Vancouver music teacher receives award from Shania Twain

Mark Reid (photo from Vancouver Sun article)

A Vancouver music teacher, Mark Reid, has won $10,000 cheque and a $10,000 for Vancouver Technical secondary school’s music program.

According to the Vancouver Sun article, “MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award recognizes the work of dedicated teachers who inspire students through their musical teachings.”

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In Venezuela, Maestro Jose Abreu brought music instruction to the children from poor and violent neighbourhoods, through a program called El Sistema.The success of this venture has inspired similar ones throughout the world, including The Leading Note Foundation in Ottawa. Inner city children are provided with instruments and instruction free of charge.

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This journal article appears in the July 2011 issue of the British Journal of Music Education (28,2).

Abstract: The music industry in the 21st century uses digital technology in a wide range of applications including performance, composition and in recording and publishing. Much of this digital technology is freely available via downloads from the internet, as part of software included with computers when they are purchased and via applications that are available for some mobile phones. Such technology is transforming music and the way people approach many traditional music activities. This paper is about transformative practices that are underway in some secondary school music classrooms. Practices are being shaped by the culture of the schools and the students that they recruit. We describe the perceptions and practices of nine music teachers in four New Zealand secondary schools with regard to digital technology and how they are changing their work in their classroom. Data collection techniques include interviews, observation and a questionnaire. The data were subjected to two stages of thematic analysis. Grounded analysis was used to allow the teachers’ voices emerge. This was then followed by the application of five themes identified in the literature on pedagogic change prompted by teachers’ adoption of digital technologies.

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