The Year of the Rat is approaching! Come and celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Asian Library and the Department of Asian Studies as well as other UBC groups on Tuesday January 28 at the Nest Atrium Lower Level. Enjoy wonderful performances and participate in interesting cultural activities. It is free and open to the public!

Drop by our Pop-up Library booth between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. We will feature our Great Reads Collection and language learning materials. You will also receive a small gift when signing out books!

The celebration organized by the Department of Asian Studies will run from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Performances include lion dance, K-pop dance, and Chinese music, etc. They also offer hands-on activities like Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, Korean games (Gonggi and Jegichagi), Ring Toss, and more. Check out more details HERE.

In addition, the Asian Library will be featuring a display in the lobby area of Asian Centre from Jan 23 to Feb 8.  The display will highlight our collection as well as a few items from the Education Library, and will also include New Year decorations. Please stop by and take a look!

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Rat!

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (Light refreshments at 9:30 a.m.)
Location: C. K. Choi Building Room 120 (Conference Room)
Instructor: Mr. Kazunori Oryū

UBC Library is offering a basic Japanese paper conservation workshop by renowned conservator, Mr. Kazunori Oryū. Mr. Oryū has studied painting conservation at the studio of Oka Bokkōdō in Kyōto where he developed his skills and expertise working with Japanese cultural heritage items such as hanging scrolls, screens and books. He is a Conservation Consultant for private and public collections, and he provides preservation planning and preventive and conservation treatment service for paintings, heritage document and manuscript collections. He has lectured extensively in North America and Europe.

This workshop focuses on Japanese scroll mounting and bookbinding using Japanese restoration and conservation techniques. The workshop will incorporate lectures, demonstrations and practical work including handling of Japanese traditional materials. This is a valuable professional development opportunity for paper conservators as well as for artists, craftspeople, library and museum staff, and anyone interested in the Japanese book history.

Admissions is free, but registration is required. Please register here: Registration Link.

For more information, please contact Tomoko Kitayama Yen, Japanese Studies Librarian, at

The exhibit runs until February 28 on Level 2 of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.


B5253 F68 S235 2019
사단 칠정론 으로 본 조선 성리학 의 전개 / 홍 원식 [and seven others] 지음

BL98.5 K36 2019
경합 하는 시민 종교들 : 대한 민국 의 종교학 / 강 인철 지음

DS913.35 .Y553 2019
500년 조선 왕조 비사 : 대한 제국 비사 / 이 강래 엮음

DS916.597 A1574 2019 v.1-5
3.1 운동 100년 / 한국 역사 연구회 3.1 운동 100주년 기획 위원회 엮음

HC467.965 H357 2019
한국 경제, 혼돈 의 성찰 : 저성장, 불안 의 시대 를 헤쳐 나갈 한반도 미래 전략 / 정 갑영 외 공저

P306.8 K6 P354 2019
번역 의 시대, 번역 의 문화 정치, 1945-1969 : 냉전 지(知) 의 형성 과 저항 담론 의 재구축 / 박 지영

PL952 S44 2019
세계 속 의 한국어 문학 연구 의 현황 과 과제 / 전남 대학교 BK21 플러스 지역어 기반 문화 가치 창출 인재 사업단.

PL977 H26 2019 v.1-2
한국 근대 희곡 전집 / 홍 창수 편 · 주석


DS753 F27 2019
重写晚明史 : 內憂與外患 / 樊树志著

DS799.652 W46 2019
漢人社會的形成 / 作者溫振華, 戴寳村

PL2274.5 L58 2018
20世纪初至60年代闽籍女作家翻译语言研究 : 基于语料库的考察 / 刘立香著

PL2471 Z6 R53 2018
日本江戶時代《論語》學之研究 / 張文朝主編

PL2732 E548 A6 2018 v.1-4
文廷式集 / 汪叔子编


BL2222.23 T26 2019
伊勢神宮と仏教 : 習合と隔離の八百年史 / 多田實道

DS824.5 S24 2019
皇位継承の中世史 : 血統をめぐる政治と内乱 / 佐伯智広

DS856.3 K388 2019
院政期武士社会と鎌倉幕府 / 川合康著

DS858 S28 2019
鎌倉幕府文書行政論 / 佐藤秀成著.

