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Homework #6 Posted

Homework #5 was posted a week ago too, but the link did not appear in the white menu page.

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Suggested Homework #5 Posted

As title.

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HW#3 partial solutions and sketches

Check out the course files section. I made sketches on nearly each problem in HW #3, plus full solutions to some general area / volume problems. (Written in a rush, may have mistakes.) Hope it helps midterm 1 prep.

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Homework #4 Categorized.

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Homework #3 Categorized.

After you finish your WebWork 3, try to do at least 1 problem in each category and hand it in on Tuesday. See the Homework Tab in the white menu.

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Homework #2

I have received homework #1 from around 10% of our class. To encourage more hand-ins of your written work: The office hours on Monday 10-11am, and Tuesdays 2-4pm will be primarily for homework help too. Cunning students should check out

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First set of Homework

The authoritative place for centralized homework (including WebWork) is at this page of the MATH101 Common Website. Please put it in your bookmarks. Please get started with your first WebWork as soon as possible, and you’re actually pretty ready to

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