Lecture #23 – second to final lecture on course materials

So we did cover most of the final part of the notes (see previous post for the file) except the last two examples showing how to prove a Taylor series converges to the function it represents (as we always expect and assume), within the interval of convergence.

The more important parts of the examples are how to estimate the error of Taylor polynomials  (partial sums of the Taylor series) using the Taylor inequality for the remainder term and the Alternating Series Estimation Theorem (ASET) if the power series is alternating.

We will finish off these examples next Tuesday and start reviewing for the final exam in both lectures next week. Those who need an extended period of social isolation to review stuff could safely skip the lectures and travel to the Arctic.

The pace and difficulty will be set for the purpose of just passing the course. It should feel leisurely for people who have been following well.

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