Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Yes, our cIRcle home page received a slight makeover yesterday as a kick-start for 2012!

We invite you to take a few minutes to explore cIRcle, UBC’s Digital Repository at: As you get acquainted with our new look, please send us your feedback at:

Here is what it looked like – Before:

And, here is what it looks like – After:

With your keen eye for detail, you will notice that we added some navigational tabs above our cIRcle image carousel. These tabs provide direct access to our ‘About cIRcle’ website which, in turn, provides you with details such as how to get started with cIRcle.

About the Features:

You will notice that the previous Features such as the “Image Carousel” (images linked to news items), “News” (latest cIRcle & UBC news highlights), and “Did you know?” (quick facts about cIRcle & more) are still available. But, we have updated our “Top 3 items” listing to the “Top 3 downloads” (most frequently downloaded cIRcle items) of the past 7 days.

About the Functions:

We have all of the previous Functions as before and have added a few more that will help you explore and enhance your own scholarly research.Improved “Browse” and “Advanced Search” functionality

Our 2012 makeover aims to enhance the user experience with the improved “Browse” and “Advanced Search” functions.

Under “Browse”, you can now browse “By Dept. Affiliation”, “By Thesis Program”, “By Campus (for Theses)” categories. Under “Advanced Search”, a few more search types have been added to facilitate your searches thus enabling you to find cIRcle items more easily. The new search types are by: “Dept. Affiliation”, “Thesis Copyright Date”, “Thesis Program”, and “Campus (for Theses: UBCV, UBCO)”.

We hope you will enjoy your scholarly research experience using cIRcle, UBC’s Digital Repository at: and don’t forget to send us your questions or comments to: We would love to hear from you!

Did you know?

As of today, cIRcle has over 39,000 items! You can check the growing number anytime by clicking on “Issue Date” directly under the “All of cIRcle” section under the “Browse” category on our cIRcle home page.

Above key image is courtesy of Brenda Starr’s Creative Commons Flickr photostream at:


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