Iceland Days 2 & 3

I’m fairly certain my heart couldn’t be happier after this day.

Yesterday I graduated from Icelandic 101- the basics:

  • Hello: Halló
  • Good morning: Góðan daginn
  • Bye: Bless
  • Good night: Góða nótt
  • Yes: Já
  • No: Nei
  • Thank you: Takk
  • Excuse me: Afsakið
  • Where is the bathroom?: Hvar er klósettið?
  • My hovercraft is full of eels: Svifnökkvinn minn er fullur af alum

Today, we hiked between the diverging North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, visited the ever majestic Gullfoss waterfall, and saw geysers erupt.

Fact: In 1907, an Englishman wanted to harness the power of Gullfoss for electricity generation. Tómas Tómasson declined the offer saying, “I will not sell my friend.”

This trip is quickly showing me how incredibly vast and breathtaking the earth is.

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  1. I respect Iceland for it and for No to Icesave Law!

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