10-10:05am WELCOME

Shirin Eshghi Furuzawa, Head, Asian Library

10:05 – 10:25am PUNJABI

Stories from the Fascinating Folktales of Punjab series
ਦੋ ਬਾਤਾਂ: ਤੋਤੇ ਤੇ ਲਿਲ੍ਹਾਂ Tales of the Parrots & The Berries

Punjabi & English Storytellers:
Sarbjit Randhawa, South Asian and Himalayan Studies Librarian &
Gagan Cheema, UBC Alumni (BSc Speech and Hearing Science) and incoming MSc (Faculty of Medicine, Speech Language Pathology)

10:30-10:45am HINDI

Hindi Moral Stories – Fox & Crow and Dove & Ant

Hindi & English Storyteller:
Taranjit Singh, UBC Library Assistant and UBC Alumni (Former Graduate Student Society President & M Journalism)

10:45-11am PERSIAN

Persian Songs from Persian Language Online
Selected Stories from Bedtime Stories for Kids (Spring) by Children’s Research Centre Donyā

Persian & English Storyteller:
Sadaf Ahmadbeigi, UBC iSchool Student


Chinese & Tibetan Calligraphy with Esther Yang, UBC Tibetan Language Student
Punjabi Calligraphy with Sarbjit Randhawa, South Asian and Himalayan Studies Librarian

11:15-11:40am KOREAN

Flap Flap 훨훨 간다by Kwon Jeong-saeng; Translated by UBC MLIS Graduate T. Yun Hee Lee, Illustrated by Kim Yong-cheol

Korean Storyteller:
Joon-hyung Park, Author and Founder of Creative Writing for Children Society

English Storyteller:
Angela Ahn, Children’s Book Author and UBC Alumni (BA, BEd(Sec), MLIS)

11:45am-12:15pm MANDARIN

Yuan xiao jie 元宵节 by Wang Zaozao 王早早

Mandarin and English Storytellers:
Kristin (Junling) Liu, VP Academics, UBC Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Current BCom Student
Helen (Xin Liu) Wu, Director Academics, UBC Chinese Students and Scholars Association Member, Current BCom (Accounting) Student


Tibetan Calligraphy with Esther Yang, Tibetan Language Student
Punjabi Calligraphy with Sarbjit Randhawa, South Asian and Himalayan Studies Librarian
Origami with Tomoko Kitayama, Japanese Studies Librarian
Japanese Children’s Activities with Fuma Aoki, Political Science Student

1-1:25pm CANTONESE

Let’s Take a Walk by Larry Grant & Sarah Ling

Cantonese Storyteller:
Sarah Ling, Community Engagement Manager, St. John’s College, UBC

Selection of Stories from Storybooks Canada

Selection of Stories from Classic Legends

Cantonese Storyteller:
Zoe Wai-Man Lam, Sessional Lecturer, Asian Studies Department

English Storyteller:
Wendy Yip, University Ambassador

1:30-2pm JAPANESE

Peach Boy (Momotarō) ももたろう by Kawauchi Sayumi

My Friends みんながおしえてくれましたby Gomi Taro 五味 太郎

Japanese Storyteller and Translator:
Motoki Nozawa (Current MEd & Asian Studies Teaching Assistant)

English Storyteller:
Santa Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC

Asian Library is pleased to announce that Tomoko Kitayama Yen has joined the Library as the new Japanese Studies Librarian.

Tomoko has almost 15 years of experience working at UBC Library as a Library Assistant in collections and technical services. Her library career started as a Japanese Cataloguer at Asian Library, and she is thrilled to return to the branch in her new role, bringing with her a passion for Japanese collections.

Tomoko has a B.A. in history from UBC and has recently completed the coursework for the Master of Library and Information Studies degree at UBC’s iSchool. She once worked for a Tokyo publishing company and taught Japanese in private language schools in Vancouver. Her career focus has been to make information resources accessible at the backend of the library operation, working on acquisitions, cataloguing and collection maintenance. Tomoko is very excited to move onto a role that allows her to work directly with faculty, students and community at the beautiful Asian Centre.

Tomoko is interested in many areas of studies, such as community-oriented librarianship, knowledge organization and classification of non-mainstream disciplines, digital scholarship, and the history of the book. Above all, Tomoko is eager to be of service to the thriving Japan studies communities on campus and beyond. Her goal is to be a facilitator and collaborator to help UBC scholars, including faculty, students and community users discover and make the most of the world’s information resources. Consider Tomoko as a member of your research and learning team. Please contact her at 604-822-0960 or tomoko.kitayama@ubc.ca to make an appointment to discuss how she can best support you.


