Blog #6 – Reflection

My experience with the marketing plan assignments has been a positive one as I’m blessed to work with committed group members for this project. I find that the random assignment of group members worked very effectively because we all have different perspectives and skills that make the team diverse and force us to think in different points of view before coming up with the final idea. I also find the three assignments very relevant to understanding the class material, especially in the aspect of applying the knowledge to a real company. It was definitely challenging to apply these concepts, but in the end it did help me improve my critical thinking skills, after all, the real point of classroom learning is to be able to apply it to the real world when we graduate.

However, the third assignment of making a video was quite a hard task for our group since we did not have a group member that excel at video editing or filming. We had to film multiple times due to technology problem, for example it took us very long to figure out how to properly import the videos into the computer. I feel that much of the time spent on making the video is unnecessary and does not aid our understanding for this class.

However, the team working experience has been amazing, as my group was willing to compromise each other’s busy schedule and we all made it through in the end. I learned that one of the most important aspects of team working that cannot be achieved by individual work is the clash of different opinions that made us learn from each other. Lastly, I feel fortunate to have Tamar as my marketing prof this term, as I feel that all the in-class activities and real life examples she discusses in class certainly helped me understand the importance of marketing in any company.



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