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Quiz 4 Quick Comments

1. If you still find yourself still arguing about how the general term is going to zero, instead of the nature of the general term, like: the general term is exactly the form of some known series (geometric and p-series)

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Quiz 4 Solution.

Lecture Notes are already posted, no major changes. Hi everybody For solutions to today’s quiz, see HW9, Section 11.3 Q1: Q9 Q2: Q25 HW9, Section 11.4 Q3: Q31 HW10, Section 11.6 Q4: Q17 Q5: Q27 I am not posting separate

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Quiz 3 Solutions

quiz3_sol (handwritten)

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Sample Quiz 3 Solution

The solution is here. Take a good look for the benefit of your preparation for midterm II also: quiz3mock_sol

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Sample Quiz 3

The true quiz will only contain 3 written questions. The sample quiz: quiz3mock_written

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Quiz 2 and Announcements

If you haven’t received my email about Quiz 2 postponing to today (announced on this weblog though), please check your junk/spam folder. If found, add my email address to your address book / contact list. Otherwise, send me an email

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Quiz 2 Postponed to Feb 14th

That was a colossal mistake! Afraid to tear or wrinkle the edges, I took the quizzes from the top of the midterm pile and put them neatly into an envelope this morning… and FORGOT TO BRING IT! Ooops. Sorry guys,

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Sample Quiz 2 posted.

The solution is also posted now. (Feb 11th, sorry! I forgot to post it during the Chinese New Year weekend…)

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HW#3 partial solutions and sketches

Check out the course files section. I made sketches on nearly each problem in HW #3, plus full solutions to some general area / volume problems. (Written in a rush, may have mistakes.) Hope it helps midterm 1 prep.

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The Sobering Quiz 1

How do you feel about Quiz 1? Give me some comments! (On Piazza or here!) Let me tell you how I designed the Quiz. It was deliberately written with these aims in mind those who understands the concepts will get

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