Rare Books and Special Collections at UBC Library is excited to announce a new public exhibition in the Chung Collection exhibition room, “Fashioning the Landscape: Women’s Interwar Sportswear at the Canadian Pacific Railway Resorts.” The exhibition has been guest curated by Klahanie Research.

Interwar CPR brochures courted elite female consumers by advertising resorts as more gender neutral spaces than day-to-day life. Images of progressive women’s sportswear, which borrowed from men’s fashion, were used to rationalize and naturalize the rugged activities of the recreational holiday landscape. Distant, isolated, outdoor locations helped to relax social codes that would have been more vigorously enforced in more formal, populated urban centres. With the removal of city clothes, women symbolically shed workplace and household inequalities and seized pleasure with an outfit for every activity. From arrival to an evening of
glamour, this exhibit explores the sportswear of: golf, hiking, skiing, canoeing, swimming, and riding, worn across CPR resorts.

“Fashioning the Landscape: Women’s Interwar Sportswear at the Canadian Pacific Railway Resorts,” which is free and open to the public, will be on display in the exhibition room of the Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection, in the Rare Books and Special Collections reading room. The RBSC reading room is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please contact Rare Books and Special Collections at (604) 822-2521 or rare.books@ubc.ca.


DS916.35 H37 2018
한국 의 정치 와 정치 이념 / 이 동수 외 지음

ML3502 K6 K5765164 2018
케이팝 의 작은 역사 : 신감각 의 미디어 / 김 성민

PL980.6 C483 v.10
2019 제 10회 젊은 작가상 수상 작품집

PL981.7 Y55 v.43
그들 의 첫 번째 와 두 번째 고양이 외 5편 : 2019년 제43회 이상 문학상 작품집 : 대상 수상작 윤 이형 의 / 윤 이형, 김 희선, 장 강명, 장 은진, 정 용준, 최 은영


DS750.72 X8966 2019
明清江南文士治生研究 / 徐永斌著

DS777.5195 W34 A5 2019
汪精衛政治論述新編 : 文章 · 演講 · 書信 · 電報 / 作者汪精衛

DS799.65 L56 2019
大航海時代 / 作者林偉盛

E183.8 C6 C475 2018
中美文化交流与比较研究 / 陈志章著

GN722 T28 L58 2019
史前人群與文化 / 作者劉益昌

NB1049 G36 2018
高云龙口述历史 / 高云龙口述 ; 陈正卿撰稿

PL2822 C3 W36 2019
汪精衛南社詩話 : 汪精衛以「曼昭」署名之文學評論 / 作者汪精衛

PL2851 S5 Z57 2019
紫罗兰的魅影 : 周瘦鹃与上海文学文化(1911-1949) / 陈建华著

PL2929.5 N49 S49 2019
伸出蘭花指 : 對一個男旦的陳述 / 章詒和

PN5367 I44 C44 2018
左圖右史与西學东漸 : 晚清画报研究 / 陈平原著


BQ8743.2 B848 2018
仏教英書伝道のあけぼの / 編著中西直樹, 那須英勝, 嵩満也

DS891 N365 2018
噓に支配される日本 / 中野晃一 , 福島みずほ.

DS897 T675 M55 2018
三河吉田城 : 今川・松平が奪いあった「水城」 / 岩原剛編

GT2915 S555 2018
茶の湯の羽箒 : 知られざる鳥の文化誌 / 下坂玉起

HV8699 J3 K65 2018
袴田事件これでも死刑なのか / 小石勝朗

JC573/2 J3 N348 2018
保守と大東亜戦争 / 中島岳志

NK4168 K87 N35 2018
京焼 : 伝統と革新 / 中ノ堂一信

PL675 O823 Y38 2018
大槻文彦「言海」 : 辞書と日本の近代 / 安田敏朗

PL719.79 B86 2019
文化装置としての日本漢文学 / 滝川幸司, 中本大, 福島理子, 合山林太郎編

TT872.5 E396 2019
英訳付き折り紙帖 / 小林一夫監修

The end of term is here! As you are finishing up term papers, getting ready for presentations, and studying for final exams, the librarians have rounded up some things to push your assignments to the finish line. If you need help finding a copy of one of these resources, or need help finding other resources, come visit us from 11-3 Monday through Friday for reference help. Whether you’re searching for political science, natural resources, education, or something else, we love searching for you! Check out the linked resources below.

