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Ingrid Parent and Dean Giustini will each receive a  SLAIS  50th Anniversary Alumni Service & Leadership Award  to be presented at the SLAIS 50th Anniversary Celebration on April 30, 2011.

Charlotte Beck was a runner up in the ALPS LINK Fall 2010 “Burning Needs” contest for her “Database Search Techniques – Sample of Clicker Questions”


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Teresa Lee has collaborated with faculty members and a post-graduate resident in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences on a study evaluating the quality and usability of common drug databases. Their article was published in the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy.




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The Subject Guide Working Group recently submitted their article, “Letting Students Take the Lead: *A User-centred Approach to Evaluating Subject Guide” to the* journal, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice. The article has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication pending requested revisions.


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Upcoming presentations:

Friesen, Margaret, Diers, Bailey and Zaher-Mazawi, Suher. “Towards Democratizing Library Data: Data Management and Sharing in the Institutional Repository”. Paper accepted for presentation at the ARL Library Assessment Conference, Baltimore, October 2010.


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