Marketing post #3: Target to launch its Canadian ad campaign during Oscars

Target to launch its Canadian ad campaign during Oscars

Target’s national ad campaign has several glimpses of Montreal

A while ago, we used target as a case study for one of the classes where we discussed about how Target can market itself to expand into Canada. Here it is, Target is finally airing its commercial during the Oscars. The commercial features “Mister Roger’s well-known “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” song by the Canadian band Dragonette and a French song named “Viendras-tu avec moi?”  by a Montreal band Alfa Rococo in Quebec. The different background soundtracks used in the commercial shows that Target has segmented Canadian consumers into two groups (French speaking and others) based on geographic segmentation base.

In the commercial, a woman rides a motorcycle with a Target dog pasts several Canadian landmarks such as people skating in Toronto, Vancouver’s Olympic Village, and Moving Day in Quebec. These will appeal to Canadians as the landmarks and traditions are familiar to consumers, thus demonstrating that they considered and analyzed the culture aspects of macro environmental factors. In addition, Target pledged $1 million to Canadian charities, creating bursaries for Quebec fashion designers as well as sponsoring a park in Quebec to influence the consumer decision process by manipulating the affective component of consumer’s attitude towards Target as an American brand (Canadians will feel less hostile to the idea that they are supporting an American brand when they know that Target supports Canadian charity and other causes). This is exactly how our group discussed in class that Target can incorporate more Canadian symbols into their marketing campaign and support Canadian businesses so it is more acceptable for Canadians to accept the brand. I wonder how Canadian consumers will react to the commercial when Target stores open in the near future.


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