Unfortunately RefWorks is having problems with off-campus exports at the moment (exporting is working fine on campus).


We have 3 possible work-arounds, the first being to set up VPN which is a way to access the UBC network when you’re off campus. There are instructions available here:



The two other methods are described below in a message from Scholars Portal:


“If you’re trying to export references from off-campus, you’ll most likely find that the first export will usually work, but the second and any subsequent exports within the same session will give you the wrong sign-in page and won’t let you access your account.
We’ve been able to devise two workarounds for this—hopefully one of these will let you export your references while RefWorks tries to resolve this problem:

1) For the second and any subsequent exports, when you click “Import into RefWorks,” a new tab will open prompting you to log in (this is usually where you would get an error message). Rather than logging in here, go to the address bar and remove &groupcode=Refworks (only this–leave everything else before and after) from the URL, then press enter to reload the page. Alternatively, you can replace “Refworks” with your institution’s group code if you know it. You should now be able to log into your account and your reference should import as normal.


2) Clear your browser’s cache between each export.

Obviously, these workarounds are far from ideal, and we’re working with the main RefWorks team in the U.S. to develop a more long-term solution.”

For the second work-around, use the group code. (This group code is available with your CWL & password.)


Thanks to Sally Taylor for reporting these issues!

Each year the UBC Library RefWorks group code changes. The group code was changed on September 3rd. To access the new group code, follow this link and the instructions.

If people report being unable to access RefWorks with the VPN, or ask for the group code (which may be because of VPN issues) Tom has asked if we could ask people to link to http://www.library.ubc.ca/cgi-bin/ipaddress.pl
to test how they are accessing our resources from off-campus. If they’re coming in through VPN, they’ll be in the 142.103 network.

If we can establish that users are getting turned away when accessing the service using VPN, then we will contact the Refworks people to give them the specific IP address that had problems. If it looks like VPN is disconnecting people without warning, that’s an ITServices problem.

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