DS882.6 N348 2019
日本人の明治観をただす / 中塚明

HD914 Y66 2019
よみがえる荘園 : 景観に刻まれた中世の記憶 / 海老澤衷編

HN730 Z9 S61154 2019
近代日本の生活改善運動と<中流>の変容 : 社会教育の対象主体への認識をめぐる歴史的考察 / 久井英輔

HQ682 T2874 2019
核家族の解体と単家族の誕生 / 匠雅音

Past Purrrrfect: Cats in the Collection 

(special supplemental exhibit

In the Doghouse: Historic Hounds)

Rare Books and Special Collections

Jan. 6 — Feb. 29, 2020

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted” – Colette

Have you heard the mews?! Libraries and archives have always been home to our feline friends, and Rare Books and Special Collections at the UBC Library is no exception. We don’t have a resident kitty patrolling our reference room, vault or stacks, but we do have numerous cats “living” in our collections. Proving our predecessors were just as obsessed with collecting cat related archival and rare published materials as we are, Past Purrrfect highlights materials from the 19th to the mid-20th centuries featuring a bevy of furry felines. In this exhibit you will find kitties playing, sleeping, prancing, purring, and being naughty. From our diverse holdings, items on exhibit range from photographs and family albums, children’s literature, correspondence from noteworthy individuals, pop-up books, bookplates, and artist editions.

Archival Materials

Our archival records are broad in scope, and include correspondence from well-known historical figures, as well as celebrated authors. RBSC hold 89 letters written by Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, with many focused on cats. She writes about her own pet Mr. Muff, and about finding homes for them among her correspondents. Writing to her friend Mary Mohl on January 20th, 1877, Nightingale writes:

Dearest Madame Mohl This is solely about cats: The Tom kitten with a ‘pretty face’, which you said you would like (your own descendant) when you were here has been scrupulously set apart for you. He has now, I think, the longest hair I ever saw: is most affectionate & very clean: I was in hopes that you would have let me know any opportunity by which he could have been sent to you at Paris: (as you did not summon him to go by with yourself). Could you let me know whether you still wish to have him: his name is Biz: & whether there will soon be a safe opportunity of someone going to Paris who would carefully take him to you: I should think he would be greatly admired even in Paris: {If he stops here, he {will be stolen or lost: dearest friend, no more to-day: ever your old Flo.

Other letters referencing cats are written by Malcolm Lowry, Ethel Wison, and Charles Darwin. Lowry, best known for his novel Under the Volcano, elaborated in a postscript in a June 20, 1950 letter to fellow author Christopher Isherwood, about issues with some troublesome felines:

P.S. I begun to write this letter originally, returning the complement (which I appreciate) in my own handwriting, such as it is — though I have no pen that works — taking advantage of this to write outside. But a cat spilt coconut oil on it. Then another cat spilt beer on it. Finally it blew into the sea, Retrieved thence it came somewhat to pieces and was, besides, a bit illegible. So I gave in, temporarily, to the machine age.

Originals of the above correspondence, along with letters by Darwin and Wilson on a feline theme, are on display as part of the Past Purrrfect exhibit.

Also in the exhibit, are photographs of cats selected from the Uno Langmann Collection of BC photographs, Wallace and Madeleine Chung Collection, Icelandic Archives of British Columbia, and other photographic holdings. These images show that from the early days of photography cats have been worthy subjects to record for posterity, either captured on their own, or with their human companions. These images also demonstrate that cats are integral and loved members of the families who give them shelter, whether that is a comfortable home or somewhere less traditional.


Past Purrrfect contains volumes from our book collections, including examples from our vast children’s literature holdings and the Alice 100 collection celebrating 100 years since the original publication of Alice in Wonderland in 1865. The collection was donated to the UBC Library in 1965 by the graduating class of 1925 to mark their 40th anniversary, and contains numerous variations of the iconic Cheshire Cat among its illustrations. Also shown are classic stories such as Puss in Boots and the Tale of Tom Kitten, along with lost favourites that are deserving of renewed interest. One discovery in researching this exhibit is the Cats Tea Party. Listed in our catalogue without any attributions, research revealed that its illustrator is Harrison Weir. Weir was a prolific author and illustrator active in the late 19th Century known for his books about nature, and particularly for his drawings of cats. Weir is also referred to as the “Father of the Cat Fancy” and organized the first cat show at the Crystal Palace in London in 1871.

