Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by Green College.  Dr. Barnor Hesse. Associate Professor of African American Studies, Political Science and Sociology, Department of African American Studies, Northwestern University.   ‘Raceocracy: How the racial state of exception proves the racial rule’.  The talk is based on the forthcoming: ‘Creolizing the Political: Race Governance and Black Politics’. It seeks to rethink the meaning of race and racism in relation to questions of western governance; and secondly, to identify a theoretical framework in which to understand ‘Black politics’ as a series of interventions and practices irreducible to the bodies of the populations who produce those practices and interventions.  This lecture is part of the ongoing Green College lecture series, “Law and Society.”


Barnor Hesse is an Associate Professor of African American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology at Northwestern University. His research interests include post-structuralism and political theory, black political thought, modernity and coloniality, blackness and affect, race and governmentality, conceptual methodologies, postcolonial studies.

Select Articles Available at UBC Library

Hesse, B. (2011). Marked Unmarked: Black Politics and the Western political, South Atlantic Quarterly, Fall 2011, 110: 4. [Link]

Hesse, B. (2011). Symptomatically Black: A Creolization of the Political in S. Shih and F. Lionnet eds. The Creolization of Theory. Durham: Duke University press. [Link]

Hesse, B. (2009). Afterword: Black Europe’s Undecidability in D. Hine, T. Keaton and S. Small eds. Black Europe and the African Diaspora. Urbana: University of Illinois press. [Link]

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