An article in Nature by a UBC CS professor – Anne Condon –

From the ASEE daily update – First Bell: On its website, MSNBC (7/26, Roach) reports, “Imagine a smartphone that looks like a piece of clear plastic, lighting up to display contacts, a game, the weather, or email from a friend. That future may be upon us thanks to a new, transparent and flexible lithium-ion battery.” […]

UBC Thunderbird Robotics hosts the 7th Annual International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition (IARRC) over the July 23rd – 24th weekend. IARRC is aimed at promoting R&D efforts into fully autonomous small-size ground vehicles – in particular the associated artificial intelligence software systems that run these vehicles. Student teams attending in the competition are expected to […]

From ASEE’s daily update: The Washington Post (7/18, de Vise) reports that Michael Nelson, a computer science professor at Old Dominion University in Virginia, “and some colleagues at Old Dominion and the Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a sort of Internet time machine called Memento” that lets users “search for a Web site as […]

From ASEE update: Popular Science (6/16, Dillow) reports on Kilobots, small robots designed by Self Organizing Systems Research Group at Harvard that according to the article “demonstrate some interesting swarm behaviors, even if they’re not necessarily ‘doing’ anything yet.” The article features a video of the small robots performing a variety of tasks. The robots […]

A new oximeter measures blood oxygen level by plugging into mobile phones. The PhoneOximeter, developed by UBC’s Electrical & Computer Engineering in Medicine, can detect signs of low blood oxygen levels, thereby preventing brain damage or death from an overdose of anesthesia. The device, which clips onto a finger to link to a clinician’s phone, […]

Hats off to ASEE daily alert service: USA Today (4/1, Acohido) reports “spear-phishing attacks, which often enlist social-media tools to meticulously wedge into corporate networks, are increasingly used in computer thefts that pinpoint valuable corporate data, according to a report released today by IBM’s X-Force cybersecurity team.” Cybercriminals are working through “search engines and social […]

In November 2010, the PSPB approved changes to Section 8.1.9 of the IEEE PSPB Operations Manual that more clearly define for IEEE authors which version of their papers are appropriately available for their own reuse. These policy revisions enable IEEE to exercise better control over its intellectual property, while still offering authors substantial rights to […]

Through the SAE Digital Library you now have access to SAE technical papers archives. Previously 1998 to present was available; you can now access from 1906 to the present. This excellent resource supports research on topics in mobility including submersibles, hemp components for automobiles, unmanned vehicles, flying cars, and automobile research that supports construction of […]

Heidi Schiller and I will be offering an APSC 150 class on Wed, 2 February, 4:30pm – 5:00pm in FSC 1005. The library class page is here –

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