So You Want to Write About American Indians?: a Guide for Writers, Students, and Scholars by Devon Abbott Mihesuah gives an overview of both fiction and nonfiction books written about Indigenous people, and looks at challenges–many from the author’s own experience–that writers should be aware of when writing about this topic. Especially great for creative writing and English classes.

How to Critique Journal Articles in the Social Sciences by Scott R. Harris provides concise step by step tips and suggestions to reading articles written in the social science discipline, and how to spot strengths and weaknesses in research articles. A helpful read for learning to skim research articles and for suggestions on how to write up your own.

Writing Research Papers: a Complete Guide by James D. Lester & James D. Lester, Jr. is a traditional and practical book that will take you from selecting and narrowing down a research topic to formulating data to formatting your final paper. It covers a wide array of discipline and research writing styles.

Learning and Teaching Together: Weaving Indigenous Ways of Knowing Into Education by Michele T.D. Tanaka introduces teachers to an indigenist approach to education. Rather than focusing of theory and discussion, this book looks at how a group of settler teachers were able to respectfully implement Indigenous knowledge into their classrooms.

Therapeutic Nations: Healing in an Age of Indigenous Human Rights by Dian Million is an easy to read and understand book analyzing the way that trauma plays into the history of Indigenous peoples in North America.

Exploring Indigenous Social Justice edited by John G. Hansen, Ph. D is sixteen chapters by nineteen different expert authors on the what, where, and how in Indigenous social justice principles and practices. This book looks at social justice issues through methodology, education, resiliency, and from an international lens.

A Deeper Sense of Place: Stories and Journeys of Indigenous-Academic Collaboration by Jay T. Johnson and Soren C. Larsen looks at the ethical, political, intellectual, and practical meanings of collaboration with Indigenous peoples through a geographical lens of place. Also available online.

Research for Social Justice: A Community-Based Approach by Adje van de Sande & Karen Schwartz is written for students who are interested in exploring community based approaches in their research and their papers, with chapters on beginning research to how to write and present your report.

Doing Respectful Research: Power, Privilege and Passion by Susan A. Tilley focuses on the role power, privilege and passion play into the decisions of what gets researched, who is positioned as a  researcher or a participant and how data are collected, analyzed represented and publicized.

Giving Back: Research and Reciprocity in Indigenous Settings edited by RDK Herman addresses the need for reciprocity in the research process.


DS709 F3386 2018 v.1-2
法国画报记录的晚清(1846-1885) / 张霞, 李小玉译

DS776 H8983 2018
生活的逻辑 : 城市日常世界中的民国知识人(1927-1937) / 胡悦晗著

HE6185 C55 Z436 2018
德纳罗密档 : 1877年中国海关筹印邮票之秘辛 / 赵岳译著

LA1131 Z48 2019
清季民初的学制、学堂与经学 / 朱贞著

ND1049 W7845 A4 2019
风筝不断线 : 走进吴冠中的绘画世界 / 湖南省博物馆编

PL2781.N2 Z814 2019
林语堂传 : 中国文化重生之道 / 钱锁桥著

PL2886.O1684 Z9878 2018
个体生命视角下的莫言小说研究 / 张雪飞著

Z3109 M4545 2019
美國加州大學爾灣分校圖書館中文古籍目錄 / 張穎, (美)倪莉編


BL2017.85 N36 S23 2018
Vārkār Gurū Nānak / by Hardev Singh Sachar

PK2099.32 U76 D37 2018
Dastaka detī yādeṃ / Viśvambhara Purohita

PK2200 A2214 J34 2018
Jahan tera hai ya mera : novel / by Abdus Samad

PK2651 G55 2018
Moye mittran da moh : rekha-chitar / by Ninder Ghugianvi

PK2659 D467 S25 2019
Saltanat : novel : by Darshan S. Dhir

TX945.5 M33 T43 2018
McDonald’s सक्सेस story : विश्वप्रसिद्ध बर्गर कंपनी की शिखरगाथा / प्रदीप ठाकुर / by Pradeep Thakur


