Orange Shirt Day is September 30. UBC Library’s research guide has compiled curated lists of materials which address the reality of the Indian Residential Schools. Many include additional resources for teaching or encouraging discussion at home.

Science Literacy Week (September 16-22, 2019) is an annual celebration of science in Canada, in which libraries, universities, museums and other partners offer events and displays to highlight research and learning at our institutions.

Our new major book display is up just in time for the start of the new academic year!  The theme is “how do library services and resources support the development of multiple literacies?”
Browse this display on the main level of the library just outside the Young Learners Library.

The display is designed to complement the Unlock Library Literacy workshops that each teacher education student will participate in as part of LLED 350 or LLED 360 during September. Students will actively explore a selection of library resources and get to know the Education Library at the same time. Exploration stations are focused on themes of Indigenous perspectives and critical literacy, differentiated reading materials, leisure reading, coding and computational thinking resources, and “making” stories through unplugged STEAM activities.

The following essential questions are our guides for exploration: 

What role does the library play in literacy education? How do library services and resources support the development of multiple literacies?

The Unlock Library Literacy workshops model a gamified approach to learning design. Research indicates that gamification of education can improve learning outcomes, engagement and motivation, self-efficacy, and knowledge retention (Rabah, Cassidy, & Beauchemin, 2018). During the workshops, students will receive a series of numbers after completing each station, which can be used to unlock a box and get a surprise.


Rabah, J., Cassidy, R., & Beauchemin, R. (2018, November). Gamification in Education: Real Benefits or Edutainment?. In European Conference on e-Learning (pp. 489-XIX). Academic Conferences International Limited.

UBC Education Library is pleased to announce a new series of themed booklists on topics related to teaching, learning, and children’s literature. The UBC Education Library Booklists offer an entry point to the collection by highlighting suggested books on a variety of topics. Each list features titles about current and historical topics in education, pedagogy, and the BC K-12 curriculum.

Depending on the theme, you will see a list of suggested teaching resources in print or electronic format, picture books, and information books. Topic-specific keyword suggestions accompany each list to help find more titles on the topic in the collection. All books featured on the UBC Education Library Booklists are available at the Education Library, either in print or online.

The booklists are a work in progress. New lists will be released roughly twice per week throughout the year. Check them out today and let us know what you think! And, follow @ubcedlib on Twitter to keep up to date on new booklists as they are available.

UBC Education Library Booklist handouts are available in print at the Service Desk for quick reference.

These lists are also available as a PDF handout if you’re looking for a quick list of books as a jumping-off point on a certain topic.  You can find these print copies at the UBC Education Library Service Desk.

Thanks to Jennifer Abel, Wendy Traas, Emily Fornwald, Carmen Marchal and Elena P. for all their hard work creating these lists and handouts.

Hello new patrons! Welcome to UBC Education Library!

Visit our Collection Spotlight located in the main breezeway area of our branch.  This spotlight changes twice a month, and sometimes more!  Here you’ll find an assortment of books that will highlight a theme, a holiday, or a subject in our collection, displayed in a way that makes it easy for you to view and browse.

Feel free to borrow any book you see on these shelves as we “restock” this area daily!

Book covers featuring portrayals of children enjoying being independent and active outdoors in a variety of ways is a great way to model an active lifestyle as well as norming differences in mobility. When selecting books for a display, try to intentionally include titles with bright, cheerful, engaging covers like these portraying all kinds of kids zipping and zooming their way through life.

Featured titles:

Emmanuel’s dream: the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah / by Laurie Ann Thompson; illustrated by Sean Qualls.

Summary: Born in Ghana, West Africa, with one deformed leg, he was dismissed by most people — but not by his mother, who taught him to reach for his dreams. As a boy, Emmanuel hopped to school more than two miles each way, learned to play soccer, left home at age thirteen to provide for his family, and, eventually, became a cyclist. He rode an astonishing four hundred miles across Ghana in 2001, spreading his powerful message: disability is not inability. Today, Emmanuel continues to work on behalf of the disabled.