The Cats Tea Party Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


A cat capturing a croquet ball, 1926, by Louis Wane. Arkley_25_0009.

The Tremaine Arkley Croquet Collection consists of over 2,400 items depicting the game of croquet (and earlier pastimes of its type) from the 18th century to the present. Within the collection are numerous examples of animals enjoying this most Victorian of pursuits, particularly cats whose cunning sportsmanship is exceptionally suited to the game. Included in the exhibit are drawings by Louis Wane (1860-1939) one of the better-known illustrators of children’s fiction featuring cats. Wane produced numerous books and hundreds of illustrations starring large-eyed anthropomorphic cats and kittens.   Other items on display show less refined creatures (dogs) disrupting play and causing havoc.

In the Doghouse: Historic Hounds

Running concurrently with Past Purrrfect, we have devoted space for those who may be more partial to dogs, as we don’t want lovers of canines to feel left out. In the Doghouse: Historic Hounds is curated by iSchool graduate student (and RBSC Archival Assistant) James Goldie. In James’ words:

Humans and dogs have evolved alongside each other for millennia, so why should cats get all the glory here at RBSC? Many dog-related phrases and idioms have negative connotations (“dogs days,” “dog-eat-dog world,” and “sick as a dog” to name just a few), however, this part of our exhibition seeks to reclaim the notion of being in the doghouse. Here you’ll find materials celebrating our tail-wagging, four-legged friends. Though today we live in an age of doggy daycare and paw-sized winter boots, affection for dogs (and the central role they’ve played in our lives and imaginations) has changed very little in the last 150 years. Purebreds and mongrels alike are featured throughout our collection, as evidenced by this sampling of photographs, books, correspondence, and more — a veritable dog’s breakfast of archival resources we hope will delight you as only these special animals can.

Scholarly Purr-suits: cats and dogs in the library

In addition to Past Purrrfect and In the Doghouse at Rare Books and Special Collections, please also enjoy the following feline and canine themed exhibits at other branches of the UBC Library:

David Lam Library and Canaccord Learning Commons

Friends from another Species: the Business of Pets

January 13- February 14, 2020

The David Lam Library and Canaccord Learning Commons’ part in the exhibit will include highlighting aspects of the print and electronic collection, as well as search strategies that help people find information on pets and the pet related industries. This includes market research resources like Passport GMID and IBISworld, as well as resources on influencer marketing and social commerce. Engagement activities include a photo wall of a variety of pets that have captured the hearts of many through various social channels.

Curators: Irena Trebic, Kim Fama, Christina Sylka


Education Library

The Truth About Cats & Dogs: Children’s Books About the World’s Most Popular Pets

January 6 – 20, 2020

This exhibit will feature fiction and non-fiction children’s books about cats and dogs.  From well-loved classics like Old Yeller by Fred Gipson to newer graphic novels like Fluffy Strikes Back by Ashley Spires, library patrons and pet lovers of all ages will find something of interest.

Curators: Jennifer Abel, Carmen Marchal, Stephanie Marston, Elena Pederson

Specific location: Collection Spotlight area (Main Level of UBC Education Library)


Koerner Library

It’s Reading Cats and Dogs

February 1 – 28, 2020

It’s Reading Cats and Dogs will explore the literary, historical, and cultural obsession with our canine and feline companions through a selection of materials from Koerner Library’s holdings. The display will also highlight the cats and dogs of Koerner Library staff, with photos as well as book recommendations paw-sonally approved by our furry friends.

Curators: Keith Bunnell and Alexandra Alisauskas

Specific location: Koerner Library, Fireplace


Woodward Library

Wild Observations: Felidae and Canidae around the World

January 6 – February 28, 2020

A selection of books highlighting the fossil history, genetics, and conservation of wild cats and dogs from Woodward Library’s collection.

Curators: Sarah Parker and Chantal Lyons-Stevenson

Specific Location: Woodward Library, Memorial Room


All of our cats and dogs will delight and amuse you!


A special thank you to exhibit sponsor, Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).

Additional thanks to exhibit supporter Catfe for providing a Nine Lives Card (9 visit admission card) for raffle. Enter at the front desk of Rare Books and Special Collections. The winner will be drawn at the end of the closing day of the exhibit, February 28th.

Both VOKRA and Catfe, among other animal rescue organizations in the lower mainland, provide a valuable community service in assisting with caring for, and finding forever homes for the many cats in their custody. If considering a pet there are many wonderful rescue animals waiting for homes.