BQ8749 S557 N298 2018
親鸞の往生思想 / 内藤知康

DS822.3 T79 2018
幕末の江戶風俗 / 塚原渋柿園 著 ; 菊池真一 編

DS865.5 N358 2018
南北朝「内乱」 / 悪党研究会編

DS871.7 M375 2018
踏み絵とガリバー : 鎖国日本をめぐるオランダとイギリス / 松尾龍之介

HT612 C3816 2018
移民の子どもと世代間社会移動 : 連鎖する社会的不利の克服に向けて / OECD 編著 ; 木下江美, 布川あゆみ, 斎藤里美訳

NA8306 J22 N35 2018
茶室を感じる / 中村義明, 前田圭介

PL726.85 O43 2018
反ヘイト・反新自由主義の批評精神 : いま読まれるべき〈文学〉とは何か / 岡和田晃

PL763.7 T36 2018
十七字の戦争 : 川柳誌から見た太平洋戦争と庶民の暮らし / 田村義彦著


AC148 K5674 2018
치치암 일록 / 이 규대 譯

GT1755 K6 Y576 2018
조선 1637-1897 왕 의 옷 을 짓다 / 이 봉이 지음

MT6 C476 H36 2018
한국 음악 장단 의 역사 / 전 인평

PL972.7 S56 2018
방아쇠 수지 증후군 / 강 성남 외 지음

PL976.7 H86 2019
지정석 외 : 제 64회 現代 文學賞 수상 시집 / 안 미옥 [and nine others].

PL981.7 H866 v.64
모르그 디오라마 외 : 2019 제64회 現代文學賞 수상소설집 / 박민정 [and 10 others]

PL991.58 C4 2018 v.1-4
오 장환 전집 / 박 수연·노 자영·손 택수 편

PL994.9 S646 K34 2018
캣 콜링 : 이 소호 시집

On November 11th, 1918 at 11 in the morning, the end of the First World War was marked. This is why in Canada and in other countries, there is a moment of silence–to thank the men & women who fought. Remembrance Day in Canada spotlights Canada’s role during the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1939-1945) and the Korean War (1950-1953), but it honours all who have served and continue to do so. Remembrance Day is an opportunity to honour the soldiers who returned back home and to commemorate those who were not able.

We have rounded up some books and resources from our collection telling the stories and sharing the voices of Indigenous veterans from Canada and the US. We encourage you to proudly wear a poppy and to take part in memorial services over the holiday weekend. Here are some events that are taking place on Remembrance Day around the Lower Mainland.

From the Tundra to the Trenches by Eddy Weetaltuk is his own story of joining the Canadian Armed Forces to fight in the Korean War. Inuit people at this time were not allowed to leave the North, so he changed his name & identity to begin his 15 year career with the Canadian Forces.


Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko follows Tayo, a young Native American man who was a prisoner of war during World War II. When he returns home, he struggles with feelings of isolation and estrangement. When other soldiers turned to violence and alcohol, Tayo turns to culture and tradition to help fight off despair.

The Militarization of Indian Country by Winona LaDuke with Sean Aaron Cruz looks at the long political and economic relationship between Native America and the military, and the impact the military has had on Native peoples, lands, and culture.

Year in Nam: a Native American Soldier’s Story by Leroy TeCube goes into intimate detail of the day to day life of him and his platoon in Vietnam, and how his memories of his home in New Mexico and his culture were a source of strength.

For King and Kanata: Canadian Indians and the First World War by Timothy C. Winegard gives a detailed look into the relationship between the Indigenous people who served in Canadian Forces during World War I and the government they were fighting for. Covering the history of how they were first excluded and then actively recruited for the war effort, Winegard delves into coverage of both the policies and the experiences that would affect every aspect of the war experience for Canada’s Aboriginal soldiers.

Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers. Volume One edited by Arigon Starr: A graphic novel featuring seven separate stories of the many different Indigenous groups and nations that made contributions to the World War II war effort in the Pacific campaigns.

