Office: Room 317, Biodiversity Research Centre, University of British Columbia

Email: sandell at zoology.ubc.ca

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Mission statement

DSCN0797“You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but never the jungle out of the monkey”, my dad commented as I was lamenting the torture of one of my many monotonous summer employment. “You can take Linnéa out of school, but you can’t take the school out of Linnéa”, he continued, assuring that his point would get through. “You won’t be happy unless you dedicate your life to learning”.

I find it extremely rewarding to pursue new information, to expand my boundaries of ignorance. Biology offers me vast horizons to explore. The culprits for my interest in evolutionary biology are my passionate Bachelor teachers, whose dedication to teaching inspires me to this day.

Generally, my interest lays in the alliance of theory and experiments. My most recent project is a collaboration with Nathaniel Sharp on The effect of ploidy level on the rate and spectrum of new mutations. More specifically, I marvel in the evolution of meiosis and recombination. The union of genetic variants is fundamental to their fate, and recombination breaks apart associations.

I feel an enormous gratitude to the Swedish taxpayers, who made it possible for me to attend university, to the initiators in the five European universities that gathered strength to find funding and time to offer me the best education in evolutionary biology (MEME), and to my supervisor and idol Sally Otto for offering me a position as a PhD student in her lab—through which I can pursue my academic passions.

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