her studies at UBC and received a bachelor’s degree in Art History, Visual Art and Theory, as well as an art teacher’s diploma in 2006. Many of her works are included in private collections in Korea, Australia, the United States and Canada.

Ilsoo is a multimedia artist who has been involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her works involves personal identity and expression, as well as themes within the context of Korea and Canada. In recent work she has been addressing the question of cultural identity and in this process a new synthesis is emerging in her own individual disciplines, which include painting, sculpture, printmaking, video and digital imagery, performance art and installation works.

Ilsoo’s works are grounded in the natural world, but she looks beyond the scenic to search for symbols and meaning in all that she encounters. Her style is representational, with special attention to colour, texture and form. Ilsoo has been featured in a number of media, including Senior Living Magazine, CHEK TV and YouTube.

Please click here for the Artist Statement.


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