From the West Coast to the Western Front : British Columbians and the Great War by Mark Forsythe and Greg Dickson is a compilation of stories, artifacts and photos sent in by BC Almanac listeners from across the province, this book tells of submarine smuggling, bagpipes lost on the battlefield, of the ongoing struggles by soldiers who made it home, and of both battles of loss and heroism.

Two Trails Narrow: a novel by Stephen McGregor

Through our Soldiers’ Eyes : Military Memories from the Mission Valley edited by Christa Umphrey is the work of grade 11 students in rural Northwest Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation. They interviewed and recorded over 30 veterans’ oral histories of their time in the American Armed Forces.


BL2017.45 W58 2018
Sri Guru Granth Sahib vich simran duara naroe samaj da sankalp : sidhant ate vihar / by Dr. Narinder Singh Virk

PK2098.25 A65 G55 2018
Short stroies. Selections. Gilli chatri / Jayantī Raṅganāthana

PK2099.32 R57 R34 2018
Raahbaaz / by Pritpal Kaur

PK2200 R2145 B36 2018
بنارس والى گلى‏ : ‏ناول ‏ / ‏فيّاض رفعت = Banaras wali galli : novel / by Faiyaz Riffat

PK2659 K25553 S53 2018
Shehar vich saahn hon da matlab : novel / by Des Raj Kali

PK2659 S2328 L63 2018
Loh nagar de parinde : short stories / by Avtar Singh Sadiq.

PK2659 S36282 W35 2018
Waqt beeteya nahi : novel / by Yadwinder Singh Sandhu

PN481 G65 2018
Muhabatnama / by Jung Bahadur Goyal


BQ8749 S557 Y84 2018
唯信鈔文意 : 親鸞思想を読み解く / 親鸞仏教センター 訳・解說

DS881.3 S745 2019
明治維新と近代日本の新しい見方 / M.ウィリアム・スティール著 ; 大野ロベルト訳

HN723.5 N435 2018
日常のなかの「フツー」を問いなおす : 現代社会の差別・抑圧 / 植上一希, 伊藤亜希子編

ND1059 M824 A4 2018
画集, 富士への道 / 村上裕二

P94.65 C6 H34 2019
中華オタク用語辞典 / はちこ著

PL675 K66 2018
「日本国語大辞典」をよむ / 今野真二著

PL830 B8 Z77 2018
水の匂いがするようだ : 井伏鱒二のほうへ / 野崎歓

PN2924.5 N6 N5755 2018
能舞台, 歴史を巡る / 写真森田拾史郎 ; 文児玉信, 池田哲夫


BL2240 C54 C44 2018
조 재훈 문학 선집. 3, 동학 가요 연구

DS902.2 Y5 2018
완역 정본 택리지 / 이 중환 지음 ; 안 대회, 이 승용 외 옮김

DS932.23 K37 2018
평양 밖 북조선 : 999장 의 사진 에 담은 북쪽 의 북한 / 글, 사진 강 동완.

GT1755 K6 Y577 2019
조선 1637-1897 왕비 의 옷 을 짓다 / 이 봉이 지음

ND1063.4 Y865 2018
조선 시대 회화 : 오늘 만나는 우리 옛 그림 / 윤 철규 지음

PL980.2 N385 2018
나 의 인도 / 박 완서 [and ten others]

PL980.6 S565 2019
2019 신춘 문예 당선 소설집 / [저자 함 지원 외]

PL991.9 S3 Z7855 2018
이 상 시 의 비극적 에로티시즘 / 박 소영 지음


BV3427 B6 A3 2018
一个西方传教士的长征亲历记 / (瑞士)薄复礼著 ; 严强, 席伟译 ; 田洁校

DS796 M24 H43 2019
澳門地理 / 何大章, 繆鴻基合著

ND1043.4 P465 2018
虛拟的殿堂 : 南宋画院之省舍职制与后世想象 / (美)彭慧萍著

ND1049 H8 X53 2018
画纸上的道境 : 黄公望和他的富春山居图 / 谢波著

PL2951.5 Y8 L824 2019
綠色. 第三卷 / 歐陽昱

PN56. P74 H836 2018
晚清民国时期中国文学的欢场书写研究 / 黄静著

Many thanks to guest blogger Alvionne Gardner-Harrison for contributing the below post! Alvionne is a graduate student at UBC’s iSchool (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies) and is currently working with UBC Library’s W.C. Gibson History of Science and Medicine Collection as a professional experience project.

