UBC Library’s annual Senate Report (2017/18) is now available. Read our highlights from the past fiscal year which include growing our collections, improving student spaces, connecting research to the community and engaging with our community partners.

At Xwi7xwa, we are proud of our growing collection of materials that celebrate the two-spirit, queer, and trans members of our communities. Our collection contains a range of genres and formats (including novels, memoirs, poetry, graphic novels, DVDs, and academic works) centering Indigenous perspectives on gender and sexuality. More and more of this material is being created by (rather than about) Indigenous people who identify as part of the LGBTQ2S community. Our collection features Gwen Benaway, Daniel Heath Justice, Qwo-Li Driskill, Kent Monkman, Thirza Cuthand, Tomson Highway, Sharron Proulx-Turner, Joshua Whitehead, Chrystos, and many more authors, artists, and scholars. Try searching the UBC Library Catalogue using keywords like two-spirit, queer, transgender, bisexual, lesbian, gay, or LGBT, and filtering by Location: Xwi7xwa Library. Or just come into the library to browse the shelves and check out our display!


DS777.514 X53 2017 v.1-8
西安事变历史资料汇编 / 杨瀚主编 ; 全国政协文史和学习委员会编

DS799.718 L54 2017
禮密臣臺灣資料選集 /賴大衛、林欣宜編著

PL2461 Z7 W335 2016 v.1-2
魏晉南北朝經學國際硏討會論文集 /楊晉龍, 劉柏宏主編

PL2464 Z6 Z4874 2017
周易 / (越南)佚名编著 ; 鍾彩鈞點校

PL2938.E29 X526 2017
戏年 / 葛亮著


BL2236 N38 I43 2017
일제 강점기 보천교 의 민족 운동 / 김 방룡, 김 재영, 안 후상, 김 철수, 남 창희 외 지음

BQ9222 Y825 2018
불교 와 원 불교 / 류 성태 지음

DS911.19 S5363 K56 2017
근대 지식 과 역사 의 발견 : 신 채호 의 역사 서술 을 중심 으로 / 김 수자 지음.

DS915.2 Y5325 2018
한국 근대사, 1863-1910 / 이 계형 지음

GV1785 C535 K86 2017
근대 무용 의 선구자 최 승희 예술 과 글 / 이 영란 엮음

HX415.5 A6 H327 2018
한반도 이념 전쟁 연구, 1919-1950 : 빨갱이 와 반동 분자 / 한 상철 지음.

ND1063.4 C4378 2017
민화 는 민화 다 : 이야기 로 보는 우리 민화 세계 / 정 병모 지음

PL909.4 L45 2017
조선 시대어 형태 사전 / 이 상억, 서 승완

PL992.73 K9 Z95 2017
시인 신 경림 / 글 이 경자

PN1993.5 K6 T6646 2018
2017 독립 영화 쇼케이스 / 기획, 사단 법인 한국 독립 영화 협회


BF1779.F4 T36 2017
感情を整える片づけ / 種市勝覺

DS832.7.K6 H96 2017
人生の同伴者 : ある「在日」家族の精神史 / 玄善允著

DS865.5 K3 2017
南北朝恩讐の争乱 / 加賀淳子

FC2161 H67 2017
ニューファンドランド : いちばん古くていちばん新しいカナダ / 細川道久著

HV6535.J3 Y34 2017
日本殺人巡礼 / 八木澤高明

JQ1698 A1 S86 2017
分裂と統合の日本政治 : 統治機構改革と政党システムの変容 / 砂原庸介著

NK3650 B59 2017
ビーズ, つなぐかざるみせる/ 編者池谷和信

PL726.115 T36 2017
古典のすすめ / 谷知子

PL819.A515 Z85 2017
言語と思想の言說 : 近代文学成立期における山田美妙とその周辺 / 大橋崇行著

PN1995 K264 2017
映像の境域 : アートフィルム/ワールドシネマ / 金子遊

Shakespeare’s first folio. Image courtesy of the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Rare Books and Special Collections at UBC Library is delighted to announce a new exhibition:And there’s the humor of it”: Shakespeare and the Four Humors.

Blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm. These four humors were once thought to shape a person’s mental and physical health, behavior and even personality. Initially borrowed from Ancient Greek thinkers like Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Galen, the theory of the four humors was so ingrained into the common wisdom of Shakespeare’s time that references to melancholic displays and choleric outbursts fill his most popular plays. The interplay between medical theory and theatrical language forms the basis of a fascinating exhibition, created by the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, and the Folger Shakespeare Library, now at UBC Library.

The traveling exhibition, “And there’s the humor of it”: Shakespeare and the Four Humors, has been supplemented with additional materials from UBC Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections, exploring topics including Shakespearean theatre in British Columbia and Shakespeare in children’s literature. More information about the National Library of Medicine display and the materials at RBSC is available through the UBC Library website.

Many thanks to co-curators of the UBC Library collections materials Patricia Badir, Professor of English, Anthony Dawson, Professor Emeritus of English, and Department of English students Karol Pasciano (MA), Aiden Tait (BA Hons.), and Ana Maria Fernandez Grandizo (BA Hons.). Thank you also to John Christopoulos, Assistant Professor of History, for lending his subject matter expertise. UBC Library co-curators for the exhibition included Charlotte Beck, Chelsea Shriver, and Helen Brown.