DS740 .5 A78 F36 2018
放寬一帶一路的視界 : 困難與考驗 / 羅金義, 趙致洋主編

DS796 T557 T53 2018 v.1-3
天津某粮管干部工作笔记摘编 / 华东师范大学中国当代史研究中心编 ( (中國當代民間史料集刊)

HF5823 Z46 2017
我地廣告 / 曾錦程, 劉昆祐著

PL2629 S34 K456 2017
科幻中的中国历史 / 宝树编

PL2804 C5 Z755 2017
不成问题的问题 : 从老舍小说到梅峰电影 / 梅峰编著

PL2931.5 U93 X53 2019
想把余生的温柔都给你 / 不朽著.

PN2877 Q55 2017
群芳譜 : 當代香港電影女星 / 策劃香港電影評論學會 ; 主編卓男, 蒲鋒

PR6073 I664 Z46 2018
我要快乐, 不必正常 / (英)珍妮特・温特森 (Jeanette Winterson) 著 ; 冯倩珠译


BQ678 N545 2018
日本仏教を問う : 宗学のこれから / 智山勧学会編 ; 元山公寿監修

CT3990 H75 H83163 2018
儒教と革命の間 : 東アジアにおける徐復観 / 黄俊傑著 ; 緖形康訳

DS871.5 O475 2018
お家相続 : 大名家の苦闘 / 大森映子

HQ777.9 K35 2018
「混血児」の戦後史 / 上田誠二

SB458 D355 2018
大名庭園の近代 / 小野芳朗, 本康宏史, 三宅拓也


DS917.44 T656 2018
통일 문제 이해

DS932 P816 2018
북한 이해

DS934.6 K35 A3 2017
이제 는 말할 수 있다 / 강 명도 지음

HV640.5 K67 K364 2017
새로운 내러티브 탐구 방법 으로 바라본 북한 여성 의 남한 적응기 / 강 병의 지음

PL927.4 O54 2017
언어 현장 의 다면성 과 구어 의 복합 지식 / 서 상규 편저

PL932 C45 2017
우리 말 신체 명칭 과 한국적 세계관 / 장 은하

PL1171 P966 2017
한자 쉽다 / 저자 변 현철, 이 지영, 김 수정


PK2598 N4154 K73 2017
Krāntivīrako sapanā : jananāyaka Rāmaprasāda Rāīko jīvanīmā ādhārita upanyāsa / Pradīpa Nepāla