An Ocean of Knowledge, a Sea of Books: The Ocean and its Inhabitants in the W.C. Gibson History of Science and Medicine Collection

For Science Literacy Week 2019, one of the exhibits shared by Rare Books and Special Collections focused on materials from the W.C. Gibson History of Science and Medicine collection. With exhibit items ranging from sea otters on book-bindings to hand-painted seaweed fronds, and from the earliest studies in microscopy to guides for hobbyist naturalists, “An Ocean of Knowledge, a Sea of Books” gives some historical background to the ocean science highlighted in this year’s Science Literacy Week theme.

The exhibit of European scientific literature and illustration from the 17th-19th century explores representations of oceanic life and the techniques and technologies that were used to gather, organize, and distribute information about oceanic organisms. For much of the history of science that the W.C. Gibson collection documents, manuscripts and printed books were the main format in which new scientific observations and ideas were disseminated. The physical qualities of organisms such as fish, molluscs, and sea mammals that were encountered on colonial scientific expeditions, could best be preserved through detailed illustrations that were then reproduced in copperplate and sometimes coloured by hand. These striking images, organized according to new taxonomic systems like that of Linnaeus, were distributed in books such as those in this exhibit. The books included in the exhibit’s cases, some of which are featured below, highlight both ocean science and scientific literacy prior to the 20th century.

Microscopy, Taxonomy, and Colonial Voyages

Significant advances in technology, both intellectual and material, were required for European scientists to systematically study oceanic organisms, as was the expansion of colonial voyages. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and Robert Hooke contributed to the nascent biological sciences through their development of microscopes and their demonstration of how they could be used to study microscopic organisms and the structures within larger organisms.

  • Hooke, Robert. Micrographia (1665). [QH271 .H79 1665]
  • Leeuwenhoek, Antoni van. Vervolg der brieven (1704). [QH41 .L4393]
  • Mantell, Gideon Algernon. Thoughts on animalcules: or, A glimpse of the invisible world revealed by the microscope (1846). [QL365 .M35 1846]

Snow, In forbidden seas. [F5817.S3 S6].

Taxonomic systems enabled naturalists to organise newly discovered (and previously known) life forms into meaningful categories and to better understand them. Encountering unfamiliar varieties of oceanic animals and plants required journeying abroad. This usually took place in the context of voyages on merchant ships; “discovery” was funded and enabled by the processes of capitalism and colonialism.

  • Pennant, Thomas. Arctic Zoology, II (1784). [QL105 .P4]
  • Linné, Carl von. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines (1767). [QH43 .S9 1767]

The Material Science Book

The physical descriptions of organisms that were encountered on both local and colonial scientific expeditions could be communicated most effectively through detailed illustrations. These images were then reproduced as prints which were made from copperplate engravings, and which could be easily shared throughout the scientific community. In the 19th century, these illustrations were also widely printed in less expensive—but often beautifully bound—books for the general public, who enthusiastically engaged in early popular science.

  • Gosse, Philip Henry. A history of the British sea-anemones and corals: with coloured figures of the species and principal varieties (1860). [QL377.C7 G67 1860]
  • Adams, Henry Gardiner. Beautiful shells: their nature, structure, and uses familiarly explained, with directions for collection, cleaning, and arranging them in the cabinet and descriptions of the most remarkable species (1871). [QL405 .A33 1871]
  • Recent polar voyages: a record of discovery and adventure from the search after Franklin to the British polar expedition, 1875-76 (1877). [G625 .R35]

Hamilton, The natural history of the amphibious carnivora. [QL737.P6 H2 1839]

Mechanized reproduction of images reduced costs, but some book buyers still chose to have illustrations hand-painted with striking colour on top of the printed images, such as the unusually large seaweed pictured in The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H. M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror.