The panels on loan from the National Library of Medicine will be on display at Woodward Library through July 14 and the books on display at Rare Books and Special Collections will be available through August 3, 2018. The RBSC reading room is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For Woodward Library’s hours, check their website. The exhibition is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Rare Books and Special Collections at (604) 822-2521 or rare.books@ubc.ca.

This past spring term, Rare Books and Special Collections hosted a number of classes from a wide variety of disciplines, including English, history, art history, German studies, Asian studies, and many more. We love hosting classes, as it allows us to introduce so many more students to our amazing collections. We especially love to see the results of the students’ work with our collections and the incredible insights they bring to their topics. Now we’re very happy to share some of this great student work with you!

One of the assignments for Professor Patsy Badir’s course, “Image and Text in Seventeenth Century Literature,” was an in-depth exploration of a single book from a selection of 17th-century items here at RBSC. Students were asked to research the history of the item and introduce it to a public audience online. We’ve shared a few student projects to share with you and hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Finally, Millika Veltmeyer’s exploration of the 1634 edition of The Workes of That Famous Chirurgion Ambrose Parey


This edition of Paré’s works is currently on display for the exhibition And there’s the humor of it”: Shakespeare and the Four Humors, which is free and open to the public.

Thank you for participating the Asian–language book clubs 2018!

This is the second Asian-language book club program after its launch in the fall of 2016. With the support from the Faculty of Arts, we were able to extend the initiative from two to four languages – Korean, Punjabi, Japanese, and Chinese.  All four book clubs took place between January and April.  Each had two sessions, a “meet and greet” session followed by a book discussion about a month later.

Three out of the four books selected for the events are novels written by award-winning writers in Asia, including the Korean novel Chinatown (중국인 거리) by Oh Jung-hee (오 정희), the Japanese work Convenience Store People (コンビニ人間 ) by Murata Sayaka (村田沙耶香), and the Punjabi novel  News from a Village (ਖਬਰ ਇੱਕ ਪਿੰਡ ਦੀ: ਨਾਵਲ) by Pargat Singh Satoj (ਪਰਗਟ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਤੌਜ). The Chinese-language biography A Way of Finding What’s True (寻找苏慧廉) was written by local writer –  by Shen Jia (沈迦). Participants in the Chinese and Korean book clubs had the exciting opportunity to meet and engage with the book author and translators who graciously agreed to facilitate the sessions. The Japanese and Punjabi book club members were joined by UBC graduate students Cyrus and Taranjit to explore their books through structured activities and animated discussions.

The book clubs aimed to provide an opportunity for current students, faculty, alumni, and other interested community members with advanced fluency in Asian-language to form ties with others in their respective literary communities. All four book clubs were well-attended, with 64 participants in total and attracted a wide-range of participants. 39% of attendees were students (12.5% graduate and 26.5% undergraduate), 12.5% faculty,  8% staff, 14% alumni, 11% residents from the UBC neighbourhood, and 15.5% community members unaffiliated with UBC. Some participants were non-native speakers. The diverse backgrounds of the participants contributed to the interesting discussions, which were accompanied by Asian-style refreshments.

In our post-event surveys, a number of participants expressed their desire to see an on-going Asian-language book club program. The Asian Library will continue to explore the possibility. If you are interested in future book club events, or if you have any suggestions on a book club topic, please email to asian.library@ubc.ca.

Korean book club

Punjabi book club








Japanese book club

Chinese book club


BQ988 U887 M38 2017
大拙と松ケ岡文庫 : 鈴木大拙没後五十年記念

DK266 M365 2017
ソ連という実験 : 国家が管理する民主主義は可能か / 松戶清裕

DS881.2 W57 2017
幕末維新素描紀行 / チャールズ・ワーグマン ; 山本秀峰編訳

E184 J3 T35 2017
日系アメリカ人のエスニシティ : 強制収容と補償運動による変遷

FC76 U34 2017
カナダ歴史街道をゆく / 上原善広

HQ77.95 J3 K6 2017
性別に違和感がある子どもたち : トランスジェンダー・SOGI・性の多様性 / 康純編著

LA1138.7 Z446163 2017
躍動する青春 : 日本統治下台湾の学生生活 / 鄭麗玲著 ; 河本尚枝訳

PL755.87 S542 N64 2017
遺すことば : 作家たちのがん闘病記 / 青山文平等

PL856 I74 Z88 2017
夢をのみ : 日本SFの金字塔・光瀬竜 / 立川ゆかり

PN1995.9 L6 S27 2017
恋愛映画小史 / 佐藤忠男

PN2928 I78 I86 2017
石原裕次郎太陽の男 / 編集岸川真, 山田隆幸


HD6072.2 H78 S8 2015 (Great Reads)
外傭 : 住在家中的陌生人 / 作者蘇美智 ; 攝影Robert Godden

PL2837 M22 D36 2017
當我提筆寫下你 : 你就來到我面前 / 張曼娟

PL2929.5 N4184 S59 2017
死著 : 張翎中篇小說集 / 張翎


PL992.62 W34 K58 2017
꿈을 찍는 사진사 : 박완서 소설집

PL994.415 S225 T6 2017
더 나쁜 쪽 으로 : 김 사과 소설

PL994.46 R5 P65 2017
폭식 광대 / 권 리 소설집

PL994.545 C45 N8 2017
눈 의 황홀 : 명 지현 소설집

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