Blog #5 – Reference to a classmate’s blog


In response to Diana’s post of “IKEA Richmond’s Chinese New Year celebration”, I personally can relate to this post because my family is a traditional family and certainly celebrate Chinese New Year every year since it’s consider as an important holiday to the Chinese culture. I think that Ikea made a smart move to target this segment in Richmond as we all know that Richmond holds a large Asian population. I agree with Diana that having the number 8’s in price and red color products will likely influence the consumer decision process of this specific target segment of Chinese consumers by culture from the social factors. As a result, Asian consumers may feel more bonded to Ikea as it celebrates the culture with them, thus increasing the chance they will shop at Ikea in the future as well as building a positive brand image by words of mouth within the community. I also noticed from the pictures that there are Chinese wishing words on banners and price tag, this can help improve the store atmosphere as being more positive and welcoming and influence consumers by shopping situation from the situational factors. I believe that Ikea can sustain this positive relationship with its Asian consumers by consistently holding a celebration for Chinese New Year in the future.


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