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Plato’s Republic: Book IV

Just a few P’s that I have the privilege to point out: Purple, Property, Protection, and Principle. All part of Socrates’s select sophisticated sample of a stellar society. The fourth book of the Republic deals with the matter of deciding what virtue best embodies the ideas of the classes, of which he has 4: Wisdom, Courage, Moderation and Justice.

Wisdom, is obviously attributed to the rulers, for it is through that virtue in which the entire city shall reflect such values. Wisdom will reflect on the city through the rulers.

Courage is the virtue for the Auxiliaries, there duty is to defend the city, and fight for it, and it is the Auxiliaries alone who bear such courage. As it would be useless for a Producer or a Ruler to be courageous.

Moderation not so much as great as sounding as the former, is best described an acceptance of the city itself. Meaning the Producers, who must remain subservient under this entire hierarchy.

Lastly, there is Justice, which has already seen its fair share of appearances in this entire book. Justice is a virtue that embodies all three, and is the understanding that each shall have their own purpose and virtue within the city, and for one to accept and to mind their own business for lack of a better term.

Socrates refers back to the individual, just as how the city has its three divisions, so does the soul. The rational part that carries out the calculations, the irrational which is the source of desires and lust, and then the spirit, which keeps the appetites in check (does not apply to food).

For this all to work together, the rational part would rule over the spirit and the irrational, with the help of the spirit should be an easier task. In the exact same way in which the city shall be ruled over by a just man, and therefore make the city, a just city.


Odysseus was longing to return home to his wife, Penelope. Through nymphs, Calypso, Helios, the Sirens, and a small army of suitors and many others stand between him and his wife. Nothing defines the Odysseus more than his ingenuity as well as his eloquence with words, but when enraged, Odysseus can show that at times he can show self-restraint.

Nostalgia, a word that resonated through the lecture today is certainly a powerful feeling for Odysseus. I would not even begin to imagine how it would feel to be away from one’s wife and home for twenty years, during the summer, I was wrought with homesickness after being away for two months, nowhere as close to 240 of them!

I share a fondness with our guest lecturer today, that of the great war poems, especially that of Odysseus, but not of the same level of passion. When hearing the lecture I was reminded of a computer game I played four years ago, called Tradewinds: Odyssey. The game involved sailing across the Aegean Sea and within the game, I was able to sail around and follow the travels of Odysseus and help him return to Ithaca.

In a way that memory can be seen as a way of linking up myself from back when I was finishing Seventh grade to where I am now. After playing the game for many months, I gained much interest in Greek and other classical civilizations, and continue to pursue my passion for history. That same passion brought me to graduate a year ahead my peers, and bring me closer to my dream of teaching it as a professor someday. It is passion and nostalgia that links me to Toph Marshall, as well as Odysseus himself.

We are most amused.

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