Pedal it!: how bicycles are changing the world / Michelle Mulder.

Summary: Pedal It! celebrates the humble bicycle–from the very first boneshakers to the sleek racing bikes of today, from handlebars to spokes to gear sprockets–and shows you why and how bikes can make the world a better place. Not only can bikes be used to power computers and generators, they can also reduce pollution, promote wellness and get a package across a crowded city–fast! Informative but not didactic, Pedal It! encourages young readers to be part of the joy of cycling.

Don’t call me special: a first look at disability / Pat Thomas; illustrated by Lesley Harker.

Summary: This picture book explores questions and concerns about disability in a simple and reassuring way. Younger children can find out what a disability is, and learn how people deal with their disabilities to live happy and full lives. Written by a psychotherapist and counselor, this book helps to foster acceptance and tolerance of people who are in some way “different.”

On a slippery slope / Melody Fitzpatrick.

Summary: If a super-cute boy (one you really want to impress) assumes that you’re a championship skier and snowboarder, is it really that big of a deal if you don’t set him straight? When a teensy fib starts snowballing out of control, Hannah Smart realizes she needs cash to keep from being found out. She takes a part-time job at the local TV station where her dad works as the weatherman. After nearly killing a woman (it was an accident!) and then saving her life on air, Hannah unexpectedly finds herself in front of the camera again. Loving the spotlight, Hannah is swept up in the excitement of TV land, but with the school ski trip coming up, she soon realizes that some secrets are almost impossible to keep hidden. But wanting to come clean and doing it are two very different things.

The red bicycle: the extraordinary story of one ordinary bicycle / written by Jude Isabella; illustrated by Simone Shin.

Summary: When Leo outgrows his bicycle, it finds a new home with Alisetta, who uses it to access to her family’s sorghum field and the market.

A crash course for Molly / Eva Eriksson; translated by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard.

Summary: Watch out! Here comes Molly! Molly is big enough and smart enough to ride a bike now – and she loves it! Trouble is, Molly can’t seem to stop running into things. She keeps her eye on the objects in her path – like poles and people – but for some reason she still hits them. Luckily, she bumps into a driving instructor one day, and he gives Molly some useful advice. Using warmly colored and expressive illustrations, Eva Eriksson once again gives readers an adorable little girl to cheer for as she takes a crash course in bike riding.

Check out these articles for more information :

Ostrosky, M. M., Mouzourou, C., Dorsey, et al (2015). Pick a Book, Any Book: Using Children’s Books to Support Positive Attitudes Toward Peers With Disabilities. Young Exceptional Children18(1), 30–43.

Emily A. Roper & Alexandra M. Clifton (2013) The Representation of Physically Active Girls in Children’s Picture Books, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 84:2, 147-156, DOI: 10.1080/02701367.2013.784844

Education Library hours for July & August 2019

The New Summer book display is up!

“Summer: A Time to Rest & Reflect on Practice” 

You can do this: hope and help for new teachers              LB1025.3 .J334 2014
The beginning teacher’s field guide: embarking on your first years            LB2844.1.N4 B658 2018
The field guide to teaching: a handbook for new teachers             LB2844.1.N4 M27 2007
The ones we remember: scholars reflect on teachers who made a difference      LB1775 .O54 2008
Pedagogy of the oppressed         LB880.F73 P4313 2018
Social justice in physical education: critical reflections and pedagogies for change    GV342.27 .S63 2016
A teacher’s reflection book: exercises, stories, invitations             LB1025.3 .P466 2011
Reflections on literacy    LC154 .M24 2006
Brave new teachers: doing social justice work in neo-liberal times             LC213.3.C2 B73 2011
The challenges of student diversity in Canadian schools: essays on building a better future for exceptional children                LC1099.5.C3 C53 2009
Teaching for diversity in Canadian schools             LC1099.5.C3 E39 2009
It won’t be easy: an exceedingly honest (and slightly unprofessional) love letter to teaching LA2317.R25 A3 2017
Teaching is a privilege: twelve essential understandings for beginning teachers  LB2157.A3 M34 2009
Pedagogy of hope: reliving Pedagogy of the oppressed  LB880.F732 P4313 2014
Experience inquiry: 5 powerful strategies, 50 practical experiences          LB1027.23 .M57 2019
Targeted teaching: strategies for secondary teaching      LB1737.G7 B35 2017
The power of teacher leaders: their roles, influence, and impact                LB1025.3 .P685 2015
From master teacher to master learner                  LB1028.3 .R542 2015
What is a “good” teacher?           LB1025.3 .B6548 2017 CCBC
We got this. : equity, access, and the quest to be who our students need us to be LB1025.3 .M576 2019
Inclusive primary teaching: a critical approach to equality and special educational needs and disability                                                                                                                                                                     LC1203.G7 G64 2015
Raising race questions: whiteness and inquiry in education      LC212.2 .M53 2014

