David Mark Graham (1945-2012) was a Vancouver native and a double UBC alumnus (BA, BArch) with a life-long interest in Asia. At UBC, he was closely involved with projects such as the construction of the Asian Centre, the rejuvenation of the Nitobe Japanese Garden, and a proposal for a travelling exhibition of the university’s Tokugawa map collection.

The David Mark Graham Memorial Fund honours David’s memory through the purchase of print materials for UBC’s Asian Library, focusing on traditional visual and material art and architecture of Northeast Asia, particularly Japan and Korea.

The Asian Library is pleased to present the following two rare Japanese acquisitions recently made possible by the David Mark Graham Memorial Fund and the UBC Rare Books and Special Collections. We acknowledge the continued support from the Asian Studies faculty, especially Drs. J. Mostow and C. Laffin, in providing expertise in Japanese rare books. Many thanks also to the Library’s Acquisitions and Cataloguing units for their technical support and to the Digital Initiatives unit for digitizing the items and making them openly accessible in the Open Collections platform.

異國人物圖 Ikoku jinbutsuzu (Illustrations of the people of the world)

Produced in the mid-18th century, Ikoku jinbutsuzu allows us a fascinating glimpse into Japanese view of the world and its inhabitants in the Edo period (1603-1868). Pictures of people from various parts of the world, from China, to Vietnam, and to Holland, are hand-drawn and painted in vivid colours. The images were largely derived from astronomer and geographer Nishikawa Joken’s Shijūnikoku jinbutsu zusetsu (Illustrated account of the people from 42 countries, 1720), a very influential book at the time. This well-preserved manuscript is a valuable addition to the number of pre-modern Japanese works depicting and discussing the world’s peoples, including the popular Bankoku Sōzu (Map of all nations), in the UBC Library’s Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era collection.

View Ikoku jinbutsuzu at UBC Open Collections here.

奈良絵本断簡 Nara ehon dankan (Illustrated pages from a Nara ehon picture book)

Photo credit: Library Communications

Nara ehon is a type of Japanese manuscript book, containing a short story accompanied by illustrations. Nara ehon books were produced from the late Muromachi period to the early Edo period in the early 1600s, and while many were mass-produced and circulated widely among the general public, some were exquisitely painted and ornately decorated with high-quality materials and intended for high-ranking samurai and daimyō (great feudal lord) families.

Our new acquisition includes ten sheets of illustrations, hand-painted in gold, blue, green, and other bright colours, with borders in gold. According to the scholars who examined the pieces, the high quality of the paper and paint indicates that the illustrations were possibly from a picture album for the high class audience rather than a mass-produced story book.

The Library is pleased to have acquired these beautiful specimens of Nara ehon illustrations. The images are now available digitally in the UBC Open Collections not only for our faculty and students to study but also for any art and picture book enthusiasts all over the world to enjoy viewing and sharing.

View Nara ehon at UBC Open Collections here.


CD2031 W829 2019
從存史到資政 : 民國以來檔案管理政策與制度變革(1912-1987) / 吳宇凡著

DS764.23 C44 Z4 2019
张謇与辛亥革命 / 张謇研究中心编

DS796.S25 C486 2019
上海张爱玲文学地图 / 淳子[and others]

DS881.83 H66 2019 v.1-2
戊辰戰爭 : 還原被隱藏的真相 = 戊辰戦争 : 隠された真実を暴 / 洪維揚著

GR705 S4 2019
生肖鼠 / 张立章 (中国生肖文化解读系列)

GT2853 C6 L58 2019
大宋饕客 : 從早市小攤吃到深夜食堂 / 劉海永著

HQ1147 C6 W36 2019
唐代宮女生活研究 / 万军杰著

PL2277 H448 2019
若無相見, 怎會相欠 : 民國大師的愛情 : 縱橫江湖的他們, 最後卻愛成了凡夫俗子 / 何滟著

PL2946 L515 S48 2019
水浒群星闪耀时 / 李黎著


BQ8312.7 O86 2019
日蓮主義とはなんだったのか : 近代日本の思想水脈 / 大谷栄一

DS881.9 K67 2019
公正から問う近代日本史 / 編著佐藤健太郎, 荻山正浩, 山口道弘 ; 青木健 [and 7 others]

DS894.99 O374 U24 2019
ヤンキーと地元 : 解体屋、風俗経営者、ヤミ業者になった沖縄の若者たち / 打越正行

HC462.95 N36 2019
日本が外資に喰われる / 中尾茂夫.

