Construction and demolition work will begin in the Asian Library on Thursday, May 2.

Access to the upper floor of the Library will remain restricted. Essential items in the library’s collection have been relocated to the lower floor to facilitate use, while all other material has been moved off-site and will be inaccessible for the duration of the construction.

Room bookings for meeting rooms will suspended due to noise transfer to the rooms throughout construction.

The renovation, which is expected to be competed in the late Fall of 2019 will allow for better service delivery, study spaces, and programming spaces for the Asian Library as well as several improvements for the collection.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve spaces and services for faculty, students and the community.

Any questions about the renovation can be directed to Shirin Eshghi, Head, Asian Library.

The Book of Kells facsimile no. 349, on display at UBC Library.


The Ridington Room in the Music, Art and Architecture (MAA) Library at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre has added a new permanent installation that will be of interest to anyone with a penchant for medieval illuminated manuscripts. The Book of Kells facsimile, which was acquired by UBC Library’s Rare Book & Special Collections in 1990, had previously been housed in UBC Library’s Vault, but now resides in a secure, purpose-built display case, accessible to the UBC community.

The original Book of Kells, which is held on permanent display at Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland, is a 9th Century manuscript documenting the four Gospels of the New Testament in Latin. Named after the Abbey of Kells, where it was kept for centuries before moving to Trinity College, the manuscript is divided into four volumes.

The Ridington Room in the Music, Art and Architecture Library at UBC.


UBC Library’s facsimile of the Book of Kells was produced by Swiss publisher Faksimile-Verlag Luzern in 1979 using cutting edge technology of the time to photograph the original pages and produce a limited run of exact copies. UBC Library’s copy, no. 349, is accompanied by a presentation book from Vancouver’s Book of Kells Committee, which formed in 1987 in order to purchase the item through donor support. The original Book of Kells Committee consisted of 14 members who together raised $16,000 from 340 local donors. A plaque attached to the display case celebrates those who offered their support.

The Book of Kells is available to view during the MAA Library’s regular hours of operation. Check the website to find out more.

Since this April is National Poetry Month, we’ve gathered together selected poetry and related items from Open Collections for your enjoyment!

Our recently added Historical Children’s Literature Collection includes several poetry chapbooks. This chapbook, The butterfly’s ball, and the grasshopper’s feast, includes beautiful engraved illustrations:

Roscoe, William. The butterfly’s ball, and the grasshopper’s feast, 1807.


Roscoe, William. The butterfly’s ball, and the grasshopper’s feast, 1807, p. 7.


Our BC Historical Books collection also contains several collections of poetry. Eric Duncan’s Rural rhymes and the sheep thief begins with the following disclaimer:

Duncan, Eric. Rural rhymes and the sheep thief, 1896, p. 7.


Here’s the first page of the first poem from the book, “A mosquito song”:

Duncan, Eric. “A mosquito song”. From Rural rhymes and the sheep thief, 1896, p. 11.


If you’re interested in Japanese poetry, check out our One Hundred Poets collection. This collection contains 74 books and 20 different card sets relating to the poetry anthology Hyakunin Isshu 百人一首 (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each). You can read more about the collection in this previous blog post.

[Kinoya Hisomaro ; illustrated by Utagawa Kunisada, Utagawa Kuniyoshi], [Nishikie chūiri hyakunin isshu], [1849].


You may also be interested in the utagaruta card sets within this collection. You can find them here, and check out our previous blog post to learn more about how this game is played.

[One hundred poets card sheets], [Meiji period [1868-1912]].


This month is a great time to seek out poetry readings. We found this photo of Allen Ginsberg reading at UBC in 1963:

UBC 1.1/11341-2. Holborne, Peter. Allen Ginsberg reading poetry at UBC. August 2nd, 1963. Allen Ginsberg reading poetry at UBC.


Finally, check out this adorable poem about a cat interrupting a game of croquet:

Playing croquet, 1875.


B104 L536 2018
梁启超评历史人物合集. 西方卷, 达尔文传 ; 亚里士多德传 ; 卢梭传 / 梁启超著

D809 J3 W37125 2018
當帝國回到家 : 戰後日本的遣返與重整 / 華樂瑞著 ; 黃煜文譯

DS777.488 F83 H835 2018
傅秉常傳 : 從香港大學到莫斯科中國大使館 / 黃振威著

DS779.49 X53 B3 2018
習近平是如何成為一位超級政治強人的? : 對一場柔性政變的持續觀察 / 白信著

PL2740 H4 C49 2018 v.1-4
金粉世家 / 张恨水著

PL2801 N18 A6 2017 v.1-20
沈从文别集 / 沈从文著

PL2919 T76 H325 2018
海上虹霞 / 王度庐著 ; 王芹点校

PL2954.3 A6494 T37 2018
塔拉, 塔拉 / 乔叶作品


AZ103 T643 2018
퇴근길 인문학 수업. 전진 : 일상 의 시간 에서 세상 밖 으로 다시 나아가기 / 백상 경제 연구원 편저

BF145 P35 2018
내가 우울 한 건 다 오스트랄로피테쿠스 때문 이야 : 신경 인류학 으로 살펴 본 불안 하고 서투른 마음 이야기 / 박 한선 지음

