Multiliteracies in ELA Classrooms

Multiliteracies Project 1: Hypertextual Poem

July 10th, 2013 · 1 Comment

For our first project, Fatima, Lisa and I created a hypertextual poem hosted on weebly. You can check out the link here!

This PDF includes our process and considerations for assessment, if we were to assign this project to students: Multiliteracies Project 1


Sarra, Lisa, and Fatima

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  • TMD // Jul 17th 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Dear Lisa, Fatima, and Sarra,

    I enjoyed browsing through your hypertextual poem. The reading is beautiful and the front page image highly appropriate. You may wish to check to see what licenses the images you’ve selected have: if they are “attribution” cc licenses you should attribute the sources somewhere on the site.

    As I mentioned in class, an assignment like this one can be focused in several ways: it may be an individual or collaborative effort; links may be to original creative responses (text or image) written by class members or to external related pages on the Internet; and externally linked content may be from scholarly or popular culture sources. Alternately, the focus can be left open and an exercise after the assignments have been submitted could be to have class members analyze what sort of resources their peers most tend to associate with a given poem or set of poems.

    Your written materials are clear and help provide a sense of your process. You note that students would need to have some skills to carry out this assignment. Do you think it is necessary for them to learn those skills in class, or do you think an approach like the one we’ve used in this class, whereby groups locate their own help resources (assuming Internet connectivity is available) and teach each other, is a viable approach?

    The rubric is a useful tool for assessment. In your self-assessment scale there is this criterion: “Able to properly use technology in class.” You may wish to clarify this by defining “proper use.”

    Thanks for your creative contribution to the class! I look forward to seeing the story project tomorrow!

    Best regards,


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