Pinkeye Blues

I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks because — dum dum dum! — I picked up a case of conjunctivitus, better known to the general public as pinkeye. Without going into details about it here, you are welcome to look it up on Wikipedia if you don’t know what it is. My situation was not as bad as some on there, but it was gross enough.

The first week was pretty awful. I went to three doctors and my optometrist before it finally started improving. Dr. Zia at West 4th Optometry Clinic is wonderful and did for me what the other three general doctors did not: stop my swelling and my pain. I faithfully recommend her for anything to do with your eyes.

Anyway, my pinkeye is finally gone and I am just left with a little bit of red in my eye where it haemorraged. This sounds and looks a lot scarier than it really is, but it really isn’t very much for me as I didn’t even feel when it happened. This, too, is finally clearing up and I am so glad. I’m sure my supervisor and coworkers are also delighted not to have to see a red-eyed girl working next to them all the time. I brought a tub of Lysol Clorox wipes to work and was constantly disinfecting all areas I’d touched, particularly common ones, in a fear of spreading pinkeye to others.

A lesson I did learn from this experience is to constantly ask pharmacists if they accept the AMS/GSS extended medical plan. Now, I’ve never really paid much attention to this particular coverage; I’m used to being asked for my CareCard, but not anything else. So it was with a pleasant surprise that the third time I visited the pharmacy, they asked me if I had any extended coverage. I was about to say no when I remembered one of those things I pay fees for — and voila, they accepted it and the plan paid for a portion of my prescription! Judging by previous prescriptions that I had to collect, I’d say I saved about $10 or so. I am now a lot more interested in what the AMS/GSS plan covers and will be sure to look it up the next time I need anything remotely related to it.

I also have plans to look up Fair PharmaCare and see if I can get help from that. Prescription drugs can cost a nice load.

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