In this presentation, Dr. William Wong discusses how principles from Cognitive Systems Engineering, CSE, might be used to design Visual Analytics systems to support intelligence analysts. In designing systems to control processes such as nuclear power generation, CSE has been used to determine and model a priori the functional relationships that relate the performance of the processes with system outcomes. Visual forms are then created to represent these invariant relationships in ecological interface designs. Can cognitive systems engineering be applied to the domain of intelligence analysis? And if yes, how might this be? And how should CSE principles be applied to the design of visual representations in intelligence analysis to take advantage of the benefits we have seen when CSE is applied to causal systems?


William Wong is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Head of the Interaction Design Centre at Middlesex University’s School of Science and Technology in London, UK.  His research interests are in Cognitive engineering, naturalistic decision making, and representation design, in complex dynamic environments; Cognitive task analysis methods; HCI and multimedia in learning, in virtual environments, and museums; Usability engineering and interaction design.

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Memisevic, R., Sanderson, P., Choudhoury, S., & Wong, W. (2005). Work domain analysis and ecological interface design for hydropower system monitoring and control. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. Hawaii, USA, 10-12 October 2005.  Link:

Blandford, A., & William Wong, B. L. (2004). Situation awareness in emergency medical dispatch. International Journal of human-computer studies61(4), 421-452.  Link:

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