PK2598 O44 A35 2017
Ailānī : upanyāsa / Viveka Ojhā

PK2598 S312126 S47 2018
Seto bāgha : aitihāsika upanyāsa / Ḍāyamanaśamasera Rāṇā


PL2740 H4 T5 2018
啼笑因缘 / 张恨水

PL2780 F4 A1995 2017
巴金文选 : 多语种版 / 巴金著 ; 郑赛芬译

PL2794 U3 46 2017
自我演戏以来 / 欧阳予倩

PL2822 T7 A6 2017 v.2
汪曾祺文存: 迟开的玫瑰或胡闹 / 汪曾祺

PL2930.5 Y5 Q55 2017
情人节爆炸案 / 阿乙

PL2946 J56 Q56 2017
青鸟故事集 / 李敬泽


BF201 K57 2018
속임수 의 심리학 : 눈 에 보이는 것 이 전부 는 아니다! / 김 영헌 지음

PL994.33 K96 K9 2018
곁 에 남아 있는 사람 : 임 경선 소설

PL994.415 K846 N3 2018
나 는 그것 에 대해 아주 오랫 동안 생각 해 : 김 금희 짧은 소설 / 곽 명주 그림

PL994.6 M96 C464 2018
춤 추는 사신 / 배 명훈 글 ; 노 상호 그림

PL994.613 Y56 K8 2018
그냥 흘러 넘쳐도 좋아요 : 혼자 여서 즐거운 밤 의 밑줄 사용법 / 백 영옥 에세이


DS897 Y69 C555 2018
横浜華僑社会の形成と発展 : 幕末開港期から関東大震災復興期まで / 伊藤泉美

GT4884 A3 Y345 2018
八重山・祭りの源流 : シチとプール・キツガン / 大城公男

HD9466 J33 T665 2018
築地, 鮭屋の小僧が見たこと聞いたこと : しゃけこさんの市場日記 / 佐藤友美子

ND1050 T34 2018
うらめしい絵 : 日本美術に見る怨恨の競演 / 田中圭子

PL829 A727 2018
橋本多佳子全句集 / 橋本多佳子

PL856 U673 K5738 2018
「騎士団長殺し」の「穴」を読む : セクシュアリティの多様性 / 谷崎龍彦


B104 L536 2018
梁启超评历史人物合集. 西方卷, 达尔文传 ; 亚里士多德传 ; 卢梭传 / 梁启超著

D809 J3 W37125 2018
當帝國回到家 : 戰後日本的遣返與重整 / 華樂瑞著 ; 黃煜文譯

DS777.488 F83 H835 2018
傅秉常傳 : 從香港大學到莫斯科中國大使館 / 黃振威著

DS779.49 X53 B3 2018
習近平是如何成為一位超級政治強人的? : 對一場柔性政變的持續觀察 / 白信著

PL2740 H4 C49 2018 v.1-4
金粉世家 / 张恨水著

PL2801 N18 A6 2017 v.1-20
沈从文别集 / 沈从文著

PL2919 T76 H325 2018
海上虹霞 / 王度庐著 ; 王芹点校

PL2954.3 A6494 T37 2018
塔拉, 塔拉 / 乔叶作品


AZ103 T643 2018
퇴근길 인문학 수업. 전진 : 일상 의 시간 에서 세상 밖 으로 다시 나아가기 / 백상 경제 연구원 편저

BF145 P35 2018
내가 우울 한 건 다 오스트랄로피테쿠스 때문 이야 : 신경 인류학 으로 살펴 본 불안 하고 서투른 마음 이야기 / 박 한선 지음

HM1106 M86 2018
관계 를 읽는 시간 : 나 의 관계 를 재구성 하는 바운더리 심리학 / 문 요한 지음

PL992.115 P69 S66 2018
소년7 의 고백 : 안 보윤 장편소설

PL994.2 Y66 P866 2018
프롬 토니오 / 정 용준 장편 소설

PL994.415 P67 Y6 2018
여름, 스피드 : 김 봉곤 소설

PL994.62 S65 S37 2018
사랑 하는 개 / 박 솔뫼 소설

PL994.9 K56 S4 2018
세계 를 건너 너 에게 갈게 : 이 꽃님 장편 소설


BQ1887 N48 2018
根津美術館蔵「春日若宮大般若経および厨子」調查報告書 / 編集国際仏教学大学院大学日本古写経研究所

DS822.3 M67163 2018
少年写真家の見た明治日本 : 日本滞在記 / ミヒャエル・モーザー ; 宮田奈奈, ペーター・パンツァー編

DS868 W38 2018
戦国時代の表と裏 / 渡邊大門

HF3830 K36 N35 2018
近世金沢の銀座商人 : 魚問屋, のこぎり商い, 薬種業, そして銀座役 / 中野節子

ND1460 Y65 Y85 2018
妖怪絵草紙 : 湯本豪一コレクション / 湯本豪一著 ; translated by Sharni Wilson

PL691 K46 2018
県別方言感覚表現辞典 / 真田信治, 友定賢治編

PL726.2 K345 2018
平安朝の歲時と文学 / 北山円正著

PN1998.3 Y298 A5 2018
監督山際永三, 大いに語る : 映画「狂熱の果て」から「オウム事件」まで / 山際永三, 内藤誠, 内藤研


F3031.5 R353 2017
Phokalyāṇḍa jarnala : belāyatī Gorkhā sainikako yuddha-anubhava / Gaṇeśa Rāī ; sampādana, Pārasaprakāśa Nepāla

PK2598 B4943 Y35 2017
Yāṅsilā : upanyāsa / Harirāja Bhaṭṭarāī

PK2598 K35 Y6 2018
Yo jindagī khai ke jindagī : kavitāsaṅgraha / Haribhakta Kaṭuvāla

PK2598 N337 D47 2018
Deśa birsera : kathāsaṅgraha / Nareśa Nāti

PK2598 P745 A95 2017
Avijita / Viplava Pratīka

PK2598 S312126 G34 2018
Gr̥hapraveśa : aitihāsika upanyāsa / Ḍāyamanaśamaśera Rāṇā

PN6080 A53 2016
Amara sūktiharū / [saṅkalana], Sumana Kaṭṭela


AZ103 T642 2018
퇴근길 인문학 수업. 전환 : 지금 과는 다른 시선 으로 나 를 돌아보기 / 백상 경제 연구원 편저

BJ1594.5 K6 S59 2018
뼈 있는 아무 말 대잔치 / 신 영준, 고 영성 지음

BL2240 P63 P63 2018
보천교 다시 보다 / 노 종상 [and six others].

