Culture Jam Assignment

Reebok Ad 2012

This ad by Reebok back in 2012 that encourages men to stay loyal and consistent to their workout regime instead of their relationship with their romantic partner. This ad was extremely controversial, as it was extraordinarily offensive to women due to them being the subject of humiliation through this ad. It specifically implies that going to the gym is much more important than staying loyal to ones girlfriend. The Reebok ad encourages men to behave in a certain manner where women are disrespected, disregarded and placed below certain standard than others. The ad also implies that the gratification of working out is much more than the gratification ones girlfriend may give. This problem is consistent throughout many aspects of society where women are belittled, underestimated and seen as incompetent. This is an extreme problem to this day, as many young individuals in relationships tend to have a lack of commitment with their relationships. This ad also reinforces the hegemonic view of men being able to do what they please while women continue to be marginalized. It is not right to cheat on your girlfriend regardless of any circumstance, however when an ad like this surfaces among society, we begin to reinforce these attitudes that should not be enforced in the first place, as it teaches the younger generations certain attitudes that are disrespectful to women. Although this ad was produced and taken down back in 2012, it is unfortunate that there are still continuing problems where women are being treated poorly throughout society by men, ads, workplace, etc.

New Reebok Ad 2018 by Lukas Domingo

This new and improved advertisement for Reebok speaks of many attitudes. Though we witness problems and issues from their first ad that had taken controversial criticism in 2012, this new ad expresses attitudes of good health, fitness, relationship, and product. The original slogan for this ad was “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout”, which promoted degrading of women and their relationships and prioritized hegemonic views over the view of women being a worthy subject matter. However, with this new slogan “Loyal to your girlfriend? Loyal to your workout? That’s Reebok”, it promotes the healthy living with working out on a regular basis as well as being in a healthy relationship and not cheating on ones girlfriend. While promoting these two distinguishable yet correlated lifestyles, the ad also self-promotes the brand of Reebok noting that they do indeed encourage having a healthy relationship with your significant other while also promoting self-care by working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle. The new ad has revealed that women need to be given more recognition and importance in regards to relationships and priorities for men. The hope is that when an individual examines this new ad, they are struck with a sense of pride and admiration that women are a part of a mans daily life, they are not to be objectified and thrown to the side as if their importance means nothing to this world we live in. The audacity to think that cheating on your girlfriend is something that someone can do on a whim is absurd, but unfortunately in this day and age the lack of commitment within relationships is very much so prevalent. Hopefully this new ad can shed light on promoting self-care and a healthy lifestyle through working out while also having a healthy relationship with ones significant other.