HM1106 M86 2018
관계 를 읽는 시간 : 나 의 관계 를 재구성 하는 바운더리 심리학 / 문 요한 지음

PL992.115 P69 S66 2018
소년7 의 고백 : 안 보윤 장편소설

PL994.2 Y66 P866 2018
프롬 토니오 / 정 용준 장편 소설

PL994.415 P67 Y6 2018
여름, 스피드 : 김 봉곤 소설

PL994.62 S65 S37 2018
사랑 하는 개 / 박 솔뫼 소설

PL994.9 K56 S4 2018
세계 를 건너 너 에게 갈게 : 이 꽃님 장편 소설


BQ1887 N48 2018
根津美術館蔵「春日若宮大般若経および厨子」調查報告書 / 編集国際仏教学大学院大学日本古写経研究所

DS822.3 M67163 2018
少年写真家の見た明治日本 : 日本滞在記 / ミヒャエル・モーザー ; 宮田奈奈, ペーター・パンツァー編

DS868 W38 2018
戦国時代の表と裏 / 渡邊大門

HF3830 K36 N35 2018
近世金沢の銀座商人 : 魚問屋, のこぎり商い, 薬種業, そして銀座役 / 中野節子

ND1460 Y65 Y85 2018
妖怪絵草紙 : 湯本豪一コレクション / 湯本豪一著 ; translated by Sharni Wilson

PL691 K46 2018
県別方言感覚表現辞典 / 真田信治, 友定賢治編

PL726.2 K345 2018
平安朝の歲時と文学 / 北山円正著

PN1998.3 Y298 A5 2018
監督山際永三, 大いに語る : 映画「狂熱の果て」から「オウム事件」まで / 山際永三, 内藤誠, 内藤研


F3031.5 R353 2017
Phokalyāṇḍa jarnala : belāyatī Gorkhā sainikako yuddha-anubhava / Gaṇeśa Rāī ; sampādana, Pārasaprakāśa Nepāla

PK2598 B4943 Y35 2017
Yāṅsilā : upanyāsa / Harirāja Bhaṭṭarāī

PK2598 K35 Y6 2018
Yo jindagī khai ke jindagī : kavitāsaṅgraha / Haribhakta Kaṭuvāla

PK2598 N337 D47 2018
Deśa birsera : kathāsaṅgraha / Nareśa Nāti

PK2598 P745 A95 2017
Avijita / Viplava Pratīka

PK2598 S312126 G34 2018
Gr̥hapraveśa : aitihāsika upanyāsa / Ḍāyamanaśamaśera Rāṇā

PN6080 A53 2016
Amara sūktiharū / [saṅkalana], Sumana Kaṭṭela

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Visit us for research help, to see our  collections, or to find a place to study. At Xwi7xwa Library everyone is welcome!


Where: UBC Library, Vancouver Campus

Details: (Full-time, ongoing General Librarian position with 5 year renewable Head term)

Anticipated Start Date: June 1, 2019



The Xwi7xwa Library is located on the ancestral and unceded territory of the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓-speaking Musqueam people. It is adjacent to the UBC’s First Nations House of Learning, (FNHL) and is the only separate library dedicated to Indigenous collections and services at an academic institution in Canada. An agreement outlines the relationship between the First Nations House of Learning and Library. Xwi7xwa Library’s work is guided by the UBC Library strategic plan, the 2009 UBC Aboriginal Strategic Plan, ongoing University initiatives, and responses to the Calls to Action in the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The Xwi7xwa Library is a world leader in the effective organization and respectful use of Indigenous knowledge and information in academic inquiry. The Library is key to developing UBC’s capacity for advanced work in Indigenous studies and engagement by providing expert staff, unique collections and collaborative space for supporting respectful academic inquiry through teaching, research, and community partnerships.

The Xwi7xwa Library provides leadership and support across the UBC Library to develop improved access to collections and services that support Indigenous perspectives in all fields of study and research and to further the development of the skills to do so in all units of UBC Library. In collaboration with UBC Library Technical Services, Xwi7xwa Library leads in the development of descriptive systems that are based in Indigenous Knowledge Organization, an evolving and emergent area of research and operations. The Library fosters collaborative relationships with Indigenous programs and services at UBC and works closely with the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre, other academic units, and community partners to ensure respectful access to materials and critical understanding of Canadian and Indigenous history.