NE1321.8 P36 2019

PL673.5 S27 2019
近世節用集史の研究 / 佐藤貴裕著.

PL874 S56 U98 2019
渦 : 妹背山婦女庭訓魂結び / 大島真寿美[著]

PN1995.9 D6 S28 2019
中国ドキュメンタリー映画論 / 佐藤賢

Z115.5 J3 K63 2019
誤読例に学ぶくずし字 : 古文書解読検定総復習 / 小林正博


B127 C65 C52895 2018
유학 의 개척자들 / 최 대우, 이 향준, 조 우진, 정 영수 공저

DS917.35 K56825 2019
한국 현대사 와 국가 폭력 / 김 상숙 [and five others] 엮음

GT4883 A2 L47 2018
한중 세시 명절 풍속사 와 문화 정책 비교 연구 = 韓中歲時名節風俗史與文化政策比較硏究 / 이 진

HN730.5 A8 C4668 2019
전환기 의 한국 사회 : 성장 과 정체성 의 정치 를 넘어 / 맑스 코뮤날레 지음

NK2673.6 A1 C469 2019
한국 가구 의 역사 : 선사 시대 부터 일제 강점기 까지 / 조 숙경 지음

PL907.5 C6 H38 2018
한국어 문학 및 지역어 연구 의 한중 학술 교류 와 성과 / 전남 대학교 BK21+ 지역어 기반 문화 가치 창출 인재 양성 사업단

PL918 C45 2018
과학 으로 풀어낸 흥미 로운 한글 이야기 : 한글 넘어 생각 넘어 / 진 대영 지음

PN6790 K64 K36 2019 v.1
카카오 프렌즈 러브 / 글 오쭈 ; 그림 흑부

QA76.9 D343 S564 2019
나 는 감 이 아니라 데이터 로 말 한다 : 팩트 의 홍수 에서 진실 을 골라 내는 데이터 읽기 의 기술 / 신 현호 지음


BF637 C5 Y86 2018
잠깐 머리 좀 식히고 오겠습니다 : 유쾌한 정신과 전문의 윤대현 교수의 속시원한 심리 처방전 / 윤 대현 지음

DS925 S457 S595 2019 v.1-2
쉽게 읽는 서울사. 조선 편 / 집필자 고 동환 [and many others]

HM766 C464 2018
우린 다르게 살기로 했다 : 혼자 는 외롭고 함께 는 괴로운 사람들 을 위한 마을 공동체 탐사기 / 조 현 지음

ND707 C46 2019
북 유럽 그림 이 건네는 말 : 누가 뭐라든 나 답게, 내 속도 로 살고 싶은 사람들 에게 / 최 혜진 지음

PL981.7 Y548 2019
이 효석 문학상 수상 작품집 2019 / 장은진 [and 6 others]

PL992.415 P98 T67 2018
도시 를 걷는 시간 : 소설가 김 별아, 시간 의 길 을 거슬러 걷다 / 김 별아 지음

PL994.415 H85 T8 2019
두 방문객 : 김 희진 장편 소설

PL992.425 C48 S28 2019
사랑 은 상처 를 허락 하는 것 이다 : 작가 공 지영 의 등단 30주년 문학 앤솔로지 / 공 지영 지음

PN2939.1 K56 2019
북한 연극 을 읽다 : 김 일성 에서 김 정은 시대 까지 / 김 정수 지음

TR647 C4635 2019
말 할 수 없어 찍은 사진, 보여줄 수 없어 쓴 글 : 힘껏 굴러가며 사는 이웃들 의 삶 / 최 필조 지음 


DS855.87 S25 2018
朔旦冬至部類影印と翻刻 : 宮内庁書陵部蔵柳原本 / 木本好信, 樋口健太郎編

DS881.96 H38 2019
日本外交の150年 : 幕末・維新から平成まで / 波多野澄雄編著 ; 日本外交協会企画

HC462.9 M65 2019
豊かさ幻想 : 戦後日本が目指したもの / 森正人

HV6453 J3 S89 2018
サカナとヤクザ : 暴力団の巨大資金源「密漁ビジネス」を追う / 鈴木智彦

N7350 K635 2019
国宝事典 / 協力文化庁

ND1053.5 S86 2019
住吉如慶筆伊勢物語絵卷 / 伊勢物語絵研究会 編.

