Teaching portfolio

Teaching philosophy/Goal

As I am new to teaching, my main goal for the next-coming years is to learn as much from my students and superiors as possible. I like it best when my students are active and participate, and so I try to encourage an open discussion from early on in the semester.

Teaching experience

2017 Teaching assistant for BIOL301 Biomathematics at University of British Columbia

2017 Teaching assistant for BIOL336 Fundamentals of Evolution at University of British Columbia

2016 Invited guest presentation to the EDCP 354 (302) class at the Beaty Biodiversity museum

2015-16 Teaching assistant for BIOL231 Fundamentals of Genetics at University of British Columbia

2015-present Volunteer at Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Vancouver

2015-16 Volunteer at Let’s Talk Science, events at Science World in Vancouver, as well as classroom visits to Gibson Elementary School, Delta


The students that I have assisted have given me high marks on student evaluation forms. My points for improvement for the next semester is better time management and preparation ahead of class. Though it takes quite a toll, I am very grateful for all students’ comments and try to read through them thoroughly and reflect on how I can act on their suggestions for the next course I TA. You can read the comments students’ have given me here: BIOL234 autumn 2015BIOL234 spring 2016, BIOL336 spring 2017, BIOL301 fall 2017, BIOL337 spring 2018.


2016 Instructional Skills Workshop Diploma

2015-16 Biology Program TA Professional Development (BioTAP) Certificate

2009 Alla Lika Alla Olika (All Different All Equal), Certified education in norm critical pedagogy, value based leadership, and interactive exercises.


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