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Lecture #9

Today, we completed the discussion of trigonometric integrals, which are integrals with integrands being powers of cosine times powers of sine; or powers of tangent times powers of secant. Other type of trigonometric integral may be converted to the above

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HW#3 partial solutions and sketches

Check out the course files section. I made sketches on nearly each problem in HW #3, plus full solutions to some general area / volume problems. (Written in a rush, may have mistakes.) Hope it helps midterm 1 prep.

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Homework #4 Categorized.

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Thank you for the help.

This could be a worse day for me if you guys weren’t quick enough to point out the mistakes. Hope I’ll recover soon from bad shape. I intended to cover more on trigonometric integrals that could be solved by substitution

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Lecture #8

Today, we reviewed our list of applications of integrals and worked on 3 special examples. For each problem, the process of translating a sketch and problem description into integrals is EXACTLY the same as before. However, the integrals we got

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Midterm Prep & Important Announcements!

Where’s my quiz / homework? They’re now on a table outside LSK303C, my office hour venue. All future marked quiz / homework will be there. What I did this morning was silly (trying to remember some names, but wasting too

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Lecture #7

Today we covered basic examples of volumes (Sec 6.2) and work (Sec. 6.4). Here is the scan: wk3day7_wp. The discussion on general area bounded by 2 curves on Tuesday paved the way to find the volume of a general class

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Homework #3 Categorized.

After you finish your WebWork 3, try to do at least 1 problem in each category and hand it in on Tuesday. See the Homework Tab in the white menu.

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Solutions to Quiz 1 Now on Piazza

I’ve provided all the questions with the correct final answers on Piazza. Please log in and look at the pinned post on top with the title: Section 210, Quiz 1 Discussion It contains individual links to each question. Feel free

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Lecture #6

Today, we’ve covered the geometric problem of area bounded by two curves (Section 6.1). The key points we want area in the usual sense, not “signed area” which is the default output of a definite integral the Riemann sum method

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