Through building and maintaining relationships with a vibrant network of current and former faculty, staff and students, the Xwi7xwa Library connects the intellectual life of the campus with diverse communities, and serves as a facilitator to many longstanding collaborative knowledge-based projects and initiatives. Community scholars and educators entrust Xwi7xwa Library with locally developed resources, which form many of the unique materials in the collection. Xwi7xwa Library has an active and well-regarded profile in public programming at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and other venues that helps to increase campus awareness of Indigenous issues and their relevance, depth, and complexity. The Library participates with the Museum of Anthropology, the Barber Centre, the First Nations House of Learning and many other campus units and community partners in information dissemination and service initiatives.

Xwi7xwa Library has a close relationship with the First Nations Curriculum Concentration, (FNCC) in the iSchool. It draws students from FNCC to work as graduate academic assistants while at the same time acting as a draw for applicants to the iSchool. The Library actively supports FNCC students by participating in the experiential learning programs offered at the iSchool – through hosting class visits and guest lecturing, as well as offering co-op placements, professional, and practicum experiences.

The Xwi7xwa Library has an important and ongoing role in strategic initiatives in Indigenous research and knowledge organization, and the role of Head Librarian is critical to that function. The nature and scope of this position are expected to change as Indigenous studies, the Library’s organizational structure, and the Library’s strategic position evolve.


Summary of Responsibility:

The Head, Xwi7xwa Library, is responsible for providing strategic leadership for people, services and operations including the development of collections, services, and user spaces and is charged with positioning the Xwi7xwa Library as a vital resource in advancing Indigenous scholarship at the University and beyond. The scope of this position includes the organization, administration, and operation of the Xwi7xwa Library, for the development of its collection, for the provision of effective reference, instructional, and circulation services, and for outreach to partners on and off campus, and to Indigenous and library communities and organizations in Canada and abroad.




A graduate degree from an accredited school of Library, Archival and Information Science.
An undergraduate degree in a subject area relevant to Indigenous studies or equivalent knowledge gained through professional experience in relevant subject areas.
A nuanced understanding of Indigenous histories, initiatives and subject materials.
Demonstrated understanding of the experiences of Indigenous people and communities and experience working with Indigenous people and communities.
Demonstrated effective administrative, management and leadership skills developed and demonstrated by progressively responsible work experiences.
Managerial and supervisory experience.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Experience in managing a complex budget.
Dedicated to cultivating an inclusive environment that recognizes barriers faced by people and encourages and incorporates contributions from diverse groups and individuals.
Contributes to the Library’s sense of community and achievement of common goals through cooperation across units and encouragement of equitable and balanced involvement in decision making.
Promotes and fosters a supportive and open environment built on appreciation, recognition, learning and professional growth.
Works to build a team environment built on positive working relationships, provides guidance and resources to teams while trusting them to excel.


A graduate degree with an Indigenous focus.
Experience with knowledge-based description systems such as Brian Deer Classification and subject headings used in an Indigenous context.
Relevant professional experience, familiarity with bibliography, faculty-library liaison, electronic services, collection development and library instruction.
Experience in leading, developing and implementing strategic priorities, preferably within a large academic research library.


Working relationships:

The Head, Xwi7xwa Library works under the general direction of and is responsible to the University Librarian, or designate, and the Director of the First Nations House of Learning. The Head supervises a team comprising a public services librarian, an Aboriginal engagement librarian in a position shared with the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, two support staff and several part-time graduate academic assistants. The Head consults with the appropriate AUL/Manager/Director/Head concerning the budget for collections, ordering and processing of Library materials, and collection development and preservation; financial and facilities matters; systems issues; human resources; and development. The Head cooperates with the Heads of other branches and divisions in the provision of services and the development of collections, and ensures that relevant issues are discussed with the Director, the Associate Director, or other administrators within the First Nations House of Learning. The Head consults with other members of the UBC Library, First Nations House of Learning, community members, and an advisory committee. The Head also works with relevant external organizations and community partners.

The nature and scope of this position are expected to change as Indigenous studies, the Library’s organizational structure, and the Library’s strategic position evolve.



