Documents, maps, and publications explore how the Canadian Pacific Railway was built and how Vancouver was chosen as the western terminus.
The exhibition also features photographs and accounts of the railway’s construction, along with vibrant posters promoting travel and tourism via C.P.R. trains and steamships. Beautiful examples of cruise ship memorabilia provide a glimpse of the style of the times.

The Fraser River gold rush that sparked Chinese immigration to British Columbia is highlighted through books and government documents relating to immigration restrictions. Chinese-Canadian cultural, social, and economic life is displayed through archival documents, photographs, artifacts, and more.

The exhibition also includes promotional brochures and posters encouraging European immigration to Western Canada and archival materials from the Clandonald colony in Alberta, a community of immigrants from the Scottish Hebrides.

Related to early B.C. hstory are rare editions of the narratives of many Pacific voyages of discovery including Valdes, Galiano, Malaspina,
Cook, and Vancouver. The exhibition also features charts recording the exploration of the Pacific Northwest.

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