Please adopt, don’t shop!

Thank you also to Library staff and friends who helped make this exhibit possible: Jacky Lai (invaluable curatorial assistance and exhibit support), James Goldie (Curator of Dogs), Barbara Towell, Anne Lama, Hannah McKendry, Chelsea Shriver, Weiyan Yan, Hiller Goodspeed, Claire Williams, Felicia de la Parra, Matt Patton, Michelle Blackwell, Elissa Wong, Kristy Woodcock, and Katherine Kalsbeek.

– Krisztina Laszlo, Curator of Cats and RBSC Archivist


Past Purrrfect, which is free and open to the public, will be on display in the Rare Books and Special Collections reading room. The RBSC reading room is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please contact Rare Books and Special Collections at (604) 822-2521 or


BQ8115 K87 2019
蔵俊撰「仏性論文集」の研究 / 楠淳證;舩田淳一編.

DS777.5316 S52 K34 2019
第一次上海事変の研究 : 軍事的勝利から外交破綻の序曲へ / 影山好一郎著

DS894.59 Y346 O43 2019
戦国大名武田氏の外交と戦争 / 小笠原春香著

HD1516 C6 H67 2019
日本帝国の膨張・崩壊と満蒙開拓団 / 細谷亨

HQ801 T2466 2019
男たち/女たちの恋愛 : 近代日本の「自己」とジェンダー / 田中亜以子

JQ1681 J68163 2019
イデオロギーと日本政治 : 世代で異なる「保守」と「革新」 / 遠藤晶久, ウィリー・ジョウ =

ND1053.6 N6 K63 2019
描かれた能楽 : 芸能と絵画が織りなす文化史 / 小林健二

PL726.8 K63 2019
高度経済成長の時代 / 坪井秀人編

PN2921 N497 2019
日本の舞台芸術における身体 : 死と生、人形と人工体 / ボナヴェントゥーラ・ルペルティ編著

South Asian

BL1112.26 S2657 2018
वैदिक-विविध-विज्ञान / डॉ॰ धर्मेन्द्र शास्त्री ; सम्पादिका, प्रतिभा शास्त्री

PK1718 L35 A6 2018
लालन शाह फकीर के गीत / चयन एवं बांगला से हिंदी अनुवाद, मुचकुंद दूबे

PK2034 K26 2018
दलित आत्मकथाएं : वेदना, विद्रोह और सांस्कृतिक रूपांतरण / अजमेर सिंह काजल


DS799.42 Z34 2019
台灣原住民史 / 作者詹素娟

GR335 L57485 2018
女娲神话及信仰的考察和研究 / 李祥林著

HQ1767 S5983 2018
抗日战争与女性动员 : 新运妇女指导委员会研究 / 宋青红著

HQ1767 H36 2019
浮出社会地表 : “十七年”女性媒介形象研究 / 韩敏著

ND1040 A65 2018 v.1-20
海外遗珍 : 美国大都会博物馆藏中国画珍品 / 安建炜著

P306.8 C6 L57 2018
译苑芳菲 : 浙江女性翻译家研究 / 李同良著

PL2474 Z6 F364 2018
孟子 / 方勇译注

PN1998.2 L585 2018
她们的视点 : 台湾女性导演研究 (1957-2000) / 刘亚玉著


Fish Physiology series co-editors Drs. Colin Brauner and Anthony Farrell.

When Fish Physiology was founded in 1969 by UBC Zoology faculty members Drs. William S. Hoar and David J. Randall, there was no intention of continuing the series beyond six volumes. 50 years and 37 titled volumes later, the peer-reviewed monographic series is regarded as the leader in the field of fish physiology and a must-read for anyone interested in this domain, from senior undergraduate researchers through to mainstream university, government and industry employees.

The series is a frequently used resource at UBC Library and continues to be shepherded by UBC faculty members, Drs. Anthony Farrell and Colin Brauner, who were both graduate students of David Randall and have carried the successful series forward as co-editors, with Farrell joining in 1992 and Brauner in 2004.