PL726.65 N546 2019
日本浪曼派とアジア : 保田與重郎を中心に / 呉京煥, 劉建輝編著

PL747.8 K56 2019
日本文学の〈戦後〉と変奏される〈アメリカ〉 : 占領から文化冷戦の時代へ / 金志映著

PN1978 J3 K66 2019
鴻池幸武文楽批評集成 / 多田英俊編著

QH600 M38 2018
性の進化史 : いまヒトの染色体で何が起きているのか / 松田洋一


DS777.8 C5 B54 2019
别样风雨情缘 / 周晓沛著

DS777.8 C6 G86 2019
国外见闻与人生思考 / 朱应鹿著

PL2862 I16 Z96 2018 v.1-4
西西研究資料 / 王家琪, 甘玉貞, 何福仁, 陳燕遐, 趙曉彤, 樊善標編

Originating in Southwest China, tea is now one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is served differently from country to country. Visit our latest book display and explore the Asian Library collection on tea, its origin, history and culture.

The display is located at the Asian Centre foyer and will be up until March 7.

On February 11, UBC Library hosted a one-day workshop by renowned Japanese conservator Kazunori Oryū, who presented on Japanese scroll mounting and bookbinding in conservation. More than forty participants were in attendance, including local and out-of-town conservators, paper and print artists, members of Japanese heritage and cultural organizations, and UBC students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

In the workshop, Mr. Oryū not only outlined the basics of the structures and aesthetics of Japanese heritage materials as related to conservation, but also reported on his involvement as a technical supervisor in the multi-year rescue efforts for paper-based resources damaged during last October’s typhoon at the Kawasaki City Museum. Mr. Oryū also provided step-by-step demonstrations of how to handle heritage materials properly, and gave detailed explanations about preservation and conservation processes and techniques, using sample materials.

In the words of a participant, “thank you… for offering this fascinating event and for opening it up to the conservation community. Opportunities like this are rare.”

Mr. Oryū also met with library employees the following day to examine items from UBC Library’s own Japanese rare collections. He provided invaluable guidance with regards to the ongoing conservation needs of the items that were shown, and also espoused general strategies that could be used to care for the materials.

We are grateful to Mr. Oryū for sharing his time and expertise, and to Sheldon Armstrong, AUL Collections, for sponsoring this event.



