Grsj 300-Cultural Jam Assignment

Part1: Original ad by Dove


part2: Written Analysis

In life, advertisements often appear around us. There are often potential implications in advertising that affect consumers. The shower gel is one of the common daily necessities. In this Dove’s shower gel advertisement, three women of different skin colors are wrapped in bath towels and stand in a row. The advertisement shows the contrast before and after using the shower gel. By using this shower gel, the dryness of the skin is improved. Three women were first noticed visually. Black-skinned female standing on the left with a label “before”. She became a white-skinned woman because of the effect of this shower gel. The main function of this shower gel is “whitening.” This advertisement gives the impression that black skin is unprocessed and imperfect. And more obvious, these three women are women of different races. This shower gel is like a reinvented machine. Transforming black women into white women is the focus of this advertising show. The position of three different ethnic women made the product ignored. The true focus of this ad has seriously deviated. The main focus of this advertisement is no longer shower gel, but racial discrimination.

The message to society that advertising with potential meaning is very dangerous because they treat different races incorrectly. It is not difficult to imagine that after a child sees this advertisement, he may tell his black classmates that using Dove shower gel can become a white woman. This Dove advertising is to promote shower gel, but it actually has a negative impact.

Part3 jammed version of the ad


Part4 written explanation

In my culture jammed version of the ad, I changed the position of the shower gel and the three models. The original focus of this advertisement is shower gel. So I put the shower gel in the most prominent position of the ad. Behind the shower gel is a contrasting picture before and after use. This makes consumers more intuitive to see the effect of shower gel. Moreover, three models with shiny skin are in the lower right corner of the ad. They are not noticed by consumers at first sight. At the same time, when consumers see the shower gel and the effect comparison chart, they will notice three models. The effect of this shower gel is more convincing because of the bright skin of these three models. The position of three different ethnic models is not reminiscent of racial discrimination. On the contrary, three different ethnic female models make consumers feel that the skin can become more bright and beautiful no matter what skin color.

In Western countries, whites are the main inhabitants. Immigrants from other races are also one of the main inhabitants of Western countries. People from other races may feel uncomfortable seeing this advertisement, especially if they live in a place where there is discrimination.

In fact, it is just a simple change. But it can completely solve the negative potential meaning of advertising. The content of the ad can become more direct. Those who are mentioned by potential meanings could not be injured.