A unique approach to integration and synthesis

Fish Physiology is unique in that its individual volumes have little in common except for publisher imposed length and general structure, with each volume representing the views of individual specialists on a particular subject. This thematic approach was taken very deliberately, explains Dr. Farrell, “We look at developments in the field and ask ‘What do we need to tell our colleagues?’. Over time, the series has morphed from being an encyclopedic resource about fish to a more applied and functional one, delving into interactions with the environment.” Among the subjects that have been discussed in Fish Physiology: Biology of Stress in Fish, Hypoxia (Oxygen deficiency), Organic Chemical Toxicology of Fishes and in the most recent volume, the effects of Carbon Dioxide.

Once a topic is established, the series editors bring on guest editors who are widely acknowledged as world leaders in their respective areas of expertise, enabling each volume to bring together intellectual contributions from the very best authors for the selected topic. “Beyond quality control, what Colin and I are most focused on is integration and synthesis” says Dr. Farrell, “What we try and do in a volume is say ‘Here is the big picture on this topic, here’s the supporting data from the thesis we are presenting and if you want to dig any deeper, here are the references… thereby allowing readers to move on to that next level of information gathering.’”

Fish Physiology series co-editors Drs. Colin Brauner and Anthony Farrell with Science Librarian Sally Taylor.

A leading resource in the field

“The series is available in print and online, and is a heavily-used and cited resource,” says Sally Taylor, Science Librarian at Woodward Library. “There are more than 200 chapter downloads per year from the UBC community alone.” Articles in Fish Physiology are often cited more than primary publications, making it the primary medium that authors in the field aspire to publish in. “The series has come to have such a legacy and prestige that we are finding that people are very excited to be asked to serve as guest editors or contributors,” says Dr. Brauner.

In 2020, Dr. Farrell plans to retire and a new series co-editor will join Dr. Brauner, UBC alumnus Dr. Erika Eliason, Assistant Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who is highly respected in her field. Dr. Eliason is the first female editor for the series in its 50-year history.

Farrell and Brauner are optimistic about the future of the publication beyond their tenure. Says Brauner, “We know we have found the right person for the task.”

 Access Fish Physiology in UBC Library’s collections.


This project is part of UBC Library’s strategic direction to create and deliver responsive collections.

Learn more about our Strategic Framework.

Looking for some inspiration for reading as go off to break until January 6th? We have rounded up some novels, books of poetry, and other inspiring resources you can pick up before you head off campus for the next few weeks.

Full-Metal Indigiqueer: Poems by Joshua Whitehead focuses on Zoa, a Two Spirit/ Indigiqueer Trickster who infects, invades, and reclaim canonical and popular works like Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and Peter Pan.

Red Rooms by Cherie Dimaline follows Naomi, a hotel maid in an average hotel in an average city, who creates complex and complicated stories about the patrons who stay in the rooms she cleans everyday from the things they leave behind. The five short stories are separate, but intricate and come to life through Naomi’s imagination.

Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor begins when a handsome stranger rides into town on a 1953 Indian Chief motorcycle and turns Otter Lake upside down. Maggie falls head over heels for the handsome stranger, but her son doesn’t trust him and teams up with his uncle to prove it.

Song of Batoche by Maia Caron is a thoroughly researched fictional retelling of the events leading up to Louis Riel’s 1885 rebellion through a woman’s eyes: Josette Lavoie. The storylines of Josette and six other unforgettable main characters, including Riel and Dumont converge at the same time that the Dominion Army is to march on Batoche in this fast paced novel.

A Mind Spread Out on the Ground by Alicia Elliott views the ongoing legacy of colonialism through metaphor and details from Elliot’s own life and experiences. She engages with topics of parenthood, race, sexual assault, mental health and others as she weaves a story of how the personal becomes political.

Kynship by Daniel Heath Justice takes place in the Everland, the home of the Eld-Folk, where it has been over a thousand years since the world of man and the world of Folk have collided. And it is about to collide again in this fantasy novel.

Ravensong by Lee Maracle follows Stacey, Raven, and Celia as they balance their family’s traditional ways in the 1950s Pacific Northwest during an urban influenza epidemic. Celia has visions from the past, while Raven sees a future catastrophe of reconcilation, and Stacey is left to find a way to bridge them together.

Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice is a thriller that begins when a northern Anishinaabe community goes dark and they realize something has gone wrong in the outside world. As food becomes scarce, the community begins to break apart and they struggle to find a way to survive until a leader emerges.