DC33.8 C46 2018
시크 : 하다 : 이기적 이어서 행복한 프랑스 소확행 인문학 관찰 에세이 / 조 승연 지음

DS922.445 A128 2017
5.18 10일간 의 야전 병원 : 전남 대학교 병원 5.18 민주화 운동 의료 활동집 / 조 영국 [and many others].

PL991.3 T63 H36 2018
하늘 은 맑건만 / 현 덕 소설 ; 이 지연 그림

PL980.15 F65 P3 2018
파인 다이닝 / 최 은영, 황 시운, 윤 이형, 이 은선, 김 이환, 노 희준, 서 유미

PL994.24 W3 H3 2018
하마터면 열심히 살 뻔했다 : 야매 득도 에세이 / 하 완 지음

PL994.89 S65 K3 2018
감상 소설 : 양 선형 소설집


BQ4570 S7 T36 2018
廃仏毀釈とその前史 : 檀家制度・民間信仰・排仏論 / 圭室諦成

D767.25 H6 I535 2018
アメリカの原爆神話と情報操作 : 「広島」を歪めたNYタイムズ記者とハーヴァード学長 / 井上泰浩

HQ1762 S5285 2018
少子高齢時代の女性と家族 : パネルデータから分かる日本のジェンダーと親子関係の変容 / 津谷典子 [and 3 others] 編著

JV8721 N57 2018
トランスナショナリズム論序說 : 移民・沖縄・国家 / 西原和久著

NB1880 J3 K63 2018
古代日本と朝鮮の石碑文化 / 小倉慈司, 三上喜孝編.

PL735 K365 2018
能鑑賞二百六十一番 : 現行謡曲解題 / 金子直樹

PL872.5 U727 N3 2018
名もなき王国 / 倉数茂

PN2924.5 R34 T228 2018
本日の高座 : 演芸写真家が見つめる現在と未来 / 橘蓮二

WA308 T57163 2018
家族の秘密 / セルジュ・ティスロン著 ; 阿部又一郎訳.


GR307 N4 V33 2017
Nepālako lokakathāsaṅgraha / Karuṇākara Vaidya.

PK1718 R3119 A55 2017
Satyajīta Rāyakā kathā / lekhaka, Satyajīta Rāya ; anuvādaka, Khagendra Saṅgraulā

PK2597.5 R444 2017
Khojīmelī / Śiva Regmī.

PK2598 B43 Z458 2017
Kavi Bhānubhaktako jīvanacaritra : bhaktamālā, praśnottaramālā, vadhūśikshā ra phūṭakara racanāharūsahita / Motīrāma Bhaṭṭa, Sūryavikrama Jñavālī.

PK2598 J595 V57 2017
Vīra caritra : pahilo Nepālī upanyāsa / Girīśavallabha Jośī.

PK2598 M2527 B57 2017
Birsiekā satya : upanyāsa / Numeśa Ghartī Magara.

PK2598 R33558 P35 2018
Pāī : kathāsaṅgraha / Rājava

U55 B283 A3 2017
Sipāhīko jindagī / Cinīyābahādura Basnyāta.


DS754 L53 2018
清代史事軼聞 : 《悔逸齋筆乘》與《名人軼事》合刊 / 李岳瑞、佚名原著;蔡登山主編

DS776.4 W45 2018
民初大總統爭奪戰 / 魏得勝著

NK1069 T3 H8 2018
他者視線下的地方美感 : 大英博物館藏臺灣文物 / 胡家瑜, 歐尼基編著

PL2264 C4469 2017
从鲁迅到张爱玲 : 文学史内外 / 陈子善著

PL2516.5 S34 X53 2017
弦歌 / 郝景芳, 贾煜等著

PL2623 J596 2017
记住乡愁, 就是记住春天 : 2015-2016 “散文海外版”精品集 / 贾平凹, 迟子建等著

PL2780 F4 Z536 2018
巴金的魅力 / 陈思和著

PL2933 E5266 Z4 2018 v.1-2
主角 / 陈彦著.

PL2951.5 Y8 L823 2018
綠色. 第二卷 / 歐陽昱

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