PK2659 B46 C58 2019
Chitti gufa te maulsari : a novel / by Jasbir Bhullar

PK2659 R385 B34 2019
Baaghi Sarabha : a Punjabi play / by Gurpreet Singh Ratol

PK2659 S295 M67 2019
Moraan Ranjit Singh / by Swarn Singh

PK2659 S837 M36 2019
Mann de moti : short stories / by Surinder Deep

PQ2605 A37 C4166
Patan : a novel / translated by Vipan Gill


DS734.7 Z433587 2018
西史东渐与中国史学演进 (1840-1927) / 赵少峰著

DS740.5 K6 L538 2019
清代中朝边界史探研 : 结合实地踏查的研究 / 李花子著

DS747.15 Z4 2019
楚国八百年 / 张俊纶著

DS755 J53 2019
摩登中华 : 从帝国到民国 / 贾葭著

DS777.43 D464 2019
新文化运动百年祭 / 邓秉元著


DS894.465 S255 2019
戦国時代の終焉 : 「北条の夢」と秀吉の天下統一 / 齋藤慎一

HT653 J3 M66 2019
武士の起源を解きあかす : 混血する古代, 創発される中世 / 桃崎有一郎

ND1059 A49 S55 2019
松と富士 : 穴山勝堂伝 : 「新興大和絵会」から「日本画院」へ / 標宣男

PL650 S55 2018
映画字幕の翻訳学 : 日本映画と英語字幕 / 篠原有子著

PL726.2 K89 2019
平安朝文学論 : 表象と強度 / 葛綿正一

PL728.81185 U44 2019
六条藤家歌学書の生成と伝流 / 梅田径著

PN1993.5 J3 S85 2019
スクリーン・スタディーズ : デジタル時代の映像, メディア経験 / 光岡寿郎 ; 大久保遼編

PN2924.5 N6 M587 2019
歌舞能の系譜 : 世阿弥から禅竹へ / 三宅晶子


DS916 K524 2019
통사 와 혈사 로 읽는 한국 현대사 : 3.1 혁명 에서 남북 정상 회담 까지, 피 와 눈물 의 현대사 100년 / 김 삼웅 지음

DS917.444 A1875 2019
2019-2029 시나리오 한반도 / 모자이크 코리아 지음 ; 김 동재 (연세대 국제학 대학원 교수) 감수

E184 K6 C458164 2019
미주 한인사 / 장 태한, 캐롤 박 지음 ; 장 태한, 윤 지아 옮김

HN730.5 Z9 M84884 2019
다문화 사회 의 다층성 : 인종적 다양성 을 둘러싼 정책적 편입 과 배제 / 원 숙연 지음

JC311 C536 2019
보수 혁명론 : 한민족 을 노리는 “죽음 의 상인들” / 정 상모 지음

PL958.6 Y4535 2019
식민지 문학 읽기 : 일본 15년 전쟁기 / 이 행선 지음

PL961.15 S66 2019
조선 후기 시가 의 성격 과 표현 / 손 정인

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (Light refreshments at 9:30 a.m.)
Location: C. K. Choi Building Room 120 (Conference Room)
Instructor: Mr. Kazunori Oryū

UBC Library is offering a basic Japanese paper conservation workshop by renowned conservator, Mr. Kazunori Oryū. Mr. Oryū has studied painting conservation at the studio of Oka Bokkōdō in Kyōto where he developed his skills and expertise working with Japanese cultural heritage items such as hanging scrolls, screens and books. He is a Conservation Consultant for private and public collections, and he provides preservation planning and preventive and conservation treatment service for paintings, heritage document and manuscript collections. He has lectured extensively in North America and Europe.

This workshop focuses on Japanese scroll mounting and bookbinding using Japanese restoration and conservation techniques. The workshop will incorporate lectures, demonstrations and practical work including handling of Japanese traditional materials. This is a valuable professional development opportunity for paper conservators as well as for artists, craftspeople, library and museum staff, and anyone interested in the Japanese book history.

Admissions is free, but registration is required. Please register here: Registration Link.

For more information, please contact Tomoko Kitayama Yen, Japanese Studies Librarian, at tomoko.kitayama@ubc.ca.

10-10:05am WELCOME

Shirin Eshghi Furuzawa, Head, Asian Library

10:05 – 10:25am PUNJABI

Stories from the Fascinating Folktales of Punjab series
ਦੋ ਬਾਤਾਂ: ਤੋਤੇ ਤੇ ਲਿਲ੍ਹਾਂ Tales of the Parrots & The Berries

Punjabi & English Storytellers:
Sarbjit Randhawa, South Asian and Himalayan Studies Librarian &
Gagan Cheema, UBC Alumni (BSc Speech and Hearing Science) and incoming MSc (Faculty of Medicine, Speech Language Pathology)

10:30-10:45am HINDI

Hindi Moral Stories – Fox & Crow and Dove & Ant

Hindi & English Storyteller:
Taranjit Singh, UBC Library Assistant and UBC Alumni (Former Graduate Student Society President & M Journalism)

10:45-11am PERSIAN

Persian Songs from Persian Language Online
Selected Stories from Bedtime Stories for Kids (Spring) by Children’s Research Centre Donyā

