Korean-language materials

DS329.4 .K36 2015
유라시아 역사 기행 : 한반도 에서 시베리아 까지, 5천년 초원 문명 을 걷다 / 강 인욱

DS917.27 .H3654 2015
한국 의 문화 70년 / 정 진석 외 지음

DS922.42.Y64 C46 2015
청년 여 정남 과 박 정희 시대 / 여 정남 평전 편집 위원회 기획 ; 정 운현 지음

HQ18.K6 K56 2015
한국 성사 : 한국인 의 성, 거의 모든 것 의 역사 / 김 원회 지음

PL910.5 .Y59 2016
외국인 을 위한 한자어 교육 연구 / 이 영희

PL915.4 .P364 2015
두근두근 한국어 발음 = Korean pronunciation / 방 운규, 정 혁진 공저

PL961.7 .A45 2015
한국 현대시 의 형식 과 기법 / 안 현심

PL980.7 .T63 2015
조선 야화 : 천년 을 떠돌던 역사 속 신비로운 이야기들 / 도 현신 지음

Chinese-language materials

DS778.A1 H664 2016
红色将帅 : 十大大将 = The ten great generals / 姚有志主编

DS779.29.H79 G369 2016
我给胡耀邦当秘书 / 高勇

PL2837.A35 Z738 2016
张爱玲传 : 失望是一种幸福 / 李燕

PL2843.P5 A6 2016
自在独行 : 写给每个孤独的行路人 / 贾平凹

PL2947.C59 A6 2016a
蝴蝶 = Butterfly / 刘慈欣

PL2971.H8367 H36 2016
漢武大帝 / 杨焕亭著

PN1993.5.C6 C4443 2016
华语电影叙事的文化身份 = Cultural identity in the narration of Chinese movies / 陈明华

WZ70.JC6 B334 2015
百年中医史 = A century of traditional Chinese medicine. 1912-2015 / 总主编, 张伯礼 ; 主编, 朱建平

Indic-language materials

G465 .A47 2016
Sare rāha calate calate : yātrā vr̥tānta / Kusum Ansal

PK2098.22.A64 V37 2016
Vasu kā kuṭuma / Mr̥dulā Garga

PK2098.26.A385 S26 2016
Sapanoṃ kī homa ḍilivarī  = Sapnon ki home delivery : novel / Mamatā Kāliyā

PK2099.14.A73 S28 2016
Saudā : upanyāsa / Sulatāna Bhāratī

PK2659.K299 K39 2016
Kālā ilama : kahāṇī-saṅgrahi = Kala ilam : a book of short stories / Kirapāla Kazāka

PK2659.R35414 A34 2016
Aje tāṃ mañzila dūra hai : nāwala  = Ajay tan manzil door hai : Punjabi novel / Raṇabīra Kaura Rāṇā

PK2659.T874 A67 2016
Aparādhī kauṇa…? / Nāgara Siṅgha Tūra

This growing French language collection is one of the newest editions to Xwi7xwa Library. These resources are meant to support educators and students with integrating Aboriginal ways of knowing and learning within the mandate of the new BC curriculum. In its present state, the majority of the titles in this section are geared towards children and young adults. Many of the titles in the French language collection also discuss residential schools and their impacts. Original French language titles are available in addition to translated works.

The multi-disciplinary Cree artist Kent Monkman is well represented in the Xwi7xwa collection with the entirety of his video work: a collection of short films that span the past two decades and multiple film genres. Highlights of the video collection include Monkman’s debut, “A Nation is Coming,” and “A Taxonomy of the European Male,” which features his alter-ego, Miss Chief Eagle Testicles, as she travels Europe, interrogating the representation of Indigenous societies in classical European art. Monkman’s newest film, “Casualties of Modernity,” continues this examination of the art world, playfully looking at the history of modern art in the 20th century. Several films, such as “Seance” and Iskootao, document live performances pieces featuring Miss Chief Eagle Testicles.

Beyond his video work, the book “Two-Spirit Acts” collects the text of three of his performance pieces, along with work by other prominent Two-Spirit writers. The library also has examples of Monkman’s visual art through the exhibition catalogue “Kent Monkman: the Rise and Fall of Civilization.” Monkman’s talents extend to the realm of children’s literature with his bright illustrations of “A Coyote Columbus Story,” written by Thomas King.

Monkman’s exhibit, “Shame and Prejudice: A story of resilience,” was recently mounted at the University of Toronto as part of the 150 anniversary of Canada’s confederation projects. The exhibit will be touring over the next few years and is expected to come to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC in 2020.

Xwi7xwa Library, in collaboration with First Nations House of Learning, is moving lower used materials to one of two storage locations on campus, effective March 2017.  This helps to ensure the long term preservation of these items while maintaining their accessibility for our users. It will also increase the capacity for adding new items to the current active collection.

Low use materials will be housed in the ASRS (Automated Storage & Retrieval System) Xwi7xwa collection on central campus in close proximity to students, researchers and community members, and will be available for same-day turn around. Lowest use material will move to Library PARC Xwi7xwa collection, UBC’s preservation and print repository on South Campus, with retrieval times of 48 hours or less. All Xwi7xwa materials will be continue to be listed in the catalogue, with Xwi7xwa location codes specific to the new locations, for example, XWI7XWA ASRS Storage.

Xwi7xwa Library is a centre for academic and community Indigenous scholarship. These collection shifts allow the Library to make use of additional library storage space to promote effective and efficient access to historical, as well as contemporary, published and printed material, while at the same time creating additional flexible learning areas in the library.

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact Ann Doyle, Xwi7xwa librarian: ann.doyle@ubc.ca; 604-822-2385.

Asian Library’s Great Reads collection of leisure reading was launched in December 2015. It’s more than a year now and this year’s Great Reads items just arrived.  Some of the old titles will be moved to the regular stacks.

The following books were the most frequently circulated in each language area during the past year:

TX724.5 C5 W44 2015
為食香港地 : 知名食肆37個食譜大公開! / 香港餐飮聯業協會
Hong Kong cuisine: 37 selections from locals / Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades

PL2861.A5868 W6 2010
我们的她们 / 韩松落著
Wo men de ta men / Han Songluo zhu

PN6790.J3 Y85 2008
図書館戦争:  Love & war / 弓きいろ , 原作有川浩
Toshokan sensō: love & war / Yumi Kiiro ; gensaku Arikawa Hiro

PL863.E337 S54 2014
鹿の王 / 上橋菜穂子
Shika no ō / Uehashi Nahoko

PN6790.K63 Y965 2014
이끼 / 윤 태호
Ikki / Yun T’ae-ho

PN6790.K63 Y968 2014
파인 : 촌뜨기 / 윤태호
P’ain : ch’onttŭgi / Yun T’ae-ho

PK2659.L35 P58 2015
Piunda kītī berī / Harapāla Siṅgha Lakkhīāṃ
Peond keeti beri / Harpal Singh Lakhian

PK2098.39.A34 N35 2015
Nā ānā isa deśa / Śāntilāla Jaina
Naa aana is desh / by Shantilal Jain

We hope you continue enjoy reading these popular titles. Also come and check out the new Great Reads on the ground floor of the Asian Library.  Visit the Great Reads website to find out the titles.

Happy leisure reading!

Xwi7xwa has a growing collection of Indigenous graphic novels and comic books. Ranging from single issue comics to whole multi-book series, the graphic novel collection is as diverse in stories and voices as the rest of the library’s collection. The entire collection is findable all together on the shelf, or searchable on the UBC Library’s website under the subject heading “First Nations–Graphic novel.”

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