My Body Is a Book of Rules by Elissa Washuta is an open and ruthless autobiography that illustrate her reality with mental illness, ethnic identity, sexual assault, and academia without apologies. This autobiographical storytelling is written in poem, short verse, letters, a television script, and lists.

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer draws on her background as a botanist, and as a woman,  to explain the lessons nature and animals can teach us. In her lyrical reflections of the natural world, she pushes the point home that humans are in a reciprocal relationship with the rest of the natural world.

Rare Books and Special Collections at UBC Library is excited to announce a new public exhibition in the Chung Collection exhibition room, “Fashioning the Landscape: Women’s Interwar Sportswear at the Canadian Pacific Railway Resorts.” The exhibition has been guest curated by Klahanie Research.

Interwar CPR brochures courted elite female consumers by advertising resorts as more gender neutral spaces than day-to-day life. Images of progressive women’s sportswear, which borrowed from men’s fashion, were used to rationalize and naturalize the rugged activities of the recreational holiday landscape. Distant, isolated, outdoor locations helped to relax social codes that would have been more vigorously enforced in more formal, populated urban centres. With the removal of city clothes, women symbolically shed workplace and household inequalities and seized pleasure with an outfit for every activity. From arrival to an evening of glamour, this exhibit explores the sportswear of: golf, hiking, skiing, canoeing, swimming, and riding, worn across CPR resorts.

“Fashioning the Landscape: Women’s Interwar Sportswear at the Canadian Pacific Railway Resorts,” which is free and open to the public, will be on display in the exhibition room of the Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection, in the Rare Books and Special Collections reading room. The RBSC reading room is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please contact Rare Books and Special Collections at (604) 822-2521 or


DS916.35 H37 2018
한국 의 정치 와 정치 이념 / 이 동수 외 지음

ML3502 K6 K5765164 2018
케이팝 의 작은 역사 : 신감각 의 미디어 / 김 성민

PL980.6 C483 v.10
2019 제 10회 젊은 작가상 수상 작품집

PL981.7 Y55 v.43
그들 의 첫 번째 와 두 번째 고양이 외 5편 : 2019년 제43회 이상 문학상 작품집 : 대상 수상작 윤 이형 의 / 윤 이형, 김 희선, 장 강명, 장 은진, 정 용준, 최 은영


DS750.72 X8966 2019
明清江南文士治生研究 / 徐永斌著

DS777.5195 W34 A5 2019
汪精衛政治論述新編 : 文章 · 演講 · 書信 · 電報 / 作者汪精衛

DS799.65 L56 2019
大航海時代 / 作者林偉盛

E183.8 C6 C475 2018
中美文化交流与比较研究 / 陈志章著

GN722 T28 L58 2019
史前人群與文化 / 作者劉益昌

NB1049 G36 2018
高云龙口述历史 / 高云龙口述 ; 陈正卿撰稿

PL2822 C3 W36 2019
汪精衛南社詩話 : 汪精衛以「曼昭」署名之文學評論 / 作者汪精衛

PL2851 S5 Z57 2019
紫罗兰的魅影 : 周瘦鹃与上海文学文化(1911-1949) / 陈建华著

PL2929.5 N49 S49 2019
伸出蘭花指 : 對一個男旦的陳述 / 章詒和

PN5367 I44 C44 2018
左圖右史与西學东漸 : 晚清画报研究 / 陈平原著


BQ8743.2 B848 2018
仏教英書伝道のあけぼの / 編著中西直樹, 那須英勝, 嵩満也

DS891 N365 2018
噓に支配される日本 / 中野晃一 , 福島みずほ.

DS897 T675 M55 2018
三河吉田城 : 今川・松平が奪いあった「水城」 / 岩原剛編

GT2915 S555 2018
茶の湯の羽箒 : 知られざる鳥の文化誌 / 下坂玉起

HV8699 J3 K65 2018
袴田事件これでも死刑なのか / 小石勝朗

JC573/2 J3 N348 2018
保守と大東亜戦争 / 中島岳志

NK4168 K87 N35 2018
京焼 : 伝統と革新 / 中ノ堂一信

PL675 O823 Y38 2018
大槻文彦「言海」 : 辞書と日本の近代 / 安田敏朗

PL719.79 B86 2019
文化装置としての日本漢文学 / 滝川幸司, 中本大, 福島理子, 合山林太郎編

TT872.5 E396 2019
英訳付き折り紙帖 / 小林一夫監修

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