cIRcle (UBC’s Digital Repository) is the institutional repository (IR) at the University of British Columbia. It contains nearly 42,700 full-text items from conference proceedings and workshop presentations, current and historical theses and dissertations to journal articles including peer-reviewed ones, technical reports, graduating and honours essays to webcasts, podcasts, learning objects and more. Regularly indexed by Google, Google Scholar and other web search engines, cIRcle is accessed from all over the globe.

Since the September 2012 update, here is the latest snapshot of cIRcle according to Webometrics (the Ranking of Web Repositories):

@ In the world ranking of *all* repositories, cIRcle is ranked at number 38 (up from number 53) at: http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/world

@ In the world ranking of all *institutional* repositories, cIRcle is ranked at number 32 (up from number 44) at: http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/top_Inst

@ Ranked at 2nd in Canada (after University of Toronto) at: http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/North_america/Canada

Want to learn more about cIRcle? Visit cIRcle at: https://circle.ubc.ca/ (circle.ubc.ca) and click on the ‘About cIRcle’ tab.

Did You Know?

There are permanent URLs for each item in cIRcle. This means no broken links and no need to update the URL every time there is a website redesign–the links to your materials will stay the same over time. Start increasing your research impact with cIRcle, UBC’s Digital Repository and visit circle.ubc.ca.

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