  • Hooker, Joseph Dalton. The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H. M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror, in the years 1839-1843, under the command of Captain Sir James Clark Ross (1844). [QK5 .E6 1844]

Inconceivable Ichthyology

This case featured examples of illustrations depicting fishes identified and illustrated during global voyages of exploration and organized according to the binomial nomenclature of Linnaeus.

  • Richardson, John. Ichthyology of the voyage of H.M.S. Erebus & Terror, under the command of Captain Sir James Clark Ross (1844). [QL636 .R52]
  • Schomburgk, Robert Hermann. Natural history of the fishes of Guiana (1843). [QL632.A3 B8 1843]
  • Bennett, James William. A selection of rare and curious fishes found upon the coast of Ceylon: from drawings made in that island, and coloured from life, with letter-press descriptions (1851). [QL634.C3 B4 1851]
  • Fries, Bengt Fredrik. A History of Scandinavian Fishes, Vol. II (1893). [QL633.S22 F74 1893 v.2]

From “Sea Monsters” to Seals

In addition to an extensive selection of books on fishes, the Gibson collection includes scientific materials on aquatic plants, molluscs, seabirds, and sea mammals, among other groups of organisms recognized during the 19th century.

  • Sowerby, George Brettingham. Genera of recent and fossil shells (1820). [QL 404 S 68]

Dewhurst, The natural history of the order cetacea. [QL737.C4 D5 1834].

Of particular note are books containing illustrations of cetaceans, a group which includes whales, and of various types of seals. These sea mammals were not only of interest from a scientific perspective; increasing awareness of their physical properties and habits improved the effectiveness and efficiency of organized hunting. The object of this was to convert these animals’ bodies into fuel and luxury goods, an effort that was often too successful to be sustainable in the long term. Some sea mammal populations remain subject to conservation efforts today as a result of this hunting.

  • Dewhurst, Henry William. The natural history of the order cetacea, and the oceanic inhabitants of the Arctic regions (1834). [QL737.C4 D5 1834]
  • Hamilton, Robert. The natural history of the amphibious carnivora, including the walrus and seals, also of the herbivorous cetacea. [QL737.P6 H2 1839]
  • Snow, Henry James. In forbidden seas: Recollections of sea-otter hunting in the Kurils (1910). [F5817.S3 S6]
Experience history at the tip of your pencil crayons with our new 'Maps and Landscapes' themed digital colouring book series.

Looking for some creepy tales and mysteries of things that go bump in the night to celebrate this Halloween time of year? We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here from our collection to help make your Halloween spooktacular!

What We Do in the Shadows written and directed by Jemaine Cement & Taika Waititi is a dark comedy that follows Vulvus, Viago, and Deacon. They are vampires: undead, immortal creatures who stalk the night and search for human blood, preferably virgins.

Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac watches Molly who has to rely on her dreams of an old Mohawk story after her After her parents disappear and she is given to a strange “great-uncle.”

Bearwalker by Joseph Bruchac tells the story of Baron Braun when he calls upon the strength and wisdom of his ancestors to face both man and beast to help his classmates who are being terrorized during a school field trip in the Adirondacks.

The Ones that Got Away by Stephen Graham Jones is a collection of thirteen stories that carve down into the body of the mind, into our most base fears and certainties. Spooky alert! 

Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a collection of short stories contains a wide range of zombie fiction, from whales who return from the depths to haunt the coast of Labrador to a corpse that is turned into a flesh puppet that then takes part in a depraved sex show.

Brébeuf’s Ghost: a Tale of Horror in Three Acts by Daniel David Moses is set off of Lake Nipissing in 1649, where Christian missionaries are at war with First Nations communities. To make matters worse, Jesuit martyr Jean de Brébeuf has come back from the dead as a ghost to torment both parties.

The Red Power Murders: a DreadfulWater Mystery by Thomas King writing as Hartley GoodWeather features former cop turned photographer Thumps DreadfulWater visiting his hometown of Chinook, but murders and the past still follow him wherever he goes.

Innocent until Proven Indian: a Jesse Crowchild Mystery by Frank LaRue follows recovering alcoholic lawyer Jesse Crowchild and sidekick investigator ex-cop Mike Morningstar as they try to clear the name of Jimmy Greyeyes who is accused of murder.

