Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by Green College’s Thematic Series: Public Health Law and Policy in Asia. This talk explores access to justice issues in different Asia pacific countries that arise in the health care context. The issues are examined from the perspectives of global health and instances of medical malpractice. Les Jacobs is Full Professor at the Law & Society/Political Science and Director of the York Centre for Public Policy and Law.


Les Jacobs is Professor of Law & Society and Political Science at York University and Executive Director of the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice. His research interests are in Human Rights, Law and Justice, Public Policy, Health and Human Rights, and Access to Justice.

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Azmi, S. Foster, L., Jacobs, L.A. (2012). Balancing Competing Human Rights in a Diverse Society. Toronto: Irwin Law Books with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. [Link]

Jacobs, L.A. (2012). Gender, Trade Liberalization, and Tobacco Control in China. In Pitman Potter and Heather Gibb, (Eds.), Gender Equality Rights and Trade Regimes: Coordinating Compliance. Ottawa: North South Institute. pp. 141-158. [Link]

Jacobs, L.A. (2011). China’s Capacity to Respond to the H1N1 Pandemic Alert and Future Global Public Health Crises: A Policy Window For Canada. In Pitman Potter & Thomas Adams (Eds.), Issues in Canada-China Relation. Toronto: Canadian International Council. pp. 333-343. [Link]

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