Culture Jam Brief Written Explanation

My alteration of this Bic ad intends to reveal a subliminal message that many people may infer from seeing this ad. The subliminal message, at least in my opinion, is that women will only succeed in the world if they are pretty, young looking, quiet and passive women who have intelligent ideas. Only then will they achieve the ‘boss’ status. This is something that Bic feels is empowering towards women. By telling their intended targeted audience how to look, act, think and work, Bic has succeeded in influencing millions of people who view this ad. Whether this influence is negative or positive matters not, what matters is that Bic is telling people how to think and act in order to be successful. My alteration of this ad intends to invoke irritation at the way women are referred to in the ad, as substandard people who will only reach success if they act like men. By reading between the lines of the ad and putting the details into plain English, it is hoped that the viewer can see just how sexist this ad is. It tells women how to act, think and portray themselves, without taking into account that all women are different and have different ways of going about things. This ad takes a narrow view of womanhood, which I am showing in my deconstruction. Being a successful woman does not mean acting like a man, and Bic should be ashamed for putting this ad out.

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