Death by Dinosaur: a Sam Stellar Mystery by Jacqueline Guest has 14-year old Sam Stellar investigating who stole a dinosaur fossil, and she has a few suspects, including the young hunk of a paleontologist her sidekick and cousin is totally crushing on.

indian country noir edited by Sarah Cortez & Liz Martínez is a collection of regional short story collections that celebrates Native American crime fiction, featuring original work from Lawrence Block, Joseph Bruchac, and David Cole.


B5244.T8744 K87 2018
鶴見俊輔伝 / 黒川創

DS821 K59 2019
日本を解き放つ / 小林康夫, 中島隆博

GR55.Y3 K37 2019
世界史の実験 / 柄谷行人著

PL788.3 Z5 O56 2019
紀貫之 : 文学と文化の底流を求めて / 大野ロベルト著


DS913.15 O24 2018
실록 이란 무엇 인가 : 조선 문명 의 일기 / 오 항녕 지음

DS935.7777 K5346 2018
김 정은 시대 조선 로동당 : 제 7차 당 대회 와 북한 정치, 경제 / 김 일한 엮음

HQ1765.5 K353 2018
오빠 가 허락 한 페미니즘 : 한국 여성 의 인권 투쟁사 / 강 준만 지음

ND1069 C518 C475 2018
겸재 의 한양 진경 / 최 완수 지음

PL960.23 K56 2018
한국 근현대 장시사 의 변전 과 위상 / 김 성조 지음

PL965.7 M63 P35 2018
1930년대 한국 모더니즘 과 이 상, 최 재서 / 박 상준 지음

PN1993.5 K6 H275 2019
한국 근대 영화사 : 1892년 에서 1945년 까지 / 이 효인, 정 종화, 한 상언

U264.5 K7 Y5398 2018
북핵 30년 의 허상 과 진실 : 한반도 핵 게임 의 종말 / 이 용준 지음


DS740.5 K6 S44 2018
最后的 “天朝” : 毛泽东、金日成与中朝关系 / 沈志华著

LG52 H85 H83 2019
番書與黃龍 : 香港皇仁書院華人精英與近代中國 / 黃振威著

NA1546 S94 L86 2018
东方的西方 : 华西大学老建筑 / 罗照田著

PL2437 K83 2019
晚清中國小說觀念譯轉 : 翻譯語「小說」的生成及實踐 / 關詩珮著

PL2676 A683 W43125 2019
观看王维的十九种方式 / (美)艾略特・温伯格著 ; 光哲译

PL2951.5 Y8 H83 2019
呼的吸 : 1970年代1980年代诗歌总集 / 欧阳昱著

PN171 T5 C446 2019
中国书名词语题解汇释 / 陈林蔚编著

Z286 A55 W452 2018
書坊尋蹤 : 私家古旧书店之旅 / 韦力著


BL2017.85 T45 N34 2018
Gurū Teg̲h̲a Bahādara : shahādatanāmā / Jagajīta Siṅgha Nāgapāla

DS485 L2 B39 2018
ਲੱਦਾਖ ਅਤੇ ਗੁਫ਼ਾਵਾਂ ਦਾ ਦੇਸ਼ : ਸਫ਼ਰਨਾਮਾ / ਮਨਮੋਹਨ ਬਾਵਾ

JQ247 R34 2018
ਪਾਸ਼ੋ ਦਾ ਮੁੰਡਾ : ਵਾਰਤਕ / ਰਾਮ ਸਿੰਘ

PK2098.22 I83 L43 2018
लेडीज़ सर्कल / गीताश्री

PK2099.14 A74 K53 2018
कीचड़ में कमल : लघुकथा-संग्रह / राधेश्याम भारतीय

PK2659 B2439 W57 2018
Wīrāṃ : kahāṇīāṃ / Haraneka Siṅgha Baddhaṇī

PK2659 N343 P36 2018 v.1-4
Pañjāba dā Sikkha itihāsa, 1708-1849 / Narindarapāla Siṅgha

PQ1898 A66 2018
Yūnāna dī Lūṇā / [Resīna] ; [Pañjābī rūpāntaraṇa], Surajīta Pātara = Unan di Luna : play / by Surjit Patar.

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