The Sobering Quiz 1

How do you feel about Quiz 1? Give me some comments! (On Piazza or here!)

Let me tell you how I designed the Quiz. It was deliberately written with these aims in mind

  • those who understands the concepts will get more than half the marks
  • encourage a sober-minded decision instead of guessing
  • be aware of the validity of each step and not just the final answer
  • separate the best from the good ones
  • a wake-up call to those who feels they are on top of the course but haven’t really worked hard enough at problems

These aims are subjugate to my top priority in the teaching: teach Calculus concepts effectively so that you can be conversant in a mathematical exposition of a physical problem.

The perfect answer to this quiz should be pretty sparse in terms of hand-writing and I wasn’t looking for a lot of algebraic chore. Sooner or later, the computer or some other people will do it, or at least verify it for you. The part that I’m really interested is your performance in Section 1: multiple choices. I enjoyed designing them very much, do you find them fun too?

Here I attach the quiz you just wrote this morning: quiz1final (with 2 typos corrected), and I’ll post a full solution with explanations and marking scheme to the Quiz section of this weblog at the appropriate time.

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