Final Exam Details

Time: Monday 15-April, 8:30-11am

Location: SRC B

Topics: All course material, including midterm 1, midterm 2 and after midterm 2.

You will be provided with a copy of this formula sheet. Please practice with it.
First page of formula sheet has been changed.

No calculators or other notes will be allowed.

Old exams are listed on the Resources page. Solutions to old exams are not available.

8 thoughts on “Final Exam Details

  1. Is the final formula on the z-transform another way of expressing the basic z-transform of -a^n * u[-n-1] —-> z/(z-a) with ROC of |z|<|a|?

  2. Ian is the topics that got crossed out in the first and second mid-term still not included in final?

  3. Are marks gonna be equally distributed between topics covered in midterm 1, midterm 2 and after midterm 2? or after midterm 2 topics will be emphasized more than rest?

  4. On homework, we would lose marks if we did not calculate derivatives i\frac{d}{dw}. However, on MT2, no marks were lost for leaving the answer in the form i\frac{d}{dw} without taking the derivative of the Fourier Transform. Is this going to be true for the final too? As it would save much time not having to calculate these derivatives sometimes (and leave less room for error).

    • If you don’t calculate an integral, you are guaranteed to lose marks. If you don’t calculate a derivative, you might. It will depend on the marking scheme. To be safe, you should, but its up to your exam-time management.

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