UBC Library’s Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) has been busy creating new and innovative resources for UBC students to access online. Located in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, the Chapman Learning Commons puts an emphasis on peer-led, student-driven initiatives and shared-decision making. Through their programs and services, they strive to enrich academic support and enhance the experience of all UBC students.

Get the support you need through one of the following new services.

Practice for your online exams

With exam time fast approaching, the CLC has released a new self-enrollment course for UBC students who want to practice taking different types of online exams. The CLC’s Exam Prep Canvas Course is available to all students through self-enrollment through Canvas.

Become familiar with Proctorio, Lockdown Browser, Webwork and more to feel confident with online exam technology, just in time for the start of exams. CLC Online Assistants will also be available to help with pre-exam tech checks and troubleshooting.

Enroll for the course on Canvas.

Get help with your academic support questions

The CLC Online Assistants are trained peers ready to help answer student questions about academic support, learning technologies and online exams (including Canvas, Collaborate Ultra, Zoom, and more). They are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm through email and video chat.

Reach out with your questions.

Register for Learning Skills Workshops

In June, the CLC launched a new online workshop series for students that offers skills training for the online learning environment. The series covers topics like finding work-life balance while remote learning, giving group presentations online, time management best practices, and developing online communication skills.

New dates are being added throughout the summer, so check back often.

Sign up for a workshop.

This project is part of UBC Library’s strategic direction to inspire with innovative spaces and services.

Learn more about our Strategic Framework.

Rendering of the Chapman Learning Commons renovations.


The Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) on Level 3 of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre will be closed for renovations starting Wednesday, December 19, 2018. The Lillooet and Dodson Rooms will not be available to book during this time.

There will be no changes in access to the Music, Art, and Architecture Library and the CLC Help Desk.

The space is expected to reopen in late February / early March, following the midterm break (February 18-22).

Please refer to the Library Hours & Locations to make alternative plans.

Photo credit: Guilhem Vellut @ Flickr


In 2002*, UBC`s Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) first opened its doors and, then in 2008, it reopened anew in the finished Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.


Back in the day, students mainly studied at study tables with notebooks and pens or pencils. Nowadays, students are studying with the “latest computer technology, a wireless network, peer programs and community events”.



“We chose to fund the Learning Commons because

we’ve always believed that people learn best when they are engaged in discussion,

sharing ideas and insights with one another.”

Kay and Lloyd Chapman, Benefactors



Thanks to the benefactors of the CLC, Mrs. Kay Scott Chapman (1917-2012) and Dr. Lloyd Chapman (1918-2004) and Suzanne Cates Dodson (1933 – 2014) and her husband Earl D. Dodson (1928 – 2009) and thanks to the benefactor of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Dr. I. K. (Irving) Barber (1923 – 2012), they enabled the UBC community of students, faculty/staff and countless others to enjoy a wide variety of UBC events.


Great examples include local and international conferences, lectures and workshops, one-of-a-kind exhibits, special visits from national and international dignitaries to various royal visits over the years.


Explore more History of the Chapman Learning Commons


Read this article about “how UBC’s work is grounded in student development theory and cuts across traditional unit-based structures to be truly collaborative”


Delve into the Digital Tattoo Project and its “focus on supporting learners to make informed choices and extend their digital capabilities around online practices, safety and identity”


Peer into how student involvement makes for student success at UBC and beyond


Watch a recent video send-off by the CLC student team reflecting on their recent Learning Commons’ experiences!


Correction on May 20, 2017:

In 2002* (not 2012), UBC`s Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) first opened its doors and, then in 2008, it reopened anew in the finished Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

The Daily Hive highlights a number of Library spaces as ideal study spots at the University.

The Library’s Tech Training program helps international students get IT-savvy.


This story appears in UBC Library’s 2013/14 Community Report. Read more to find out how we’re supporting economic, environmental and social sustainability at UBC.


You’ve spent most of your life in a refugee camp halfway around the world. You’ve also just been accepted to start at UBC next September.

Now what?

The international student experience often begins with digital instructions on an array of topics: tuition, registration, email accounts, course accessibility and more. Students are also typically assumed to have basic tech competencies for the 21st-century classroom – but that isn’t always the case.

“With students from 151 countries, it’s important to be mindful of context in that students coming from different places may be coming from varying degrees of experience and access to technologies,” says Michelle Suderman, Associate Director, UBC International Student Development.

Enter UBC Library as an intercultural bridge. For the last two years, the Library’s Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) has provided a customized Tech Training program to UBC students from the World University Service of Canada Student Refugee Program (WUSC-SRP). The program is delivered by a CLC student assistant and Julie Mitchell, the CLC Managing Librarian.

International students are offered an overview of technology basics – including email platforms, understanding the differences Macs and PCs, course management programs (such as Connect), scanning and printing, and software programs available at UBC Library. The program accelerates technology fluency and inspires confidence, thanks to new-found skills that can be applied immediately in course assignments and research.

“Growing up in a refugee camp in Kenya limited my ability to access technology,” acknowledges Rhoda Philip, an undergraduate science student who took the program last year upon arriving in Vancouver. “Everything is about technology here.” After a couple of weeks of training, Philip felt more at ease, thanks to the program and the peer-to-peer learning experience that it fosters.

Cameron Frayne, a CLC student assistant who co-developed the Tech Training program, said several students are requesting more advanced program services – which could include instructions for tech tools and programs such as Adobe Illustrator, HTML and data visualization.

The program also fosters a spirit of community – some students participate in Tech Training development, while others promote the program to the next crop of WUSC-SRP students. The program will begin its third year in fall 2014.


clc exhibit poster - online imageThe Chapman Learning Commons and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre presents a Show-Case created by the CLC Assistants.

The CLCAs share original artwork capturing the nuances of Chapman Learning Commons lending equipment, campus study spaces, mascot, and projects. Including a collaboration with the Coaches Corner, the display showcases peer academic coaching where you can get inside scoop on best study and student practices. Highlighting just some of the services available to the UBC community, each display case features how the Chapman Learning Commons can help you with your academic success.

Come to the IKBLC Level 3 Information Desk to learn more about the display and meet the artists, the Chapman Learning Commons Assistants!


Exams are upon us – and that can mean stress.

Stress Less for Exam Success is here to help students prepare and feel good about themselves as they head into the exam season. From April 2 – April 5, this UBC program offers events and activities that take place at various campus locations, including the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Highlights include one-on-one coaching, pet visits, jenga, a UBC REC hula hoop station and more. Students can also access a range of resources on their own time.

Stress Less for Exam Success is a collaboration between the Wellness Centre, Jump Start and the Chapman Learning Commons. For more information, please visit the Learning Commons website and check out “Stress Less, Finish Strong” on the UBC fyi blog.

Find out about exciting developments at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre in the Summer 2012 issue of Connects. Highlights include updates on community engagement, student learning support, digitization initiatives and more. We also feature a tribute to Dr. Irving K. Barber, whose generous support was vital to the development and construction of the Learning Centre.

View the PDF or browse the issue below.

The Summer 2011 issue of Connects newsletter provides a look at highlights from the past year. Find out about the latest developments regarding the B.C. History Digitization Program, the Small Business Accelerator, the Chapman Learning Commons and more.

View other UBC Library publications online.

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