Homework #2

I have received homework #1 from around 10% of our class. To encourage more hand-ins of your written work:

  • The office hours on Monday 10-11am, and Tuesdays 2-4pm will be primarily for homework help too. Cunning students should check out the webwork early and ask me questions on suggested problems that look similar to the webwork questions. You can just do your homework there at these times and I can help you immediately when you’re stuck. If there are too many people, we’ll go next door to the MLC and occupy some tables there.
  • I have looked at your first homework in detail. Talk to your classmates who got them back to see what kind of help you’ll receive by handing in your written work.

The 2nd homework will be due on Jan 22nd and all subsequent homework will be due also on Tuesdays instead, i.e. after the WebWork deadline.

For newcomers, the homework will not count towards your final grade. You should decide on your own whether you want to spend time on it. I will not answer questions on WebWork except on Piazza.

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