Persian & English Storyteller:
Sadaf Ahmadbeigi, UBC iSchool Student


Chinese & Tibetan Calligraphy with Esther Yang, UBC Tibetan Language Student
Punjabi Calligraphy with Sarbjit Randhawa, South Asian and Himalayan Studies Librarian

11:15-11:40am KOREAN

Flap Flap 훨훨 간다by Kwon Jeong-saeng; Translated by UBC MLIS Graduate T. Yun Hee Lee, Illustrated by Kim Yong-cheol

Korean Storyteller:
Joon-hyung Park, Author and Founder of Creative Writing for Children Society

English Storyteller:
Angela Ahn, Children’s Book Author and UBC Alumni (BA, BEd(Sec), MLIS)

11:45am-12:15pm MANDARIN

Yuan xiao jie 元宵节 by Wang Zaozao 王早早

Mandarin and English Storytellers:
Kristin (Junling) Liu, VP Academics, UBC Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Current BCom Student
Helen (Xin Liu) Wu, Director Academics, UBC Chinese Students and Scholars Association Member, Current BCom (Accounting) Student


Tibetan Calligraphy with Esther Yang, Tibetan Language Student
Punjabi Calligraphy with Sarbjit Randhawa, South Asian and Himalayan Studies Librarian
Origami with Tomoko Kitayama, Japanese Studies Librarian
Japanese Children’s Activities with Fuma Aoki, Political Science Student

1-1:25pm CANTONESE

Let’s Take a Walk by Larry Grant & Sarah Ling

Cantonese Storyteller:
Sarah Ling, Community Engagement Manager, St. John’s College, UBC

Selection of Stories from Storybooks Canada

Selection of Stories from Classic Legends

Cantonese Storyteller:
Zoe Wai-Man Lam, Sessional Lecturer, Asian Studies Department

English Storyteller:
Wendy Yip, University Ambassador

1:30-2pm JAPANESE

Peach Boy (Momotarō) ももたろう by Kawauchi Sayumi

My Friends みんながおしえてくれましたby Gomi Taro 五味 太郎

Japanese Storyteller and Translator:
Motoki Nozawa (Current MEd & Asian Studies Teaching Assistant)

English Storyteller:
Santa Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC

Asian Library is pleased to announce that Tomoko Kitayama Yen has joined the Library as the new Japanese Studies Librarian.

Tomoko has almost 15 years of experience working at UBC Library as a Library Assistant in collections and technical services. Her library career started as a Japanese Cataloguer at Asian Library, and she is thrilled to return to the branch in her new role, bringing with her a passion for Japanese collections.

Tomoko has a B.A. in history from UBC and has recently completed the coursework for the Master of Library and Information Studies degree at UBC’s iSchool. She once worked for a Tokyo publishing company and taught Japanese in private language schools in Vancouver. Her career focus has been to make information resources accessible at the backend of the library operation, working on acquisitions, cataloguing and collection maintenance. Tomoko is very excited to move onto a role that allows her to work directly with faculty, students and community at the beautiful Asian Centre.

Tomoko is interested in many areas of studies, such as community-oriented librarianship, knowledge organization and classification of non-mainstream disciplines, digital scholarship, and the history of the book. Above all, Tomoko is eager to be of service to the thriving Japan studies communities on campus and beyond. Her goal is to be a facilitator and collaborator to help UBC scholars, including faculty, students and community users discover and make the most of the world’s information resources. Consider Tomoko as a member of your research and learning team. Please contact her at 604-822-0960 or tomoko.kitayama@ubc.ca to make an appointment to discuss how she can best support you.

The Tadoku (多読) guide page is designed for students learning Japanese:

At the Asian Library’s Language Learning section, students will be able to find print versions of the graded readers as well as picture books. We also offer e-books that can be found at: http://guides.library.ubc.ca/japanese/tadoku/ebooks

The recently upgraded Tadoku page has separate sections for the Graded Tadoku Readers (Nihongo yomuyomu bunko) and the Taishūkan Japanese Readers (Nihongo tadoku bukkusu), as well as a guide on “which reader is the right one for you,” based on the corresponding Japanese courses offered.

Please contact the Japanese language librarian Naoko Kato at naoko.kato@ubc.ca if you have any comments or questions.

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