Name           N. H. Linnéa Sandell

E-mail          sandell at

Nationality   Swedish



2015 (ongoing)             Ph.D. in Zoology. University of British Columbia, Canada.

2015             M.Sc. in Ecology and Evolution. University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

2015             M.Sc. in Evolutionary Biology. University of Montpellier II, France.

2013             B.Sc. in Biology. University of Uppsala, Sweden.



2018            Nathaniel P. Sharp, Linnea Sandell, Christopher G. James, Sarah P. Otto 2018. The genome-wide rate and spectrum of spontaneous mutations differ between haploid and diploid yeast. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

2016            Linnea Sandell, Sarah P. Otto 2016. Probing the Depths of Biological Diversity During the Second Century of GENETICS. GENETICS vol. 204 no. 2 pp. 395-400

2013             Uppsala University, BSc thesis: Genetiska metoder för att kartlägga den anatomiskt moderna människans migration eng. Genetic methods to map the anatomically modern human’s migration

2013             Uppsala University, Popular science summary: To trace back our genetic footprints



2018             Vancouver Yeast Meeting, presentation, From function to fitness: comparing predicted
functional effects to growth rates of mutation accumulation lines

2017             Evolution meeting, Portland, poster, Estimating growth rate from OD data in budding yeast

2016             Beaty Biodiversity museum, Invited guest presentation to the EDCP 354 (302) class

2016             University of British Columbia, St John’s College, Resident Fellow Speaker Series: Biodiversity, Bioliteracy, and Ecojustice — A Roundtable Discussion

2016             University of British Columbia, 3 Minute Thesis competition (semi-finalist): Role of Sociality in the Evolution of Recombination

2016             University of British Columbia, St John’s College, Resident Fellow Speaker Series: Why sex?

2015             University of British Columbia, Ecology and Evolution retreat, poster. Social structure and selection for recombination

2015              Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Erasmus Mundus Summer school, presentation. Meiotic evolution in autotetraploids, A case study of Arabidopsis arenosa

2014              University of Montpellier II, Erasmus Mundus Winter school, presentation, Diatom Evolution

2013             University of Uppsala, poster. Algal blooms: colourful marine orgies Co-presenters: Bernhardson I., Hauswald L., Vroom R.

2013             University of Uppsala, poster, Vart kommer du ifrån? — DNA:t skvallrar!  eng. Where are you from? — You’re DNA is telling!


Research experience

2015-            University of British Columbia, Otto Lab, Department of Zoology, Supervisors: Sarah P. Otto

2015             Harvard University, Bomblies Lab, Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Master thesis 2: Attempt at dating selective signatures in tetraploid Arabidopsis arenosa Supervisors: K. Bomblies, J. Wakely, F. Weissing

2014              Station Biologique Roscoff, Evolutionary Ecology and Ecology of Algae. Master thesis 1: The Evolution of sex in adaptive landscape models, Supervisor: D. Roze

2014              Université Montpellier 2, Metapopulations, Institute of Evolutionary Sciences. Project: Adaptation to Climate Change in a Stage-structured Population Supervisor: O. Ronce

2013             Uppsala University, Lascoux Lab, Evolutionary Biology Centre. Intern: DNA-extraction and handling of greenhouses, Supervisor: K. Holm



2017              University of British Columbia. Teacher Assistant in BIOL301

2017              University of British Columbia. Teacher Assistant in BIOL 336

2015 – 2016  University of British Columbia. Teacher Assistant in BIOL 234

2014              Järfälla kommun. Summer employment in home care

2012              Apoteket Lokatten. Summer employment as Pharmacy assistant

2010 – 2011 Apoteket Hjärtat. Summer employment as Pharmacy assistant

2009              Swedish Fundraising. Member recruiter

2006 – 2007 Sör Sellnäs Icelandic horse riding. Summer employment as assistant


Extra activity                     

2017-            St John’s College Dining Society, President

2016-2017   St John’s College Social Committee, Vice president

2016-2017   St John’s College Dining Society, Vice president

2016             Otto lab meetings, coordinator

2017             St John’s College Film Committee, Co-chair

2016             Biodiversity Research Seminar, Coffee organizer

2016             Biodiversity Lunchtime Internal Seminar Series, Coordinator

2016             Instructional Skills Workshop, UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

2015             Let’s Talk Science University of British Columbia, Volunteer

2015             Beaty Biodiversity Museum in Vancouver, Museum Educator (volunteer)

2013 – 2015   Biology Education Centre in Uppsala, Blogger (

2014             Vienne Biocentre PhD Symposium Complexity of Life, Participant and travel grant holder

2014             Student Seminar Ecological and Evolutionary Modelling, Participant

2013             Dutch Royal Zoological Conference Individual Differences, Assistant

2012 – 2013  Student newspaper Bladet at Uppsala, Columnist

2010 – 2013  Course Member Representative

2009              Alla Lika Alla Olika (All Different All Equal) Certified education in norm critical pedagogy, value based leadership, and interactive exercises.


Awards and Scholarships

2017             St John’s College George Shen Fellowship

2017             St John’s College Charles C C & Sophia Wong Memorial Fellowship

2016 – 2020 Four Year Fellowship, awarded by UBC’s Faculty of Science

2015 – 2019  International Tuition Award, awarded by UBC’s Faculty of Science (expected C$ 8 533.36).

2015 – 2019  Faculty of Science PhD Tuition Award, awarded by UBC’s Faculty of Science (expected C$ 13 088.96).

2013 – 2015  Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, awarded by the European Union (€ 20 000).

2014              Vienne Biocentre PhD Symposium, Travel grant holder

2014              Adolf Lindgrens stiftelse (sek 25 000)

2013             Per Erikssons stiftelse (sek 24 000)

2012              Per Erikssons stiftelse (sek 24 000)

2012              Adolf Lindrens stiftelse (sek 22 000)

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