Arts Career Expo 2012

Arts students! Have you picked up your ticket for the Arts Career Expo yet? Today’s the last day you can buy a ticket for $5; tickets will be $10 at the door tomorrow.

Probably the largest careers event of the year for Arts students, ACE is a great opportunity to hear from alumni in several different fields. The night is loosely structured around two panel sessions of your choice, with a mix-and-mingle networking event afterwards.

The panel I’m most interested in this year is the one on health care and how alumni have got into that field without an MD or even a general Science degree. There are plenty of others, such as marketing/promotions, business, and creative fields, as well as traditionally popular ones like the government, the non-profit sector, and law. ACE is definitely one of those events that is beneficial to attend more than once, to increase your perspective and understanding of different fields you might be interested in.

Or, in my case, I once attended a law panel that confirmed my complete and utter lack of interest in practising law. (With all due respect to the Marshall Eriksens out there.)

Now if they only had a panel for food-lovers, I think I’d be set for the evening!

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