Roaming Sprouts and The Well Cafe

Sprouts is a neat little organic food store located in the SUB Basement that I used to go for a quick, midweek fruit or veggie shopping trip. My home is not within easy access of grocery stores, so I tend to buy food over the weekend (or get my dear brother to do it for me!), but sometimes I just run out… Best of all, they stock food from the UBC Farm, a place I have much affection for, considering the short time I spent there.

Choice is very limited, given the small space, and even more limited during winter, so I haven’t been in a while. I dropped by for lunch there yesterday when every other place seemed to have a massive line, though: Sprouts serves bread and soup for the decent price of $3.75. The bread was a smaller slice than I’d envisioned, to my disappointment (I love bread), but the soup was served in a hearty bowl and was very satisfying. I recommend trying it out at least once; it’s certainly a very healthy option!

Unfortunately, hearty portion at 11 am or no, my appetite came flooding back with a vengeance by 3 pm and I went running down to the Village for food.

On my wanderings, I visited The Well Cafe. It’s a very tiny cafe situated in Regent College, on the outskirts of the Village. They have a bookstore specializing in Christian studies and the cafe is situated right with it. What I like best about the whole place was the seating — there were quite a few tables and comfortable-looking chairs well spaced out. The walls are glass windows, so people had sun pouring down on them while they worked, and it was very nice and quiet — not the mouse-like quiet you find in libraries, but just the normal quiet of a place that isn’t packed with people. I have no idea whether you can study there if you’re not a member of the College, but it certainly is the best place I’ve ever seen for it!

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