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When in doubt… Hobbes.

God giving the Covenant to Hobbes

Is your realm in chaos? Yes, then I have some news for you! Maybe this testimonial is familiar: being “Locke’d” to a bad contract or fallen to a Rous-seau that it serve the general will no matter the form of your affliction, our good friend Thomas Hobbes has the answer. At first, absolutism may sound like a ludicrous form of government, especially now when one values the ideals of a libertarian code of rights and freedoms that are inviolable etc. Hobbes looks at it as a burden if all that there is in the world is chaos and the violation of our rights, why have them? All we need is our lives is it not? When in doubt with civil rights choose Hobbes and feel good with the fact you will live, and even better without the burden of rights! Exciting isn’t it? Social Contract? Just another thing to be broken, Hobbes says that people give up rights for protection and order. All in the name of public safety (Robespierre anyone?) will all other rights except for our natural right to life will be revoked. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing, Hobbes says that they were never really natural. Finally Hobbes tries to make it clear (posthumously) that if society were to opt to go with shared sovereignty. For in representational or full democracies, there are always the dissenters who criticise the leader (mind you, that the people placed them there in the first place). Though these days, we have shed the sovereign cloak of indivisibility and opted for constitutionalism, which works beautifully. However, maybe someday when some catastrophic event were to send society back into a state of nature, I hope we all read up on Hobbes.