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Lecture #15

Today’s lecture notes: wk7day15 More word problem examples for separable ODEs. Worthy of attention are the picture explanation of the solution of an IVP. We also started sequences today (Section 11.1 in textbook).

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Lecture #14

Today we covered moments & centre of mass (found in Sec 8.3 of textbook, ignore hydrostatic pressure / force and theorem of Pappus) and started the topic of ordinary differential equations (ODE, found in Sec. 9.3). We briefly discussed how

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Quiz 2 and Announcements

If you haven’t received my email about Quiz 2 postponing to today (announced on this weblog though), please check your junk/spam folder. If found, add my email address to your address book / contact list. Otherwise, send me an email

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Lecture #13

After doing an extra example and out-syllabus talk on approximate integration, I ran out of time for my last example. Attached here please find the lecture notes with 2 extra pages: wk6day13. We covered everything about improper integrals, but the

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Homework #6 Posted

Homework #5 was posted a week ago too, but the link did not appear in the white menu page.

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Lecture #12

Today we reviewed the Midpoint Rule and covered the Trapezoidal and Simpson’s Rule. The Trapezoidal Rule replaces rectangle for each sub-interval by a trapezoid whose area equals the average of the left-endpoint and right-endpoint Riemann rectangles: $$ t_i = (l_i

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Quiz 2 Postponed to Feb 14th

That was a colossal mistake! Afraid to tear or wrinkle the edges, I took the quizzes from the top of the midterm pile and put them neatly into an envelope this morning… and FORGOT TO BRING IT! Ooops. Sorry guys,

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Suggested Homework #5 Posted

As title.

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Sample Quiz 2 posted.

The solution is also posted now. (Feb 11th, sorry! I forgot to post it during the Chinese New Year weekend…)

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Lecture #11

Today we’ve covered partial fractions, and the notes is here: wk5day11. The examples in the lecture notes are meant to be instructive, but the strategy varies slightly with different rational functions. So here is the full recipe for your reference: partfrac_recipe. Try

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