Provides vision and leadership for the Xwi7xwa Library operation and services. Develops and implements strategies, goals, and objectives that support the UBC Aboriginal Strategic Plan and UBC Library’s strategic plan, and are responsive to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action. Creates a supportive environment for the librarians and CUPE staff in Xwi7xwa Library. Plans for staff development and training by determining the needs of the unit including individual staff needs. Allocates time for training and development.
Provides a welcoming environment for Indigenous faculty, staff, students and community members.
Assesses the needs of Xwi7xwa Library users by consulting broadly with UBC’s Indigenous community and faculty, researchers, staff and students engaged in First Nations research and scholarship. Maintain knowledge of curriculum changes, program development, and new areas of research. Develop programs and services in response to expressed needs.
Establishes develops and works with a Library Advisory Committee comprised of key stakeholders.
Sets and implements branch priorities. Plans, organizes and manages the people, services and operation of Xwi7xwa Library to enable the successful fulfilment of the Library’s and UBC’s mission and vision regarding Indigenous peoples.
Plans, develops and manages the Xwi7xwa Library operating budgets annually. Develops a programs-based budget for the FNHL funds. Allocates and monitors resources by setting unit priorities, allocating funds/human resources and monitoring expenditures.
Reviews curriculum changes and program development, maintaining liaison with faculty and participating in departmental and faculty meetings as invited.
Develops collections policies, determines the scope of the collection, and selects and orders materials. Oversees Xwi7xwa special collections and archives in conjunction with Rare Books and Special Collections and University Archives.
Works with UBC Library Technical Services in the development of descriptive systems that are based in Indigenous Knowledge Organization.
Develops and maintains a plan for collection curation that maximizes the strategic value of the Xwi7xwa Library building and leverages relationships with other facilities to support collection distribution as required.
Oversees and participates in the provision of reference, circulation, cataloguing and instructional services.
Evaluates existing services, adjusts priorities, allocates human resources and seeks funding as appropriate.
Develops and maintains a good knowledge of Indigenous issues, concerns, and programs to ensure that the Xwi7xwa Library continues to meet the needs of UBC faculty, staff, and students, and Indigenous communities and organizations, and groups and individuals with an interest in Indigenous issues.
Liaises with Indigenous groups to develop Indigenous library and information sciences capacity and provides professional and technical advice as appropriate. Provides leadership to Indigenous librarians, archivists, information managers, and researchers by participation in Indigenous and information management organizations.
Supports fundraising initiatives for the Xwi7xwa Library and participates in the preparation of grant requests and administration of grants. Initiates involvement with the Library Development Office as appropriate opportunities occur.
Participates in professional and university wide initiatives.
Performs other duties as required.



Effective development of collections and services in the Xwi7xwa Library and an awareness of developments affecting Administrative effectiveness and a creative approach to cost effective provision of services and the ability to determine priorities and implement changes within a fiscally prudent environment. Excellent interpersonal skills. Effective strategic planning. The unique positioning of the Xwi7xwa Library, its potential as a dedicated space for Indigenous holdings and research, and the necessity for effective use of its limited physical space require acuity in planning and awareness of developments across the Library, university, and larger political and social landscape.

Effective liaison and collaboration with Indigenous faculty, staff, students, community members, and community partners. The very special nature of the Xwi7xwa Library depends upon these relations and the knowledge, skill, and experience of the Head in developing and maintaining them.



This position will be filled as a full-time, ongoing General Librarian position with a five year renewable administrative term as Head, Xwi7xwa Library. If eligible and qualified, the successful applicant may be appointed with a confirmed appointment. Otherwise, there will be an initial three-year probationary appointment. Normally, such an appointment is reviewed by the end of the second year of the appointment, and a recommendation is made at that time to grant or not to grant a confirmed appointment.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and academic/professional qualifications.

Indigenous persons are encouraged to apply.

Equity and diversity are essential to academic excellence. An open and diverse community fosters the inclusion of voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human Rights Code, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Applications will include: a letter of application that includes a statement of citizenship/immigration status and indicates the candidate’s education, training and work experience in the areas listed above; a detailed and current curriculum vitae.

To view the complete job description and to submit an application, please visit the UBC Careers page at by midnight on April 21st, 2019.







The list of courses with Indigenous content is now available!


According to the 2019 University of British Columbia Course Calendar and departmental course descriptions, there are 25 courses, from 12 different departments, that have a significant amount of Indigenous content being offered for the Summer 2019 session.


Xwi7xwa does not endorse the courses listed. Courses are added based on descriptions only. Anyone wishing to provide feedback on course content should refer to these confidential resources:

  1. Ombuds Person for Students (if you’re not satisfied with the quality of instruction in a course, the Ombuds Office will help you contact the head of the department the course is offered in)
  2. Equity & Inclusion Offices’s Conflict Engagement
  3. Aboriginal Portal’s Student Life resource page


To download the course list click here.

Xwi7xwa Library is open from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, with reference support between 11 and 3.  

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