Great things happen when our brightest minds have the freedom to explore. When we pursue our unique interests, the resulting collective capacity for innovation is limitless. The issues of the future will require these creative solutions as the need to build connections between people, nations and disciplines has never been greater.

On May 28th, UBC closed out the Centennial year with some great minds providing perspectives on topics of the future.

The topic of ‘human-robot interaction’ will still be a hot one in 100 years. The tools may change but the problems, such as “How do people and robots get along?” will remain the same. Questions surrounding what robots should do; and how we can share, operate safely, communicate, take turns, teach robots, and generally get along together will continue to be problems requiring solutions. The efforts we make to establish the ‘rules of engagement’ now will certainly be foundational to our future relationships.

Elizabeth Croft was featured in the video “A Robot in Every Home” in the February 2015 online issue of Trek Magazine.


Moderated by Marc Parlange – Dean and Professor, UBC’s Faculty of Applied Science

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Sheikholeslami, S., Moon, A., & Croft, E. A. (2015). Exploring the Effect of Robot Hand Configurations in Directional Gestures for Human-Robot Interaction. Paper presented at the 3594-3599. doi:10.1109/IROS.2015.7353879 [Link]

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