Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday break. We compiled a few items for your to peruse from our collections that run in the holiday spirit. Click on any image to see it closer or download it. Hope you enjoy!


Sequoia tree with Christmas lights in front of Library



Prospector Christmas 1902


The British Columbia Mining Record supplement. Christmas 1900


Thesis Christmas Sheet music



And last but not least… Angry Santa Disrecorder



In a collaborative effort between the UBC Library Digitization Centre and CiTR 101.9 FM, the Student Radio Society of the University of British Columbia, over 300 digitized audio files of CiTR vault content are now available from Open Collections to listen or download in the CiTR Audiotapes Collection.

The CiTR Audiotapes collection offers a wealth of broadcast content documenting the music and arts scene of Vancouver and beyond. Spanning 1949 to the year 2000, it increases access and documentation to a significant 30+ year segment of Vancouver’s unique cultural and musical history.

Try checking out an interview from 1985 of Evelyn Roth, whose artwork is now on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery in their current exhibition “Between Object and Action: Transforming Media in the 1960s and 70s.”


A photo of the Evelyn Roth Dancers (a troop Roth formed) at a salmon dance at MOA in 1979

For those of you who have been waiting since our How We Digitize: Audio Edition! post finally up your street cred listening to a cool interview hour with the alt-rock band Sleater-Kinney.

Or peruse the digitized CiTR magazine Discorder, a magazine devoted to in-depth coverage of Vancouver’s independent music scene for inspiration too.

Girl Culture

This amazing content was uploaded as the first half CiTR’s project An Audio Evolution of UBC. In the second half of the project CiTR Alumni and members will produce and air 10 hour-long documentaries centered on the content in the CiTR Audiotapes Collection to be released over the next year.


The files were digitized from reel-to-reel tapes in the CiTR vault. Once digitized metadata was added and the format changed. Curious about our digitization process? Click on this picture!

A few digitized reels still remain to be uploaded, (one of which includes an interview with Noam Chomsky – so stay tuned!) but the bulk of the collection has been uploaded for you to access.

Listen in and go check out the full collection online

UBC had a centennial birthday yesterday! On September 30th 1915 the University of British Columbia held the first lectures for the newly formed University. To celebrate this momentus occasion we’re  taking a look back here on the blog at DI. Memories abound all over the campus and beyond.

Check out some of the amusing, amazing, even astonishing photos of what else was going on in the year 1915. Click on the pictures to see even more.

1st building

Leonard_Klinck_sitting_by_first_building_at_Point_Grey_Campus This is the first and second buildings on what would become the UBC campus taken in 1951. Check out that sign on the first building– “Danger” is right!

The year 1915 was also a major year in WW1. Many people were volunteering for the army, being shipped overseas, or participating in the war effort however they could.

Oh_please_do_Daddy_Buy_me_a_victory_bond (1)

The common citizen would have seen a lot of posters for Victory Bonds- bonds sold by the government to support the war effort.

Soldiers_marching_in_Vancouver_Island (1)

Thousands gathered to see volunteers of the 30th Battalion leave for the front in Victoria BC

Three_soldiers (1)

Soldier_in_uniform Both men and women volunteered as soliders involved in the war effort.

At home people kept on living- getting married, working, and gardening- and of course, going to school!

Bride_groom_and_groomsman_with_flower_girls (2)    Farmers (1)Group_photo_of_women_students (1)


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