Summer Reading Club starts on Monday, July 8, 2019! Pick up a pamphlet for the Young Learner in your life at UBC Education Library. Collect a sticker for each book read & get a prize in August!


The latest collection spotlight is up!  “Yay, You! Moving Up and Moving On.” features books with a graduation, last day of school, life’s journey, or other related theme.

Yay, you! : moving out, moving up, moving on / written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton      PZ8.3.B7 Yy 2001  (image for this month’s display is based on this book!)

Journey / Aaron Becker          PZ4.9.B396 Jr 2013

What do you do with a chance? / written by Kobi Yamada ; illustrated by Mae Besom.     PZ7.Y18 Wg 2017

Sometimes you fly / by Newbery Medalist Katherine Applegate  PZ7.A644 Sm 2018

If you hold a seed / by Elly MacKay.          PZ7.M19124 If 2013  (stacks & CCBC)

Dream : a tale of wonder, wisdom & wishes / Susan V. Bosak       PZ4.9.B6789 Dr 2004

The three questions / written and illustrated by Jon J. Muth.        PZ4.9.M97 Th 2002

Reach for the stars : and other advice for life’s journey / by Serge Bloch. PZ4.9.B5664 Rc 2010

Once upon a memory / written by Nina Laden     PZ4.9.L115 On 2013

Teacup / Rebecca Young, Matt Ottley.    PZ7.1.Y76 Tc 2016

Happy dreamer / by Peter H. Reynolds   PZ7.R337645 Hp 2017 CCBC

Hope you’re happy / story by Mary Clendenning Genge  PZ4.9.C5464 Hp 2002

Oh, the places you’ll go! / Seuss      PZ4.9.S487 Oh 1990

Going places  / written by Peter H. Reynolds & Paul A. Reynolds PZ7.R337645 Gn 2014

Come with me : poems for a journey / by Naomi Shihab Nye        PS3564.Y44 C66 2000

How to catch a star / Oliver Jeffers           PZ4.9.J4 Hw 2004

Move it, Miss Macintosh! / by Peggy Robbins Janousky   PZ4.9.J3588 Mv 2016  CCBC

Because you are my teacher / by Sherry North    PZ8.3.N8135 Bc 2012

Because of Mr. Terupt / Rob Buyea      PZ7.B98316 Bc 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day / by Lynne Plourde      PZ4.9.P626174 Tc 2003

Last day blues / Julie Danneberg               PZ4.9.D35517 Ls 2006

What do you do with an idea?    PZ7.Y18 Wh 2013

Miss Bindergarten celebrates the last day of kindergarten     PZ4.9.S585 Mc 2005

The day you begin           PZ7.W8642 Dy 2018

We are all dots : a big plan for a better world       PZ7.1.M25874 We 2018

The wish tree     PZ4.9.M222943 Ws 2016 CCBC

It’s okay to make mistakes           PZ4.9.P2267 Is 2014

Junie B. Jones is a graduation girl               PZ7.P2192 Jn 2001

For every one    PZ8.3.R3327 Fr 2018

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